Domino's Pizza

181 Church St, New York
(212) 566-8888

Recent Reviews

Qualyza Tanner

They are extremely rude . Wouldn’t let me finish talking. I was trying to asked a question about a 19.99 deal I heard on their automated machine, before I can finish what I was saying he started yelling “you have to order online”. I was just like can I finish asking my question. Will never order from them again because that wasn’t the first time they were rude.

Safaa Subi

Nice and civilized place with reasonable prices

David Shum

Poor customer service and rude employees. I ordered a pizza, go there for pickup and when I got there I was told it is being cooked. After waiting nearly a half an hour it turned out that the pizza was sitting on the shelf the entire time I was there! Staff are extremely rude, unprofessional and incompetent!

Amanda Cox

I absolutely love this Dominos!!!?

Queeny Mason

Worse dominos to ever order from . Bad customer service!! Workers are rude. Just terrible had better .

Henry Smithowitz

Phenominal place great food done right

maria peters

The staff was friendly and attentive. We will definitely return when we're in the area

Aaliyah Shaw

So I placed my order online a medium pizza and wings. I call as soon as I ordered to tell them I want my wings well done took 5 minutes on hold then it hung up. I called back took 2 minutes to answer I finally spoke to someone. Then after all that they took an hour to get the food to me. Bad customer service. Then the driver had the nerves to ask for a tip are you bugging my food was luke warm. FIRST AND LAST TIME ORDERING

Felicia Rosario

Poor customer service, food is ok. Would not go back

Kareem Lewis

Nasty..overpriced..never will return

phuong elliott

The staff is really friendly staff, great food, awesome bar - perhaps my new favorite haunt!

Jake Baker

Love these guys - thin crust holds its own with NYC pizza!

Spazz Artz

Don't bother w this place, they hang up on you after making an order currently under investigation.

Lisa M

The worst experience ever! Waited over an hour for my food received the wrong pizza which was smashed down in the box and my wings were ice cold and under cooked I called the store and the snotty person on the phone after arriving with me said he would send a new order which he did not nothing ever arrived so basically they robbed my money I tried to call for three hours and they would put all calls on hold and then pick up and hang up I mean come on talk about unprofessional finally got thru and the so called “manager” was so rude and argumentative very nasty said I would get a refund after arguing with him for 10 minutes!!!! terrible experience

Grace Y.

Domino's is surprisingly decent for the price. For $8, my boyfriend and I got a whole large pizza with three toppings (we got pineapple, ham, and extra cheese). The crust is deliciously pillowy and doughy, and the taste of the pizza is quite good. It's not mindblowing pizza, but it's really good compared to other cheap pizza. This location has orders ready for pick up within ten minutes.

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