Estiatorio Milos

125 W 55th St, New York
(212) 245-7400

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Ryan B.

I've never been so disappointed in Milo's. I have eaten at many of the different locations. I went to the bar alone tonight at the midtown location. Well it was the worst experience ever. I sat there for over 10 minutes and not even a water or hello. When I was leaving I told the manager about my experience. He begged me to stay but at that point I was done. I have never seen such terrible service. The bar tenders were waiting on everyone else and didn't event say hi to me. I was in a suite and tie so not sure why I was over looked, which is not how I am usually I'm dressed. It will be a while before I try this place again. Such a shame because I love the food and use to eat here a lot. Check my previous reviews because this is my first bad one here. Service tonight sucked so bad I had to leave this review.

Ricky D.

Went to my friends Birthday Celebration from Greece and it's the closest you will get to Athens. Upscale Greek restaurant with great meats and fish also has a fountain inside the decor is top notch . I highly recommend for that special evening with family and friends. OPA

Katerina Kuv

Delicious Greek restaurant with Greek wine selection, cocktails and view. Service is good , but something is missing. Not sure that wanna come back here

Andrew S.

Finally got the opportunity to check out Estiatorio Milos! Absolutely fabulous decor and delicious food. You wouldn't eat here everyday, but it's nice to splurge once in a while. From the lovely staircase to the multiple party rooms, and the seafood display...Milos is certainly a place to remember. Oh and I totally spotted Laurence Fishburne checking out the seafood display for quite some time. Our party of two started with a cocktail and had some of the complimentary bread with olive oil. Our first dish to arrive was the half dozen oysters, which was nicely displayed and delicious. Just a little squeeze of lemon and vinegar sauce did wonders. Next, we had the Milo's Special and Octopus. I highly recommend both! I was surprised to see how much octopus was on the plate and it went well with the hummus dip. Just an FYI, there's Tzatziki or some sort of Greek yogurt hidden in the center of the Milo's special. I didn't figure that out until we had already eaten much of the zucchini and eggplant chips. Our last item to arrive was the Turbot fish, which was the least exciting dish of the night. Not a fan of the fish, so i think the tomato salad and calamari would have been a great replacement for the fish. They have a ton of staff, literally everywhere. Our server pretty much just took our order and brought us the check. Someone else was in charge of food delivery, another cleaning plates, and another filling our water. Quite the set up here. I'm a big fan and would totally come back to try other items on their menu. If you're looking for fine dining, this is the spot.

Merlin C.

Milos is a solid standby when you want to get together with your friends for great seafood and Mediterranean food. Must-haves: the grilled octopus and Milos special (fried zucchini thing), which come with hummus and other amazing sauces. Ditto the baklava and chocolate cake for dinner, and any of the salads (partial to the green). I'm docking a star, though, for a scam that I think is pretty annoying and has been written up in various outlets. If your server sees you as a mark, you'll be pressured to pick fish from "the market," where you can see live (dead) fish, point, and then get it served 10 minutes later. Then you'll get the bill 30 minutes later and find yourself paying $150 for a dover sole. S-C-A-M. Instead, you want to order fish off the entree section of the menu where there's a clear price for what you're getting. The market thing is something that impresses fanny-packed rubes from out of town, and do yourself a favor: skip it and just go to Citarella and look at fish on ice for free. You may find your server repeatedly pressuring you, and as with black tar heroin, JUST SAY NO. As I always say here, not blaming the servers but the STRUCTURAL and INSTITUTIONAL practices that incentivize this sort of thing. It's a great place, and I love it, but this is a cloud that hangs over the place.

Chris K.

Pretentious and slow - fish was prepared well but much of what we wanted was not available - tzatziki was flavorless- rarely do we go to a restaurant where we could make everything better at home but this is one Service was slow - we arrived 20 minutes early for 8 pm reservation- we were seated at 840 after several check ins - front of house overwhelmed- but service was even slower - 30 minute promise of food came over an hour later at 10 pm Wine list had very few offerings under $100 so we did not even bother to take it seriously The whole aura mismatched expectations for a Greek restaurant which are usually great at service ambiance and dining experience- overall disappointment - not a good place


Birthday celebration

OpenTable Diner

We waited 1 hour to be seated eventhough we had a reservation


first impressions set the tone. the two people at the front desk had the worst behavior i have almost ever experienced at a restaurant. they behaved with me and other incoming guests as they were truly annoyed. i approached them with a smile and a greeting and they both looked at me (Woman and Man) with stone cold icy angry faces. If i wasn't meeting my client who was already there, I would have walked out that second. there is zero humanity in this restaurant. it is a cold and loud and noisy and overcrowded and rushed and extremely unelegant. too bad, the food is good. i do commend them on having a bathroom attendant. their bathrooms are immaculate and i appreciate that so much.


We have been waiting 30 minutes despite I booked a table with great advance and this had caused embarrassement with my guest. The level of the noise is beyond any imagination. The food is great, the service good, but insanely expensive. I am sorry to say, it will be my last time at Milos.


The restaurant never seated us, despite having waited 45 minutes - no apologies, no complementary drinks, nothing. It was crowded, chaotic and uncomfortable. I have not experienced anything like that before in any restaurant anywhere.


Friend from out of town


Everything perfect excepted the noise which is a little bit too loud

OpenTable Diner

Best meal we’ve had in Manhattan , and we’ve been here for two weeks .


All of the food was fantastic - artic char, tuna burger, greek meze plate, karydopita! My guest and I went for prime lunch hour ~ 12:30 and the restaurant was very busy however service was top notch!

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