875 Third Avenue, Concourse level, New York
(212) 751-1999

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Hugo R.

Itavolo has now re-opened. Yay! The selection of foods is a little less than pre-Covid days, but it's still a very good spot for breakfast or lunch when in the neighborhood of 53rd St and 3rd Ave.

Amy Ashton

Amazing!!!! Please come visit us as we will be doing curbside delivery!

Amy Sausa

Amazing!!!! Please come visit us as we will be doing curbside delivery!

Shukhrat Maks

Very great place in midtown Manhattan. There are so many options to choose for breakfast or lunch. The prices are reasonable for what you get. Clean and friendly staff.

Amelia DeLeon



Itavolo is the best place to have a decent breakfast buffet style almost like you are coming out of your hotel room and not from the “subway” reality, the best place to eat NORMAL in NYC with the background music of Eros Ramazzoti. LOVE it! Thank you for been here.

Scott Epstein

great salad bar ... a bit pricey but worth it !

Termaine Chizikani

Affordable prizing

Lena Marie

Food is good but a bit over priced for what you get (price is based on weight of food).

Abishikth Reddy P

Good but expensive

leslie florio

rude people not so good

Bronwyn B.

Itavolo is located in the food court of my office building. I get food here all the time. In fact, I just called and ordered a personal size pizza for lunch! There is a great assortment of hot foods, salads, pizza and sandwiches. The food is consistently delicious and the staff helpful and friendly. Pro tip: after 3:00 pm. the price per pound goes down $3....I often pick up dinner instead of ordering food when I get home.

Anna P.

I'm shocked by the negative reviews here. This place is the best food bar for miles. I'm impressed by the food, attention to details etc. the options are always something different and I've never had a bad meal. Some of my favorites: pernil, all their salmon options, pasta dishes, lasagnas, etc. Everything is flavorful and don't all taste the same! Unlike other food bars where the food all has the same taste and is greasy. So many cold options, hot options, and all very neat and cleanly presented.

Ashley D.

Itavolo is located in a basement food court among other restaurant offerings. They have sandwiches, pasta, salad bar, and more. I ordered a chicken sandwich with tomato and lettuce, it had a name but I unfortunately can not recall at this moment. I asked to add pesto to add flavor as the sandwich did look a bit flavorless. I also grabbed some crushed red pepper before leaving to spice it up. The sandwich wasn't awful but I haven't had any inkling to return and order it again. The bread was a bit too tough and the chicken flavorless without the pesto sauce and crushed red pepper flakes. It was edible but wouldnt recommend Itavolo for a sandwich.

N. S.

Went to this location at 2:30 pm today (March 25th). Was impressed by the food options, as the few times I've been in the past I was disappointed, which made me avoid this place for a while. I thought I would give it a try again since I work in the next building upstairs. Food was not so bad, but WOW the customer service was AWFUL! The cashier (a woman) snatched the money from my hand, didn't speak, didn't make eye contact, didn't acknowledge me at all. After closing the transaction, she turned to talk to her colleague, who seemed more attentive to his customer. I took my time placing my change in my purse to observe for a few seconds and thought about if it was worth saying something. I honestly would've been more impressed by a self-checkout machine. I'm eating the food as I'm typing this. It's really good, but ugh your Client Service is NOT! Maybe, it was just that one cashier... who knows.

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