Kim Tong

4645, 1722 Amsterdam Ave # 145, New York
(212) 491-0825

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Enrique M.

I will NOT be ordering from New Kim Tong ever again. My order of General Tso's Chicken was extremely over cooked & dry because it had very little actual sauce, to the point where it was tough & inedible. When I reached out about returning the over cooked, uneaten dish in exchange for either a refund or another dish, the restaurant flat out refused. This was very disappointing because I am a regular patron of theirs; I order from them a least a few times a week. At least, I USED to order a lot from them. Cooks mess up sometimes, it happens, but there is no excuse for them not remaking my order or refunding it accordingly. After this experience, they lost not only any future business from my continued patronage, but my respect. There's plenty of other Chinese take-out spots in the neighborhood after all that will gladly take my money.

Carnon Marsaille

Very good

Marie B.

I order from here pretty regularly because they're convenient to my office. I can tell you now, though, that that has ended. I will never order from here again. I put a SIMPLE note in my order of Pork Lo Mein - "no vegetables" - it's so simple. So. So. So. Simple. And this isn't the first time they have messed it up. Arrives and dumplings are perfect, I eat them, and crack open the lo mein - it's basically half veggies. I am 9m pregnant and have Crohn's - this is too much for me but I have no choice. I contacted GrubHub support who reached out to the restaurant. They offered to exchange the food for a new order - but considering it took the full delivery time to begin with and I have meetings, I literally do not have time to wait for this BS to be re-delivered. Then they say in order to refund me, they'd need the food back. The food I have been forced to start eating so I don't pass out from hunger and that they would just throw away anyway. Such a simple request to begin with and then they handled it absolutely poorly from a CS perspective. Giving me a credit or partial refund shouldn't have been that hard - so in the future I just won't bother. There's too many Chinese food options in this city to deal with cheapskates who can't follow simple requests.

kyle horton

Meat came uncooked. They would not refund me for inedible food

K.E. H.

Food was two hours late, my "meat" came uncooked and was pure fat. They would not refund me for the inedible food they served me. There are plenty of these places around here, my suggestion is to give another restaurant your business.

Adrian Ojeda

I buy chicken and fries is terrible old food the cook over and over same food nasty

Daniela A.

It seems like every time I order here they pick out the oldest food. The lady on the phone gets annoyed when I call in to check on my orders too. Even though they take an hour to come... Poor quality and a long waiting time? No thanks! I'm taking my business elsewhere.

nyc ttocs6973

Service and food is meh. Last resort when the other eateries are closed and stop delivering.

Nelson G.

Terrible customer service. Especially with using Grubhub. They should go out of business.

Dominican FootGoddess

The food is ok. They are so rude over the phone that I actually speak in an extra sweet tone just to make sure I don’t anger them and have them spit in my food or something. Takes them almost an hour to deliver (I’m TWO blocks away). I called to get an update since it had been 40 minutes since I’ve ordered and the conversation went like this:

Bee Doe

Don't buy the lunch specials here. They only give you half the food to make up the difference of the free soda. I ordered shrimp and broccoli and they gave me half a black plastic bowl of fried rice, and half order of shrimp & broccoli with 3 shrimp and I'm not kidding. Get the lunch special elsewhere for a full order. The asian lady at the counter is also rude. Asked for barbecue sauce on my wings snd she put my food on the counter, threw the empty BBQ bottle up there, said do it yourself and walked away.

Ashley-Grace V.

Best crab rangoon ever. I read that it was good on Yelp and it didnt disappoint - you can get 10 pieces for $4 - craving some right now mmm

Elizabeth A.

The worst food!!!!! And it took 2.5 hrs to get delivered!! I called grub hub 3times and that was no help bc they could only call restaurant. I ended up calling Postmates and they were here with better Chinese in 30 min! 2 hrs less delivery time and way better food!

Raf Hernz

This is the worst Chinese restaurant i have ordered from. I ordered,

R L.

surprisingly delicious chinese food. a delivery/takeout place with no tables. very hit or miss but can't go wrong with most of the classics. awesome lo mein and spare ribs.

Leki Dari

The food is delicious!!! I didn't give 5 stars because they keep skimping on the beef in the beef and broccoli 😧

Dashaun Robinson

The food is good but I don't like it when they don't wear gloves when preparing my soup and a few other foods but I'm not sure if it's always necessary I don't work there and I'm not Department of Health I just wish they would wear gloves all the time. But it is called fast food for me though oh and the service they're pretty friendly just so you know.


Poor customer service. They will mess up your order, and ignore your requests to fix it. They simply don't care. Don't give businesses like this your money. It only encourages them.

Alvaro W.

Im going to be as objective as I can. The food actually tastes awesome. 4 stars... but the preparation and taste is lacking. They fry the chicken with feathers. Attached pictures the rest you guys decide. Will never again

Carrie M.

We ordered through and were told it would be 45 minutes. An hour and a half later we called the place only to be told they were "very busy" and hadn't even made our order yet! I understand you being busy, but when you tell us 45 minutes and then don't bother to call us to let us know about the delay in delivery, that's NOT how you do business! Then, she asked if we still wanted the food. When we asked if they were going to make it now, she informed us that she couldn't make us first on the order list! How the heck delayed are you that we're still not first after an hour and a half wait?!?! Seriously??? We will NEVER order from them again!

Kim Tong

4645, 1722 Amsterdam Ave # 145, New York, NY 10031