Louie & Chan

292-310 Broome St, New York
(212) 837-2816

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Radhika G.

Came here for a birthday dinner on a Saturday night with a semi-large group (approx. 10 people). They were really accommodating and sat us immediately. Throughout the meal, they were very prompt with helpful with the service (especially considering everyone's dietary restrictions). Our table got a few appetizers to share. Their meatballs were really good! They were tender / moist and really flavorful. For dinner, I got the ricotta ravioli, which was good. I don't think it was anything to write home about, but was good nonetheless. I think the best part of the meal were the cocktails though. I got the Grapefruit Gimlet and the Fiasco, and they were both really tasty. Next time, I think I'm going to try coming here for happy hour! Overall, would recommend for a group dinner and for some classic pasta / pizza in a nice environment.

Katie K.

The sea urchin pasta was way too oily. Not my type of pasta.

Wendy T.

Came to visit here for dinner... but didn't expect the place to be actually small so i was sitting at the table near the door and the seats were a bit tight. I think they have another place next door because i saw the staff keep running in and out with food... and it can get annoying because it's so cold and the wind keeps coming in every 5 minutes. The pizza was okay but the pasta we ordered was a bit too salty...

Jen P.

The HH is every day 5-7 but at the bar. Didn't know this and was seated at the table first. But they kindly moved us over to the bar without a problem! We felt awkward (and cheap) asking, but they were so chill about it. So I appreciate that. The bar has hooks for your things. Appreciate that too! The bacio del diavolo is SO good. I highly recommend that. It's like spicy-ish, but has honey to even it out. So the pizzettes are pretty small... I could probably eat 2 of them easily on my own. But we also ordered pasta of the day, the pizzette of the day, and the flourless chocolate cake. We had 3 glasses of wine each. So between the two of us, that was a filling amount of food (we were starving prior too). Pasta of the day was fusili with pesto sauce. Nothing particularly amazing but good nonetheless. The pizzette of the day was picante. Kind of like a regular pizza with soppressata. Was yummy, but the bacio was SO much better. The flourless chocolate cake was really dense and rich, but that's what I was craving, so I loved that too. Comes with whipped cream and a few mixed berries. It's definitely one of the best deals. And available on weekends, so I will def come back!

Zehra F.

My sisters and I planned a trip to NYC weeks in advance and are huge fans of caccio e pepe pasta and we try to hit up an Italian restaurant in each city we visit. After perusing food blogs, came across Louie and Chan and it looked promising so we made a reservation for four. We got in on time (3 of 4 of us did) and we were seated in the back in a space that could fit a max of 3. We then had to ask for another chair so we could squeeze in and have room for our friend who arrived 15 minutes later. We ordered our appetizers while waiting and our waitress constantly kept circling back for our dinner orders when it was clear we were waiting on a friend. We were then pressured to order our entree AND order for our friend who hadn't arrived so they could start working on our orders. Apparently, as we were later told by our server that they do not seat parties until everyone arrives, which was clearly their fault for seating us if that was the case. This whole process was frustrating (being treated like we were done a favor to be seated and were taking too much time to order, while seated in a very cramped space) and is no way to treat customers. The food itself was decent. The burrata was excellent and creamy. The caccio e pepe came in generous portions, having had it in a ton of places, was good but nothing to write home about. Unfortunately, we felt that this place is overhyped and isn't the Italian spot I would recommend in NYC.

Jane H.

One of my absolute fave spots for happy hour. $5 cocktails, pizza and pasta - what more can you ask for? However, this is only if you sit at the bar which is no problem for me! Louie and Chan will give you some high quality food while satisfying your wallet. I have tried the margherita pizza and the one with spicy soppressata which were both really good. I had the daily special pasta as well and that day, it was a creamy mushroom one. It wasn't too heavy and had enough flavor. I took a couple of my friends here and they all loved it. Drinks were all tasty too. Definitely recommend!!

Asiah C.

Yooo. This place blew me away. My good friend was throwing a birthday gathering in the speakeasy below. Another friend was like lets meet up to eat prior to the partay! I neva say no to food. Im so glad i said yes. The cuisine is mostly italian. Im usually a no to italian food. The server/waitress was the sweetest. I wish i remembered her name. The restaurant is small and looks like at most it can fit 40 peeps. **The Food** - I was able to partake in octopus, marrow, fresh bread, a vegetable ratatouille type side, and a nice bowl of short rib pasta. All of this food was amazeballs and tasted home-cooked! She convinced us to get dessert and it didn't disappoint. The drinks tasted good but not strong. So they have a dope happy hour that includes a pasta of the day. I cant wait to try they happy hour. I need that marrow in my life again!

Katy X.

Awesome place for happy hour 5-7pm - $5 drinks, pastas, and pizzas. Had the cocktail of the day (aperol spritz). Wasn't really feeling it, but I'm not much of a white wine person anyway. The food stole the show for me though, especially the creamy mushroom fusilli (pasta special of the day). The fusilli was cooked perfectly and the sauce wasn't too creamy where it's overwhelming. Not to mention the delicious mushroom flavor all throughout the dish. The fusilli alla caprese was also good, but the pasta was too al dente. Nonetheless, the tomato sauce was one of the best I've ever had. Now for pizza, we ordered the bacio del diavolo ($7). Good amount of spice, could've used a little more tomato sauce. They were very generous with their housemade mozzarella which is never a bad thing! I'd definitely come back to try more of the main menu. If you're gonna come for happy hour, I suggest getting here before 5. The bar has maybe 7-8 seats and they all filled up within 5 minutes on Friday.


If you are in the neighborhood, you couldn’t find a better place for happy hour. Stay for a drink (or two!) and enjoy a fabulous dinner afterwards. Great kitchen, attentive staff, enthusiastic bartender.

Chrissy B.

I was in the area and consulted with yelp on good happy hours and this place came up. I'm a helpless puppy when it comes to Italian food so of course I had to come here. With minutes to spare, I came in 15 minutes before the happy hour and I'm glad I did. I was able to order the house wine, Chef pizza and aperol sprits before the happy hour ended. The pizza really surprised me; it only comes with tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and little tomatoe sauce but it was yummy! The pizza had a nice buttery yet savory taste to it that I truly enjoyed. The bartender wasn't that excited when I brought to his attention that I had 3 minutes to spare and he wanted to charge me full price for a cocktail. All in all; the food was good! I am slightly biased because I love Italian food. If I'm in the area I would come back for another happy hour special.

Joy N.

This was a place I've been itching to go to for a while and I feel quite off writing this review because I was expecting...more? Got the bone marrow and it was on the blander side, then ordered Louie and Chan's "Pièce de résistance", the sea urchin pasta but was told the restaurant no longer serves it in that raw sea urchin bowl for x amount of reasons which I could understand, but was a teency bit disappointed. The quality of the homemade pasta was phenomenal, I just felt like the heavy cream was so dense I couldn't get a true taste of the sea urchin. The staff was very friendly, the booths were weathered (I guess rustic Italian charm?), and I think I'd need to come back for the truffle pizza or the short rib rigatoni just to truly decide if this place is as great as I'd hope it be the first time...


Friendly waitress/bartender she couldn’t do enough for us and the food & drinks matched, informal and comfortable bar type atmosphere

Anastasiya P.

The Happy Hour prices are wonderful! You have to sit at the bar though, which does not have a lot of seats, so I recommend getting there right when it starts. The pizza and cocktail tasted great. Even though the pizza is small, it was $5 and extremely filling. The only small complaint is that the workers seemed extremely bored, but oh well.

Lisa T.

This restaurant has been on my bookmarks list for a really long time and I am glad I finally gave it a try. Originally, I picked this spot for a girlfriend dinner because of the HH specials - but after being seated, I was told that HH was only at the bar (Bummer - I hate restaurants that do this, because I think it's just so unfair) However, my server was very kind, super nice, and made up for that. Ultimately, two girls, shared the truffle pizza, the squid ink pasta, the bone marrow appetizer, potatoes, and brussel sprouts as our sides, and lots of wine. The bone marrow appetizer was delicious, however I did not see or taste the reason for the jam that came with it - provided no extra flavors for the dish, so I'd just skip the jam, and eat the bone marrow with the bread. The truffle mushroom pizza is on a whole different level - I'd say this is a must try, and they do it perfect. The squid ink pasta was one of the better ones I've personally tried, the pasta was made al dente, and there was a nice spicy kick to it. Service here was amazing! Highly recommend for a girls night, or romantic dinner - Make reservations, and very speakeasy vibes. I would not recommend visiting with a large group.

Sophia W.

This place wowed me from start to finish - the food was just impeccable and so flavorful. More Italian than Asian, Louie and Chan offers something for a every clientele, whether you want a homey meal, happy hour with coworkers or some late night drink vibe. Plenty of pizzas and pastas to choose from but we went with a lower carb meal. The starters were grilled octopus and pumpkin purée soup, which was so creamy and hearty. Branzino was one of the best I've ever had - moist, flavorful and so so fresh. The uni pasta used to be served in the shell but they got rid of that experience...still good nonetheless. Would totally recommend for groups of 6 or less.

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