824 3rd Avenue, E 50th St, New York
(646) 918-6867

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Kathleen Weston

Love french fries...always excellent and wonderfully hot! So amazing!

Hicham M.

McDonald's selling half chicken portion at full bun.... Went to Maria (manager)to ask for explanation about why is only half portion ...she claims that the portion come like that from the company and if you get the smallest one of them...she can do nothing about it. I did ask what the minimum weight should be for piece of chicken...I get no answers. Of course , I don't have any hard feeling against Maria if there is no clear instructions from the corporation...but this is should to be fixed... I know that beef burger are weighted .., why not chicken pieces Of course...if you are during the covid 19 pandemic are going to settle quickly and accept the disadvantage of the timing ...

Mary Dronca

Finally posting here because Seamless SUCKS and a major reason is that they don’t support pics. This location consistently skimps on fries and it’s BS.

Maria Taveras

They need more energetic workers that really want to work. You go there for a quick meal and end up waiting like if you went to a restaurant. You see the workers talking to each other with your food on their hands like if we don't have to go back to work !

Rosalee Starr

It was a McDonald's, like every other McDonald's you've been to since you were six. Same menu. Same uniforms. Same prices. Same fries. Exactly what you'd expect, no surprises here. They did McDonald's perfectly. Is that what you're looking for? Is that why you are reading a Google review of McDonald's? Okay, mystery solved, sleep easy now knowing all is right with the universe. Enjoy your happy meal, friends!


Nice customer service but sometimes it takes to long.

Lee M.

Took 35 minutes to get a simple order for two people. Then upon looking at the order we received, two sandwiches were wrong even though it was correct on the receipt. They also forgot a sandwich as well. Additionally, the place was disgusting.

Martin Genet

Employees were nice and took my order promptly but both soda machines needed service badly. To me the best part of McDonald's is their soda and this time one machine was basically out of everything, except ice, and the other was over half empty and my soda had very little carbonation was was closer to completely flat than to even half way carbonated

Johannes Giegerich

Getting your cravings at 4 o'clock in there morning is the best! Lots of people sleeping on the chairs.

Tinkerella's treasure trunk

When you hear the term . They can mess up a cup of tea. I'm not kidding!!!!! The proof is here. I asked for a hot tea with milk and sugar I get a cold cup of milk and no sugar!!!! Waaayyy too much milk. Never again with this place.

Keya R.

Gross. The employees don't even have on uniforms. One of the most disgusting Mc Donald's I've ever seen.

Georgia Lewis

The problem, I have at this McDonald's is that the Kiosk where the customers pre-ordered their food, there was no one there to answer a question in Regards to how it is being used.

Guiding Star

I loved it ! I would go there every Friday to eat

James Jenkin Davis

Worst McDonalds I've ever been to. Food was horrible, the place was a mess. The toilets were absolutely filthy. Visited 8.30 am this morning. Never again

Calvin Ball

This place is my number one restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this place. everytime I I need a superb dinner, this place comes straightaway to my mind. extremely good and food and a large menu.generous team, and good mood. Also important, the charge is good. I suggest this spot with pleasure.

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