696 Madison Ave, New York
(212) 980-9099

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Nello delivered again! Great food and quality but not overbearing service. Our daughter just moved to NYC and the friendly welcome & comments by the manager and several staff members were appreciated!


My family and always stop by Nellos wvrytime we go shopping in Madison Avenue. It can be a bit pricing but the food and ambiance is so worth it.

Lauren Byrne

Just went for drinks and found them to be absolutely incredible. Just super expensive and wasn’t prepared for that walking in. Would definitely like to return and try dinner though!


Been dining hero one pop p


Nello consistently delivers a fabulous experience. Their pasta is a dream.

Horațiu Dumitru

This restaurant is very overpriced for the quality of the food. Mediocre food, mediocre service, exorbitant prices. To be avoided.

opentable dinner

Food quality was fantastic and service extremely professional. Pricey but worth it.


If you like to feel taken to the cleaners this is the place !! Outrageous expensive for the quality. Been to many top restaurants all over the world but never had to pay $99,- for a spaghetti with clams, shrimps (2) , few calamari and 1/6 of a lobster !!! Wine was marked up 4+ times. Services was great and food overall was good but the prices (all of it) just make you feel like a fool going there ! Never again


Bad service and too much sugar in the rice.


Nello is Nello. Very expensive but you get a show while you dine. Upper East Side types, celebrities and extra service. That’s why we go.

Terrence J.

this place don't belong in nyc the white manager today at 6pm is racist jerk I'm dressed in business casual attire I'm not wearing a suit but so what I ask him if I could use bathroom he says customers only I understand I ask him how much 4va bottle of water he wouldn't tell and made a nasty comment this is not a regular restaurant u need a reservation wtf just to use bathroomi wish o took a pic of him tall white guy at least six feet and regular muscular body don't come here if u care about racism or if u black u won't b welcome here


We have been coming to nello for 20 yrs and always have a lovely experience. We love the staff and the food is amazing. It's definitely expensive but we always feel it was worth it. Feels like there are many regulars dining at nello which is a nice break from all the more tourist filled restaurants. The ambiance is special too. I love the bears.

Tavo V.

Watch out! Waiters change your credit card bill adding themselves additional tip. I never leave comments on restaurants but this situation deserves making customers aware: The waiters MODIFY your bill. There is one waiter (Gray hair) that after I had fully paid with credit card, he took my card with him, changed my closed bill and added himself a tip. I realized that happened as it was very strange that the waiter didn't give me back my card and turned around and did "something" (as explained above) One more thing! The manager approached us when I was complaining with the waiter. The manager was on the waiter's side telling me that he was ok to add himself a tip!! Unbelievable!! Don't go there

opentable dinner

great food and service

Brian Harasek

Absolutely wonderful! James helped guide me through the extensive menu. The beef carpaccio with avocado & heart of palm was incredible, as well as the special lobster ravioli. Everyone in the restaurant was extremely friendly and attentive. Will definitely be back.

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