Oh! Taisho

9 St Marks Pl, New York
(212) 673-1300

Recent Reviews

Madco D.

I was there to take out my family meals to celebrate my birthday. When we opened the bag on the nearest park to eat, my tempura shrimp was soggy mixed with rice, no soy sauce bags, they didn't put the sodas in the bag and only 3 napkins! They are definitely not good with take out orders.

Sylvia S

Fast service, lots of menu options. It gets crowded all the time on the weekend! Great for group (many sitting options) and their yakidori is always on point with reasonable price.

Sylvia S.

Fast service, lots of menu options. It gets crowded all the time on the weekend! Great for group (many sitting options) and their yakidori is always on point with reasonable price. The service was great! They were very nice

Ella R.

Busy spot with "fast-casual Japanese" cuisine, though the wait line moves fast and the atmosphere is fun and casual with a large group. + Bento Box: pick your choice of protein and get served with LOTS of (cheap) carbs, including more white rice than you ever need, spaghetti, a huge scoop of Japanese-style potato salad with Japanese mayo, and some salad. The Bento Box is meant to fill you up with all the carbs. + Takoyaki: smaller than average Takoyaki octopus balls with moving bonito flakes...fun party trick and good appetizer to share with friends! + Dashimaki Tamago: Simple but traditional Japanese sweet egg omelette, good to share with friends who are trying for the first time. + Oh Taisho Don: A simple dish with yummy pork and a generous serving of rice. + Taisho Colada: This cocktail is *dangerously* deceptive...super sweet and the Calpico overpowers the alcohol. 5/5 stars. + Strawberry Highball: 3/5 stars. Gets the job done, worth ordering a second round.

Mona M.

In one word they have a poor customer service. My friend and I went there for a celebration we were very excited to hang out after a long day and we sat on the table they told us but it was next to the bathroom. When we politely asked if we could change our sit, they said no although half of the restaurant was empty at that time. And it took so long to prepare our meal because the waiter served them to another table and we had to wait more time!!!! At the end I was explaining what is the cake I bought for my friend from lady M (my friend just moved to NY so I was showing her around and for those who does not know, lady M is a famous bakery) which one of the waiters jumped on us, screaming and yelling that we can't do this! And by this he meant bringing our own desert!!!!! And that was the bottom line for us.

Jessica M.

This place is okay at best. My friends and I wanted to go to a poppin' mexican place down the block but the wait was over an hour so we ended up going here, they seated us immediately even though the place was packed. The service was pretty good and the food came out extremely fast. The menu is also really big with a lot of choices. I got the udon soup because I was craving it .. I've had tons of better udon and the soup was a little bit too salty for my taste. I also got the salmon rice ball... salmon was too salty and the rice tasted pretty bland. (Even for a rice ball) Would not be returning.

Sammy Queeno

Fast service! Excellent food, many various options to choose from for both food and drink. Excellent environment with authentic flair style. Music is on point with various anime songs. And the skewers were the best part of various delicious texture and taste.

Ashleigh McNew

Great Japanese cuisine with expansive menu!! The skewers/yakitori were so savory! I tried the meatball, pork belly, and beef tongue. Got there in time for happy hour which is $5 sake, wine, and beer. Food comes out very quickly so if you want to order a lot - time it out so your table doesn’t get too full! The atmosphere is lively and bright. Great selection of cocktails and dessert as well! Am definitely returning soon!

Sarah Cohen

aesthetics are quite grungy, but they do have the best yakitori. no frills. no fancy. just greasy yummy and fast

Alex Tavarez

Very nice and filling food to satiate your hunger. The unagi plates are the best.

Jessica S.

Great food! It gets busy but I know why because the food is so good! Come here if you don't mind great Japanese food and maybe a wait lol

James V

Pretty good yakitori for great value. Imo get the meatball, wing, and scallions, and you can't go wrong.

Brenda D.

Food was okay. However, the waiter is extremely rude. The sign says that it closes at 2am. They kicked us out at 1am. There was no warning. He just went up to us and said "we're closed."

Lady Chelka A.

We came here earlier tonight because my friend is craving for Japanese street food. We ordered skewers, don bowl, takoyaki and shrimp with cheese. Everything was disappointed. We were so hungry but we didn't even finish what we ordered since the skewers tasted salty, don bowls tasted bland and service was meh. First time to be disappointed with Japanese street food because of this place. Never ever coming back again.

Rowan Pritchard

Awesome place for relaxed meal, solo, as a couple or with friends. The place stretches right out back , huge range of dishes, bar seats for slurping ramen by yourself, and cold beer.

Ariel S.

I will never EVER come back to Oh Taisho. This used to be one of my favorite spots to go to. However, service has been getting progressively bad. One of the servers lectured me because I told him nicely that I did not like the drink that I ordered and asked if I can have something else. Who does that? I asked nicely and if you don't like something, the server should immediately take it away and ask if they want something else. But....that didn't happen here. He told me it's my fault because I chose to order it. That an automatic zero tip for you, my friend. I guess you can't really expect much since the servers are not well versed in treating customers with respect. You will know what I mean when you see the kind of servers here. Just want to leave a warning before anyone decides to stop here for a meal.

Nadia Lavrova

Eel sushi was delicious. Everything on the menu is great. Affordable prices and extensive menu choices.

Reccell Encarre Pre

Great food and quick service. Definitely, do not miss this

Julie J.

This is a really great place to grab a quick bite for a relatively cheap price. We ordered the skewer combo and the yakisoba. The combo had chicken, chicken skin, gizzards, beef, and pork skewers for $20. I really liked the gizzard and chicken skewers since they were so chewy. I would recommend ordering some vegetable skewers to help balance out the meal. The yakisoba was $9 and it was the perfect portion to share between two people. The noodles weren't too oily or greasy but there are places with better yakisoba. They have a pretty extensive izakaya menu so there's something for everyone. I'm looking forward to trying their other items the next time I go, especially the cheesy potatoes and okonomiyaki.

Jennifer S.

I've been here a few times for one or two or eight hot sakes ($5 for a small during happy hour woo hoo!) It isn't the best yakitori the city has to offer, but it is pretty solid and a good place if you want to snack while you pre or post game. The skewers are great, and I never go with the combo because I like to pick on my own. The menu is pretty extensive, so everyone can find something they want. The service is fine but not super friendly, I imagine they have to deal with a lot of annoying drunk college kids so I will give them a pass. I love the tongue and chicken gizzard skewers when I can convince my friends that these things aren't weird.

Sue B.

Based on the reviews, seems like the experience here could go either way. As for me, the food and service were both very good! I went on a rainy Sunday for early dinner so it was pretty quiet inside. Our waiter kindly told us it's happy hour and what drinks are applicable. We got the okonomiyaki, nabeyaki udon, and una tama don, all of which were yummy and priced vey reasonably. Okonomiyaki is pretty big so we couldn't finish between the two of us. The main dishes were simple but done right - nothing to complain about. I can't really comment on the yakitori, but if it's not crowded, I recommend going here for a quick warm bowl of noodles or donburi with some classic Japanese appetizers.

Michael Gold

Terrible service. What happened to the jap servers?

John Park

Mgrs need do better job training employees for customer service. Gone really downhill recently.

Rick Sub

Love the food here and service was good. They have some great choices on the menu.

Crystal M.

Stopped by with a group of friends as happy hour came to a close. It was a Thursday and it was still pretty early like 8 or 9. We were seated right away, the place is not that big but for a group of 6 we all fit. This was everyone's first time so we just ordered a bunch of things and shared. We got the gyoza, karage, fried octopus, steamed octopus, 2 bowls of ramen and skewers. Everything was great! Food came out really fast and hot. I enjoyed the experience and will definitely be stopping by again.

Nini Page

delicious food, quick and real izakaya experience with rock music classics, and very affordable, absolutely recommend

Lachlan D.

Freaking incredible ramen! Went early this week with a friend and had some yakitori skewers and a ramen each. Cheap, cheerful and delicious. Great service.

Christian Magno

The food was good but the service just wasn't. We were a group of 6 and they forgot part of our order, quite a substantial part. They didn't bring the menu round when one of us wanted more to eat. All in all a disappointing experience.

Derek Chiu

Use to be better but it's still good. Food use to be all hits but now there are misses. Overall it's fine - grilled rice balls are my favorite along with the okonomiyaki. They are famous for the skewers but on the last visit they were ok. Tako yaki, chicken karaage, tempura and ramen are good. Not as crowded as it use to be - probably because the food is inconsistent.

Viviann L.

I quite like this place although it's got a really mixed reviews. I've came here twice so far (more than half a year apart) the taste is still the same so the consistency is great (drinks as well). The plum wine (Choya, Choya Excellent, Kinsen) are all good but Choya is the sweetest and Kinsen is the least sweet. I'd say I prefer Kinsen but Choya Excellent is really amazing too. Choya is one of my go to but sometimes it does get a bit too sweet for me unless you add a lot of ice cubes. My friend likes the cocktails but it's just too light for me but the alcohol they use is fine, doesn't give anyone a headache. If you like something really light and not strong at all, their cocktails are good. Good is a bit on the pricey side consider their portion is a bit smaller but it's still pretty worth it in my opinion. The skewers, appetizers, and main dishes are all very tasty. Especially the skewers and appetizers are my go to. This place is not a place I'd frequent every week or month but it's definitely a place for my to come back to from time to time. I do recommend people to check it out. The seats are super small and crowded but other then that I'd say I'm pretty satisfied with everything. The waiters are all friendly so far some are more attentive than others but usually it's fine. It's a place I don't mind traveling for and it's a nice place to hang with friends. They do offer some desserts as well. Walkable to subway station and easy to find.

Lina P.

The service at this place has made our experience one of the worst restaurant experiences we've ever had. Our server misheard my friend's order, and brought her the wrong food. My friend of course told him it was the wrong order, and he AGGRESSIVELY cuts her off and blatantly accuses her for telling him the wrong order. Keep in mind, my friend is tiny, under 5 ft tall. Not at all intimidating appearance-wise. He is a man obviously larger than her, average build. She tries her best to explain herself and he literally walks away while she's still speaking to him, and blatantly ignores her. BEYOND RUDE. He continued to disrespect her, exhibiting obvious negative-assertive behavior throughout our entire time there. He only came back to our table give us our check. This behavior and attitude is absolutely unacceptable and unprofessional. There was no apology, and no respect. This man should not be working in the service industry. Please be better; hire better employees or correct their behavior. We won't be coming back to an establishment that encourages this treatment of customers, and will be spreading the word.

Lillian P.

This is my first Yelp review and as one would expect, it's an angry one. I have had the absolute worst restaurant experience of my life here. My friend and I both ordered the rice bowls, and I specifically ordered the una tama don. The waiter confirms our order without writing anything down. He then comes out with only one rice bowl, which makes me confused because typically both would come out at the same time. He later arrives with a sizzling fry pan of tofu. I proceed to tell him that he got my order wrong and he aggressively cuts me off, claiming that I gave him the wrong order. As I try to explain to him that he misheard me, he proceeds to WALK AWAY mid-sentence. He later comes back with the correct dish, and mutters something along the lines that "they don't typically do this," implying that it's my fault and I am inconveniencing them. As I start to speak up again about him mishearing me, he immediately walks off to deliberately ignore me. I don't get what this person is doing in the service industry, and he should be expelled from it. One who does not have the capacity to treat people with basic human respect should not step foot in such an industry. I spoke with a waitress about it, but I should have seen his manager and have gotten him fired. Too bad I wanted to get my ass out of there ASAP. Anyway, so long Oh Taisho.

Jason E.

I think this is a good place to have beer and some of this snack to kick back and get casual. Food is good considering for what you are paying for. Good service.

Barney C.

Chill spot in the East Village that looks to provide an authentic Japanese experience. Unfortunately the food wasn't memorable for the right reasons. The Japanese fried chicken was very undercooked. Chicken liver and bacon wrapped scallops were the best things I ordered.

LuvTo E.

Food is tasty, service ok, tight sitting which is all about being in a big city like New York.

Jeanette N.

Came here around 11:30 at night after ezoo. It was very busy despite it being very late at night. I ordered the spicy ramen and it was okay, but lacked a lot of extra stuff like fish balls or seaweed. It only had three slices of pork in it. For ramen in a simple broth, it was not worth $13.

Shu Fen H.

I went here with my friend Ms. Su. As I mentioned in other reviews, she is a person who's difficult to please. However, after trying out the shrimp tempura udon, she smiled and nodded her head, which she barely does. She even allowed her daughter to have some cocktail, which has never happened before although her daughter has already turned 21. I've had a beautiful summer night, and so does Ms. Su.

Anggie B.

A place to get Japanese skewers, appetizer, ramen, don buri etc etc. They really have lots of food choices. I got potato salad to start and it was goood. Howevehh, i came for the skewer. But uh, it was dryyy. No no no. Pro : Potato salad, seated right away, reasonable price Con : Not so warm service by my waiter (wish next time I'll just get a nice and polite japanese server), a bit disappointing skewer. The saving points are really their food variety and good price.

Yulaidy Pavon

This is our FAVORITE spot! With $100 you can sample like half the menu and you will LOVE them ALL! The staff is fast and friendly, no fuzz, no stuffiness!

Christian Nanas

Been coming here for months! Always amazing food, vibe, and beer! Highly recommend!!