Otto's Tacos

141 2nd Ave, New York
(646) 678-4018

Recent Reviews

Alex Jr S.

Really good shrimp tacos but the prices have steadily gone up since opening. Plus the tacos are very small. It's the east village and everything is expensive. Tje chicken tacos are tasty too, but price also went up on those.

Sadiki S.

Amazing carne asade, wasn't a fan of the soft taco but the fillings were substantial.

shaneal mayfield

Seasoned to perfection! Just wish portions were a tad bit bigger!!

Lola N.

Great place, good tacos, but they got rid of my go-to!! bring back my favorite tacos!!! Short rib was the best tacos you guys had I can't believe it's seasonal!!!

Bella R.

Super yummy food ! Great deal! Staff is so friendly Tai was so accommodating and thoughtful!


I am obsessed with the shrimp tacos here, they are fantastic! The workers are always nice and informative.

Mona Barber

They have great selection of salsas and jalapeno peppers also.

Q P.

The Veggie Gorgon was AMAZING. They fry Brussels sprouts (not very healthy) and top it with this amazing sauce! I was floored! I will come back again and again for just that!! The tacos were a pinch salty but the Gorgon made up for it!

Ayano M.

I ordered 2 tacos, there were good flavor but really greasy. It doesn't fill that much if you want to fill your stomach. I forgot if tacos are that greasy but it was a lot bit disappointing. Service was great tho.

Valerie Wolf Gang

Ordered shrimp salad, the taste was good but a bit pricey for a carton plate and relatively small portion. Staff was friendly and ambience pleasant though.


Great portion sizes/value for money. The man who served us was lovely. Food was really tasty, pretty much most of the menu was gluten free which was amazing. Two of us fed and watered for $30

Catherine Kirk

This is one of the few places where the photos of the food online match what you get in person! The food is so aesthetically pleasing and perfect for photos, and not to mention delicious as hell. The flavors are great, and the staff is always super friendly and ready to answer any questions you may have about the menu. They also have many options for vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians, etc

James The Great

the RED haired thicc girl on the grill knew exactly wat was up her vibe was great

Nicholas Catucci

I loved the non-meat chirizo. Valentina extra hot sauce was a huge find.

Sophie H.

Otto's Tacos has a great 2 taco and soft drink $5 special from 3-6 pm everyday. I tried a veggie taco and a shrimp taco (shrimp costs extra). Both were covered in way too much creamy sauce though. I was hoping there would be some beans or more toppings to make these more substantial. Both my boyfriend and I agreed the shrimp tacos were much better than the veggie tacos. The veggie taco is covered in some kind of odd tasting BBQ like sauce. These were pretty bland, and nothing special. No bathroom either. Would have given 3 stars if it weren't for the great deal we happened to get. Don't come here if you are looking to get some spicy/ tasty Mexican food. These tacos are very Americanized.

Lemon Child

Got a chicken bowl. Was strangely very watery but I prefer that over dry. Tasted pretty much like biting into a salted lime. I guess if you want lime as a meal then ok but I really hated it, I should've gone to chipotle. Cashier was nice though.

Avālo Inc

Very reasonable beer prices and great chips and guac! Also, the cashier Bianna is dope af


Good place to come for a quick, cheap tasty meal. Small place and not much seating but friendly staff and good food.

Solymar T.

Brianna went above and beyond to make me happy after I was informed what I originally wanted to eat was out of stock. Thank you for making me feel welcomed and making my food with love -pc

Lucy E.

Do NOT order catering for a group from this location. They charge $65 catering fee and don't even send serving utensils OR plates and napkins!! Food was passably warm and arrived 15 min later than the "half hour delivery window" that they require you specify when ordering. Also, they dumped the food at reception before we could tip for delivery (maybe because they "forgot" all plates/napkins/utensils & something to keep the food warm). So again, this is definitely NOT worth the cost and total lack of service for a group meal

Marina C.

I've never had to wait too long since I usually come to pick up my order. I've only tried the seasonal short rib taco and their shrimp taco. The short rib taco is similar to authentic Cantonese style Orange Beef which is one of my favorite dishes! Fried, crispy pieces of meat mixed in a sweet sauce. It's so tasty. The shrimp taco is spicy and is always cooked perfectly. Together it's the perfect combo since it's sweet and spicy. Sadly each taco is $5 and they're pretty small. I would think the average person would need 3-4 tacos at least? I've never had any issues with the staff. They're just not too friendly which is fine with me.

Lina Parker

The tacos were decent, not like the one back at home. I found the prices a bit reasonable. They had a pretty good menu I would say that, a lot of decent selections.

Ioannis Kymissis

It’s...another ottos! It’s sort of a love it or hate it thing (full disclosure, I’m a fan). I’m not sure its really authentic anything, but the tacos are great and they make the tortillas fresh in the store which is hard to beat. The masa fries are also unusually good. Great guacamole, unusual monthly specials, plenty for vegetarians, popular with kids. It’s a good package all around.

Jorell D.

Horrible customer service ! Spanish lady I quote "Mad shit going on don't act like this apron don't come off" implying she wants to fight because she lacks at hearing or has no patience. Stupidity behind the counter.. maybe that apron should of came off and she should be in a tattoo parlor with your disgusting looks and piercing. Never would step foot in this place. Lady needs lessons from Disney on how to talk to people before she gets a rude awakening!

Kylie O.

The customer service that I exhibited today was nearly so poor had it not been for my for my order being so cheap, I walked out without my food because of the female behind the counter lack of hearing and customer service. I am a waitress, I am also in the food industry it's quiet disgusting that this business has worker who threatens a customer that "they will take their apron off" cause they are having a stressful day or in this case misunderstood what I said. I guess there was no proper training in this case. Disgusting character, I don't her customer service she owed me it and it was horrible, she probably ate the food I walked out on since it was paid for before I even entered the store. I suggest this busniess gets some training and better appearance in their workers.

Dolapo D.

I love Otto's Tacos. The food is delicious and the environment is relaxed. And the employee Brianna always helps me and makes sure I have a great experience there.

Kevin Lee

10 dollars for 2 tiny tacos. Never gonna be with it in my book. I can get 3 loaded flavorful tacos at a mom and pop store for 9 dollars

La Mas Dura

The BEST Tacos ever #1 in NYC

Courtney McCrary

Had the shrimp taco and the short rib taco. The shrimp taco was okay. The shrimp is pretty small and over seasoned. The tortilla is extremely hard. It wasn't bad but I had Los Mariscos 5 minutes later and I could definitely tell the difference. The short rib taco was very interesting. I loved how spicy it was, but it was slightly too sweet. The sauce with it was really good. It seemed like a typical fast food taco place. Also, the tacos are really small like 2 bites.

Vin Chenz

Shrimp tacos are amazing, but the showstopper is the taco of the month - shortrib! Probably the best taco ever eaten. A++

maria fernanda valdes martinez

Claim to be traditional Mexican, this was not the case. Real Mexican taquerí­as are flexible with ingredients. This place refuses to make quesadillas or regular mexican tacos. They claim that their taco is the only traditional tacos, very misinformed and Americanized. The food is ok, pretty cold I’d say, probably from keeping their meat in the freezer. Come here for a quick but barely satisfactory meal.


Definitely pigged out here. Good tacos for sure.

Karina Lafontant

Better then chipotle just dont have drinks

Luciano L.

Hi, I'm a regular at ottos I try n come right when my lunch break starts avoid the rush. This food is always delicious :), counter people are always very nice. But I noticed a few times and today I seen a guy with long hair drinking behind the counter?? Is that normal?? Just giving you a heads up I like the food and some of the people in my office as well, don't want the quality of your food going down drinking on the job doesn't seem fashionable.

Juan M.

The tacos are slamming' and the staff is official. The nicest pure e energy. Big shout out to the evening shift. Doing a great job Peace Juan

Tiffany S.

i got takeout from here recently and it was so good! i got the shrimp tacos and the vegetable one, and a horchata. tastes very authentic, and the flavor was great. veggie taco was quite spicy, but the horchata helped a lot LOL. totally coming here again.

Julianna S.

I came here for a late lunch today. I got one carne asada taco and one shrimp taco. Both were very good, but if I was ordering again I would get two shrimp. I also got the mild salsa and chips. The salsa was delicious! Even though I really enjoyed the food, I thought it was a little expensive for the amount of food you get.

Andrew S.

If you'd like a bit of a thicker, not extremely but by comparison, tortilla for your taco then Otto's tacos are for you. They are soft, uniform with a light elastic bite. The guacamole served by a bigger named burrito chain of restaurants seems to incorporate cilantro, onions and thus... in their green slop but Otto's green slop seems to not. I don't get or didn't taste that flavoring in the guacamole. I could be wrong, correct me if so. The cilantro and onions were added separately in the taco. The chips do have a slight crunch and are soft but nothing better than you would find in a supermarket. There are some sides that are over priced. Like a $6 bottle of Horchata. Otto's Tacos makes a good taco but nothing great even with the Verde and watery and mild salsa-like sauce it's only a tad above good/average.

Jen F.

So I happened upon Otto's in pure starvation and walked in to great smiles and customer service from the staff. The food was delicious and made very quickly which was helpful. I had a carnitas bowl and it was flavorful. The staff was the best though I met Christine and Sandra who were helpful with my decision making and just generally nice to chat with.

Samantha Lopez

Recommend short rib taco if they ever have it as a daily special