Panda Express

835 3rd Ave, New York
(212) 355-2821

Recent Reviews

Kenn D.

I'm stuck in Covid 19 NYC and had limited options for dinner and with the delivery services it was going to be ok. I know PE and licked their food and they were close. Since the place is 1-1/2's from where I was staying and it's 28degs out I was assured I'd get a hot meal. Which I did.
I also had them for lunch and dinner but with dinner my wife who wasn't feeling well wanted a little something so I just got the next size up.
In the digital order form there's a place to add the type of sauces you want for me soy sauce and Chile sauce and utensils. When the order arrived there was one only napkin and 3 each I'd the sauces. That was fine for the smaller order but I knew I'd need more tonight.
In the order form there's a place for additional requests.  There I added I needed more napkins 2 addition soy sauce and Chile sauce.
When the order arrived the it was the same 3 of each and the one napkin.
Usually I wouldn't bother with such a negative review, but it looked to me that the goals as PE just totally ignored my request which I confirm was on the order and the email back to me.
So Pandey Express, get your head out of your butt. Customer service is a lost art especially at this place!

Marc Beach

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Leif E

This place gives wonderful service and yummy food. One of my favourite restaurants in town. The drinks and food arrived quickly and the rates are economical. Will definitely recommend this restaurant.


Check my vlog @aboricualifeinusa at youtube Good customer service. tasty food. Chow mein chicken beef. Not bad.. prices are decent for the area.

Henry Bean

I always stop by getting some food in here. I love the fast service and well cooked dishes. Fantastic work.

Stephan Ulrich

This is one of the better Panda Express locations in the city: friendly staff, clean restaurant and they usually have all options available or offer to prepare items for you from scratch if they run out. Quick turnover ensures freshness as well.

Steven Vives

Amazing staff, Helped me during my first time ever going. ♥️

Brian Fox

It could taste better but it's good.

Eric T.

Food is okay but service was great. Server Yulee was fast and professional. A clear standout amongst the rest. Other than that, the place is for fast and convenient.

Aqua Blu

Black pepper chicken w steamed veggies and noodles Great fortune cookies fresh a bag of abt a dozen is 3.00ish Everything fresh

Hilal A.

I've been visiting this place since 2016 because I love their orange chicken and chowmein . The food is been cooked behind the counter so you can watch it and the prices are fair too . Highly recommended.

Gisele A

Very tasty food with an excellent value.

Éder Prado

The girl who was taking orders today is very rude. I left my food and went to another restaurant.

Travis Ramgobin

Really delicious and affordable food with a wide variety to choose from. The staff are friendly and offer excellent customer service. I recommend this location to everyone!

Fair R.

Great food. Well run franchise. Love Panda but they are not all run at the same level of quality. This is a great one.

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