Papa John's Pizza

1709 Amsterdam Ave, New York
(212) 281-7272

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Felx Chez

We order some pizzas here, they made it wrong by adding a topping that we did not request online. The person is allergic to the topping they added. We called them to tell them about what they did and all they did was hang up the phone. It seems as if they don't care. The guy that answered the phone knew he messed up. That's why he hung up the phone. Very negative. If I could I would give a negative star just for what they did.

Daniel Adams

Awful experience with this restaurant! I ordered food delivery, 2 hours later the food was not still delivered! I tried to call them to figure out what's the problem after couple of tries, finally they told me that the food is coming up! It took another 30minutes to get there. The food was cold and tasteless! Their customer service and quality of food is just terrible!

Tearre Williams

I don't support this racists I don't how much you change up the leadership ‍♂️

Tyson Allen

Ordered without cheese online. Verified veebally when I arrived early for pick up "no cheese". Guess whose dinnee had cheese?

Carlos Taveras

This is the worst Papa Johns place to order. I called and they said 27 minutes I took 1 hour. I called to find out the status of my order, and the they hang up the phone on me 3 times. The worst.!!! Will never order from this place again.! It’s sad how poor they treat customers

roshana anderson

Best pizza chicken and green peppers yum yum. Place is fast and clean

Roxanne Edwards

Ordered a thin crust vegetable pizza and it was very tasty. I enjoyed it.

Jayne DeLaRosa

I got the phillie steak pie it was great

Scott Allen

Typical pizza place. nothing to brag about

slim wc

Food great. Delivery too long.

Benjamin Mukasa

Got the job done.

Sacha B.

Nasty ass pizza if that's what you'd like to call it. Just too cheese even when you don't ask or order for extra cheese.

Saif Abraham

This place is so CLEAN. The lady at the register is very nice and doesn't rush you at all when you want to customize your pizza. Their pizza is so fresh and delicious. Thank you so much and keep up the good service.

Maninder Singh

Nice staff and good quality pizza

Jameson X

It's a roll of a dice with this place. Sometimes the pizza is spot on and even better than expected, at other times, several times actually, they don't acknowledge certain requests that are part of the pizza ordering process. Examples: extra sauce or well done. At times, the specialty pizza will come with limited amounts for toppings. A few orders ago, I paid extra to add pepperoni to my pizza and it came with less than 4 pieces of pepperoni. Also, delivery is hit or miss, maybe once or twice they have been early at others I've noticed during the track my pizza option, they have said it was delivered and it wasn't only to have me call in and have the manager tell me he did it manually and the driver was still on his way.

Paul K.

NO APP FOR TASTE. Sorry, Papa John's... I wanted an alternative to Domino's nearby Broadway & W 149th in Manhattan. Check. They have an app. Check. Pretty good prices on deals. Check. But the pizza tastes, well, weird. The crust tastes truly, actually, like cardboard. Not an exaggeration. No flavor, none, but it picks up the flavor of the box and it even feels like eating paper. And the sausage on my meat pizza recently had a strange spice that was way, way overpowering everything else. It was the only thing I could taste, and it wasn't a spice I would want to eat straight (probably fennel). Tonight's "thin crust" -- compared to Domino's -- was thick. When I carried the box up to my apartment, it felt heavy and I was worried it was a regular crust and they got it wrong. It wasn't thin, just thinner than the regular. It was pepperoni, sausage, beef, onions and green peppers. It wasn't cheesy. That's it. IT'S NOT CHEESY. This explains the overall lack of flavor and mouthfeel. And yes, since it's a huge national chain, I have to assume that the recipe I tasted was EXACTLY as designed and intended in every way, and always will be. Darn, I really wanted to give Papa John's 3 stars. That's how I started. But after putting my thoughts down, I can't say it's A-OK. It's just a notch below that: "Not A-OK." Or "Sub A-OK." Too disappointing to order again. Thus the 2 stars. Do you want an absolutely, positively, delicious, hot, moist, cheesy, amazing pizza? Order from P&M. You will plotz. Order the large pepperoni with extra cheese. You will be in HEAVEN. Oh, it is wonderful. $22 all-told with 2 liters of soda, and worth every penny. Compared to Papa John's, even Domino's is far, far superior in flavor and every other respect. No comparison, which is sad. I like the founder of Papa John's John Schnatter, and I'm Tweeting him a copy of this review tonight. I think he deserves to know. I wish him the best. Another note: My recent delivery guys (both of them) were really sweet. Very friendly (not overly), and respectful and kind. That goes a long way for me. But tonight I asked the guy to show me the Special Delivery Instructions printed on the box (like 'side entrance' or 'call from the door' etc.). He couldn't show me because he didn't know how to read English (he just smiled). Which is why he didn't call from the door and kept buzzing and buzzing instead. Which is why he was completely flummoxed when I arrived and tried to explain he should call from the door. I expect someone to either read my instructions in English, or have the manager re-write them in Spanish for a Spanish-only delivery person. And it goes both ways -- if my predominantly Spanish-speaking neighbors write or speak their Special Delivery Instructions in Spanish, they are entitled to expect their delivery person to understand and follow those instructions, even if they have to be translated into English for him. Sorry, Papa John's, there's an app for almost everything, which is why no one has an excuse for anything not be right right 95%+ of the time. Except for quality and taste. There's no app for that.

Tee Pee

Never dissapointed by this joint. I only do pick up though, make sure to call ahead

Sergio Azcona

Worst service need new management placed a order and never came. Called it in and they end up telling me that the order was out and I never picked up the phone

Matt Allan

Good pizza, quick service. Service was a little curt though.

Shalma Rendon

This place literally takes like an hour or sometimes two to deliver -_- & if you call they always have an excuse AND, their delivery people are so stupid. How do you expect me to go downstairs of my building to pick up my order without calling or anything & then just take off with my food? Then when I call the store, they make an excuse saying he was waiting for me but meanwhile, I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THE DELIVERY GUY HAD GOTTEN HERE! It's just terrible, they seem to do this everytime.

Papa John's Pizza
Papa John's Pizza

Papa John's Pizza

1709 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10031