Pi Bakerie

35 Cedar St, New York
(917) 991-6424

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Barbara Janowska

Very nice atmosphere, very clean , good latte and nice croissants, bagiel tasty as well. For 2 latte, one croissant, one bagiel and one sandwich we paid 15 $ per person ❤️Thank you ❤️

Ian Chou

Greek bakery with lots of small bites and some food. Came right before closing so their options weren't great but was not bad for the price. Would have to come earlier for fresher food to judge more fairly.

Olivia P.

This place is okay. They have a lot of options but the options don't taste or even look fresh.The croissants all look deflated and smushed. They had premade egg croissant sandwiches where because it was premade the eggs looked dry and the croissant seemed soggy.They had premade bagel sandwiches. There was no way to take anything off of it because they wouldn't make it fresh. As someone with allergies this isn't very accommodating.The slices of "pie" or baked food is served under room temp. I got a slice of the zucchini cheese quiche square and the first one had a hair in it and the second one was basically the cold. I had the first one heated up extra but after the hair thought the new one would be fresh (as I had gotten the last piece in the case previously) and it had obviously been sitting.The staff was friendly and the space is large, which is nice.

Adam Gidwitz

Gorgeous little oasis in the financial district. Good food, lovely staff, and the Nutella baklava is DIVINE.

Yuk L.

Always reliable for savory and sweets. Stopped by before catching a flick at Alamo. Had a savory pie and a cuppa joe. enjoyed my snack outside on the plaza. A cute elderly couple asked how was my selection and I gave them a thumbs up. They went in and came out with baklava and enjoyed it too.

Juliana Morales

I had an amazing experience, the best orange pie I have ever eaten with espresso. Good music and lovely place to recharge battery after walking on Financial District.


While waiting for a customer meeting, I found Pi Bakerie. Awesome baklava and smooth chai latte. If I wasn’t going to a meeting, I would stay here trying each type they serve. 5 stars.

Jack Fenton

Our new favorite Greek restaurant in FiDi! Picked up dinner entrees for my family on the way home from work and all of use were blown away by how delicious everything was. The gigante beans were cooked perfectly, the pastichio and moussaka were the best we've had outside of Greece, and the savory pies all had perfectly cooked phyllo crusts. Absolutely delicious meal - this is some of the best Greek food in Manhattan.

Anne Van

Great bakery! The spanakopita was big and fluffy, well worth the price! The espresso and baklava were also good. My only regret is that I wish I found this place sooner than my last day in NY.


Food is good here. Unfortunately, the staff is rude and cold. No matter how many times per week you come to this restaurant, they will never smile at you and will always act as it's the first time they see you. Also, the service is slow. Some of my friends and colleagues experienced the same. That is why they don't go to this restaurant anymore.I gave 3 stars instead if 1,just because food is good.

Krishnan R.S.

Great Greek bakery! Love the spanakopita! My kids loved the coffee + other pastries too. Only downside is far too many smokers in the outside sitting area

Alex Findlay

I’m genuinely sad that I don’t work in FiDi anymore and can’t visit Pi every day for the incredible Spanakopitas.The bakery is beautiful inside, with great staff and the food is top notch. The Avgolemeno is hands down superb, and don’t get me started on the baklava!

Jim Roots

This place is incredible!! Super friendly staff. Decadent buttery pasties. Freshest Greek yogurt. And patiently crafted espresso. Absolutely thrilled with this place.

Kevin Michalski

Cafe that serves a slew of baked goods, ranging from bagels, to croissants, to Greek and Turkish specialties. I had the "brunch croissant" which was a large croissant stuffed with eggs and chives. It was delicious! We also sampled some of the Turkish pastries which were good as well.

Krista Cole

Bright, friendly bakery. Wonderful selection of pastries and at least 4 kinds of baklava (yesssss!). The almond croissant was flaky, lightly sweet, and delicious. I would survive on this place if I lived nearby.

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