Sauced Up

77 2nd Ave, New York
(917) 675-7511

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Michelle Igdalev

Spending $25 on 10 wings is crazyyy. They don't even come with anything - no sides, no veggies, no fries. And they charge you an additional $1.50 for ranch or blue cheese dressing. Plus I sat there waiting 20 min when I was the only person there & their only current order.The wings are alright, but just go to wingstop instead and save the $10 & your time.

Juan Rodriguez

The chicken burger is chicken tenders on a bun. That said the sauce was bomb and the quick fix has a great result. To debate against Chick-fil-a would be subjectivee.. but it is as solid as a chicken sammich can be. Fries were phenomenal and the combo is guaranteed delicious ?


I would definitely recommend this place if you are a fan of fried chicken. The sandwiches are really tasty, there special fries give you a different taste then what you would normally eat. Dessert options are also different and taste amazing. Can be a bit of a wait but it is well worth it!

Emmy H.

Such a cool fast food option in NY! If you like fried chicken or french fries this is your spot!

Adam Pagano

For a place called sauced up, they amount of sauce they provided wasn't overflowing. On the other hand, I order the chicken strips and fries and the portions were ginormous. The food took a bit to cook but came out hot and fresh.

Tyler C.

make sure you get some sauce already on the wings. They give you a lot of sauce. I had the house sauce. It blew my mind

Bhakti Dalvi

Tried the signature chicken fries, it was really tasty. The chicken was crisp and fresh and the quantity of chicken was great too. A great place to satisfy your chicken cravings.

Stefany A.

The reviews of the people are "ACCURATE", you want Spicy you will get what you ask. 4 different orders and they all are flying colors. I recommend this place if your in the area.


Good stuff! The food was so fresh the chicken fingers were blazing hot when they were delivered. Loved it and will order again for sure!

Molly G.

I don't know if our expectations were too high after seeing a food guy on tik tok we like talk about this place but it was very eh. The quality of the wings is very good but only like 3 sauces come with the option of being tossed in the wings, the rest come on the side and the tubs of sauce come super cold so they make the wings kind of cold. Overall, a pretty average experience.

Bartosz Jaworski

Not the best, not the worst. I ordered in the restaurant and asked for the wings to be well done (extra crispy). They obliged but I could tell they were annoyed by the request and noticed there is no option on the delivery menu to cook the wings to preference. This is usually a red flag for me with a wing place.I like crispy wings and they don't seem to like cooking them longer. The wings I got were okay but not really as well cooked as they should be with my request. I would bet on getting soggy wings. This is pretty ridiculous considering they are charging over $2 per wing. For that price they should cook it however you want.The sauces were underwhelming for a place that is all about the sauce. I got the Nashville Hot which is on the spicier end of the spectrum and it wasn't spicy at all, their "house sauce" was pretty nondescript and mostly just tasted sweet.Tenders were on the dry side and unremarkable. Their "tender dogs" are terrible. It's just a chicken tender in a hot dog bun. I would have preferred a regular hot dog.

Victoria C.

Good food and service ! Definitely recommended to come and try it . Stumbled across this place and glad we did .

Phillip Bakhtiari

Came across this amazing spot from Tik Tok and I must say I was blown away! Absolutely delicious sandwiches and loaded fries. Must Try

Amani Hanna-Gripper

Everyone there is chill, the service is quick, and the food tastes as great as it looks.

Jorge G.

Really nice place. The place was clean, the employees were helpful and the food was amazing. GREAT chicken sandwich and great music playing. This had a comforting atmosphere, very laid back and tasty. Would recommend to anyone looking for a chicken sandwich.

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