Sip + Co.

41 W 58th St, New York
(917) 388-3757

Recent Reviews

Nicholas Kieler

Great coffee shop just south of Central Park. Grabbed a shot of espresso myself because I wasn't in the mood for sugar, fiancé got a red velvet latte because she's always in the mood for sugar. Service was fast despite it being packed. Coffee was high quality, well roasted, and well pulled. Fiancée's latte had subtle red velvet flavor that wasn't overwhelmingly sweet or cloying. I didn't stay long, but I was highly impressed with the whole operation from start to finish. I'd definitely reccomend this spot because of the high quality of the product alone.

Rebeka Tóth

Great cafe just one block away from Central Park, serving amazing coffee and wide selection of sweets and savoury items. I'm in love with their honey-cinnamon latte and the whole atmosphere of this small local spot. The service is quite quick, the staff is friendly and nice - definitely worth a visit!

Mona Tong

Cute spot in Midtown East with decently priced and tasty selections! I got a matcha latte with oat milk which tasted good, but pretty standard-- not especially amazing. The matcha cookie was also pretty good-- not too sweet and had a nice crunch to it.

Marina B.

Super cute little cafe, great coffee and friendly service! What more could you ask of a cafe? :)

Tyler V.

Fantastic little coffee shop with great food. Ordered the salmon lox bagel to accompany my drip coffee. Good balance with the lox bagel, with the pickled red onion, arugula and cucumber to cut the heavier cream cheese and salmon. Service was quick and easy. Will return!!

Michael H.

Amazing spot for a quick breakfast and coffee. The bacon egg and cheese on their house roll was flawless. Treat yourself and grab a gingerbread latte this time of year, you won't regret it!

Christopher C.

I truly did enjoy the coffee shop aesthetic and enjoyed the latte I ordered! Personally, I enjoy matcha lattes and this one was certainly a good one! The pastries looked delectable and I wish could've ordered one! Till next time! Cheers

Kate M.

Great little spot to get coffee, dessert, or a quick meal. They have a fair amount of indoor and outdoor seating.

Diana Fahim

Great spot right by Central Park to grab a delicious coffee and breakfast! Buns and bread is fresh! Only thing is poached eggs wasn’t cooked very well but thats okay .suggestion for stuff to add a bit of vinegar to boiling water when dropping the egg :) thats when it will stick better .


Sip & Co is a super place for breakfast or lunch. The food is really tasty. Service excellent and a nice menu. Reasonable prices. Recommended.

Mohammad saad Al Jaber

Excellent food, We really loved their sandwiches. The bread is just amazing.The cashier attitude is great, very friendly and gives a positive energy. I actually liked their services, that It didn’t bother me the orange juice that supposed to fresh tasted like canned mixed with some fresh juice.

Brandon G.

Small place well worth the walk. Great Avocado toast. Really a mountain of avocado toast.

Garima Gautam

?️ Breakfast Burrito?️ Egg and cheese bagel?️ not pictured but the iced vanilla latte was deliciousEverything was flavorful but slightly on the oily side. Line was long. Staff super friendly

Charles F.

For some bizarre reason the chef ( or cook) insists on loading up egg sandwiches with a pile of hot pepper thus making the sandwiches inedible. There's no warning of the pepper assault. I tried a brownie. I was warned about the salt on top but I didn't expect left over road salt from last winter. What idiot ruins a tasty brownie with a pile of salt ?

Thu Pham

You definitely know it's good when there's a line all the way out the door!I ordered the Matcha Latte with Oat Milk (it's not sweetened, so if you want it sweet let them know because they don't ask), Chocolate Croissant (was alright, kinda wish they warmed it up), and the Salmon Lox Bagel (a bit on the salty side but the cream cheese and bagel was bomb!).There's seating inside and outside but since it's super busy,I highly recommend you have a friend sit down while you order to save the table once someone gets up.Service is quick! Staff is friendly but rushed due to the high volume.

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