Sup Thai Kitchen

178-19 Union Tpke, Queens
(718) 487-4449

Recent Reviews

Will Williams

Best Thai food in Queens. You can @me on this! I've never been disappointed with their food. It's a but pricey but well worth it. I've only done takeout so I cant comment on the dinning experience but the staff is always friendly. I've also used their catering services for a last minute graduation party and they were nice enough to have the food ready early the next day. Life savers!

David Gonzalez

I wanted spicy and Sup did not disappoint!The space is on the smaller side Nd there take out area seems to take up alot of room.The staff was attentive.

Chan Hei Sam Lau

A little overpriced but tasty Thai restaurant. The curry we ordered was delicious. Some things could be better. Service was good. Bathroom available. Street parking is available nearby.

Viviana G.

Amazing food with awesome staff. We showed up a few minutes later than expected and were given the lunch special regardless. Waiters were very attentive and quick as well.

Victoria C.

I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere here. I got the chicken satay, curry puff, and drunken noodles. The curry puffs were my favorite, I really wanted more.

Briana D.

This restaurant never disappoints. Their Panang curry, drunken noodles, Thai iced tea, and fried rice are amazing dishes. The service in this restaurant is nice and quick. It's a great place to visit for a simple night out. The ambience in the restaurant is a modern farmhouse theme. It's truly adorable inside and out.

Joshua Daniel

Love this place! Food and drinks are amazing! Definitely recommend checking this one out! Chicken pad Thai is delicious, fried calamari is very good, shrimp Tom Yum Noodle Soup is delicious.

Tee D.

Small Thai restaurant on the corner, easy to miss but you'll be glad if you don't. The drunken noodles are made to perfection whether it be with crispy pork, chicken, or any other meat. The fried crab dumplings are the way to go if you're there for the lunch special. I tried the crepe dumpling and while it's not bad and certainly aesthetically pleasing, not really for me. If you like Thai, come here and see what SUP (I'm not apologizing for that pun) BTW the drinks are delicious AND beautiful. No WOW factor to the small place and parking is a bit of a pain but it's worth it to pick up and go.

A N.

Best Thai food in NYC and a hidden gem. Every time I'm in Queens, I have to get takeout from SupThai. I've tried pretty much everything from the menu and there's pretty much nothing that isn't delicious. The Fried Chicken is flavorful and crispy while the old standby of Pad Thai is zingy and just right. Beyond the delicious food, their service is also superb even during busy times. Overall, this place is the jam! 100000/10

Ravi Shastry

Great food, friendly and fast service. Orderd Thai Ice Tea, Shrimp Donuts (pic), Drunken Noodles, and Green Fried Rice (pic)

Wendee D.

I love coming here. The food is ALWAYS so good and everyone is so nice and friendly. I Tip well cause they deserve it

Lisa C.

I discovered Sup Thai right around the beginning of the pandemic, when I got sick of my own miserable cooking, and I'm sooo glad I did. I wanted to wait until I tried a decent portion of their menu before reviewing, and I'm convinced this place deserves 5 stars, even beyond if I could give it. The wings and chive pancakes are probably the best I've had in a Thai place. The ribs MELT, falling off the bone, ugh I'm getting hungry. I usually get the massaman curry or the crispy pork and Chinese broccoli. Cannot go wrong. I also love their mocktails. Sup Colada is 10/10! If anyone from Sup Thai sees this, please bring back taro sticky rice, I miss it. T.T

Long Ip

Really delicious food! Went with the family and we ordered a buffet.Soft shell crab with thai basil sauce was our favorite.Tom yum, pad Thai, duck curry, crab fried rice were all delicious as well

Kira L.

Tasty food and drinks! A couple friends and I were really craving Thai food, so we headed over to one of our favorites only to find that it was closed for a week. Still badly wanting Thai food, we did a quick Yelp search and ended up only a few blocks away here at Sup Thai. We weren't sure what to expect but we were in for a treat! We started off with drinks. I wasn't really feeling anything alcoholic even though when I looked over at other people's drinks they looked so beautiful. I accepted my date of a boring regular drink and ordered to Sup Lychee Lemonade. To my surprise it was actually one of the most beautiful drinks I have ever had the pleasure of trying! I really appreciated the work they put in to make even a lemonade look so pretty. For an appetizer we had the chive pancakes. They were really yummy! Crispy on the outside, soft and really hot on the inside! I got the drunken noodles with squid, one of my friends got the crispy duck over rice (despite the rice being on the side of the duck), and the other got the garlic mixed vegetables. For me, the squid was a bit over cooked and chewy, but the actual noodles were flavorful and delicious. My two friends thoroughly enjoyed their meals and cleared their plates. This place is definitely worth a visit! instagram: @newyorkcityfoodie

Tiffany C.

Ordered takeout this time, and once again I got the Pad Thai, but this time with ground chicken. It's nice that they have an option of ground meats on the menu. The pad thai this time was a bit too sweet. But I like the ground chicken texture with my pad thai. Part of the lunch special, I got the Thai Crepe dumpling. This one was interesting, it was a deep blue purple outer skin, and the inside was a sweet and salty peanut mixture. We also ordered the crispy pork belly with chinese broccoli- this was a miss, it had no flavor, and it wasn't crispy at all. The crispy tofu appetizer though was crispy. The drunken noodles was super spicy, but flavorful

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