Taco Bell Pizza Hut Express

18 E 14th St, New York
(212) 645-8645

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Phillip Garner

Normal taco bell here. I've been to this location several times and each time they've always had all items from the menu available, unlike some stores which run out of popular items.

IG: UneekTone

Had great customer service and the cashier was the most friendliness person probably could have met today. Food came out fast and tasty


Put the Taco Bell Fire sauce on your Pizza Hut cheese pizza

Kimmie Ohh

Put the Taco Bell Fire sauce on your Pizza Hut cheese pizza

Sheldon Campbell

The soft chicken & soft steak tacos are phenomenal.

Kaniyah Parris

Went today with my boyfriend. He ordered a vegetarian quesadilla which is basically just cheese, and the rude cashier (Teirra A. on the reciept) told him that they didn't have it, when there is clearly a "V" symbol next to the Cheese quesadilla on the menu. After he sorted that, I took my order which was only three items: pepperoni pizza, hard shell taco, and a small drink. When I would tell her, however, she would say "Thats it?" after, like she was impatient.

Jason Caraballo

Stopped off in taco Bell on 14th Street they have a great chalupa!!! Three stars for the location there's just too much panhandling..

Eric G.

Quick, "spicy", and "Fast food(meat lovers will enjoy the ground meat, Try Wendy's for "Chili, LOL!")... @erkzalez.com @Tacothe chihuahua.com

Lady Silver

All the cashiers and cooks are friendly. Food is fresh. They have a good size dinning area.

Aaron B.

Carlos the manager was really cool and gave me a free taco and extra cheese after they forgot to put the nacho cheese on my double stacked taco. I love taco bell and the people at this location are really chill and friendly.

Jeanine Romeo

The most clean and efficient taco bell/pizza hut I have ever been in (my son LOVES pizza hut sigh)...and...the server who took my order brought my bread sticks to my table when they were ready, instead of having me stand there and wait six minutes for them to be ready. The place was crowded and bustling with holiday shoppers, and the server found me in the middle of the restaurant. Fantastic service for fast food!

Sam Grjaznovs

This store is always busy because of the part of the city it’s at. Even so, they are quick to get you your order fast. The only issues is the people who linger outside that tend to demand money for working as doormen and women.

Scarlett Taylor

The interior is old, and the space to wait for your order is awkward, but everyone's always been really nice to me and they have never given me meat when I asked for beans. A cheesy bean and rice burrito after a generous happy hour is just perfect.

Billy Bob

Good! The workers were fast and efficient, though a bit rude

Bryce Sanders

Not bad for a quick bite to eat

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Taco Bell Pizza Hut Express

18 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003
(212) 645-8645