Taco Bell Pizza Hut Express

18 E 14th St, New York
(212) 645-8645

Recent Reviews

Bryce Sanders

Not bad for a quick bite to eat

Loup Garou

Very quick and the cashier was very nice and patient with me

Timothy Hernandez

It's a nice place but a little girl they closed early just because employees wanted to go home

Diamond Cheng

Biggest Taco Bell I've been to. Lots of seating and prices are good. Employees are nice as well.

Paul Brock

Obviously delicious food. $1.50 for a 4-in calorie chicken quesadilla is a steel. Get two of those and you're full for a few hours. Highly highly recommend. Even during busy hours, The staff are cranking through the orders. The cashiers and cooks were seriously so happy that it was contagious

Jason Hawkes

The food was good and the crowd was not to bad for breakfast that is

Asqwefu L.

My friends finally get their Taco Bell? Chalupa Supreme® and Taco Bell? Chicken Quesadillas® and it's FREEZING cold? after having to wait over half an hour? Do you guys think this is a joke? Playing with customer's food is a joke? Have you no shame? This entire establishment disgusts me and they'll never make any deals with your company ever again. Consider this a threat to learn to behave yourself and improve your terrible delivery system. I do NOT want to make another review lambasting your administration, you hear me?


Fast and great f2f rest food. The staff takes pride in n what and how they serve your food. Also the staff makes regular rounds to make sure that the restrooms and eating area maintains clean

Jason R.

This location used to be my headquarters after a club or drunken night back in my 20's. It didn't matter where in the city I was--I would stop off here and take a cab back home. The staff here was always friendly and very quick with the orders--whether it was Taco Bell or Pizza Hut food. It's probably looked the same for the last 15 years that I can remember and I'm sure still has people who would use the bathroom for "questionable" behavior but nonetheless, this was my favorite place back in the day. Bring patience but not for the long line of people getting food--because they move the line very fast, but for the bathroom. It seems there are always four or five people waiting!

Allison F.

Oh my gosh, this was the best experience I've ever had at a Taco Bell. I was kind of hesitant to go in based on other reviews, but I pass it every day and thought I'd give it a chance. It was 1 pm on a Friday, so the seating area was insanely packed, and there were about 4 people ahead of me in line. I moved up quickly and ended up being able to order within 2 minutes of entering the restaurant. I definitely wouldn't have found a seat if I were wanting to stay to eat, so if you are looking for a place to sit during lunch rush, you might have to head to a Union Square bench. The gal at the register (I think her name was Victoria? Or Veronica) was so friendly and sweet. From having worked several jobs in food service, I can really appreciate that. I went to fill up my drink, and as soon as I was done, they called my name. I was honestly confused as to if they were calling for *me* and not another Allison since it came up so fast. I was like, awesome. Everyone I interacted with was so friendly. Another point I'd like to make is about the food itself. The Taco Bell I visit at home in Maryland normally messes up something about my order -- like if I ask for no tomatoes, there will still be tomatoes. Stuff like that. But this one got everything right!!! It was incredible. Especially since the place was so busy and a slip-up could happen, they put in attention to the order. Recommend!

Nicole M.

Linoshka provided amazing service! Line moves super quick, staff is super fast and friendly, food is yummy. Even though there were like 8 people in line when I got there, there was food in my belly within 5 minutes. Excellent service!!

Payam Bostani

Everything was great but the water cup is tiny compared to other fast food water cups.

Jason Steward

The manager Idi, was GREAT! I had a slight issue resolved so flawlessly, and seamlessly! Service down here is 14th and 5th!!!

Jason S.

The manager Idi , the manager was awesome at resolving the issue I had! Customer service here is wonderful! Please come pay them a visit

Andrey R.

I genuinely believe that Taco Bell's goal in New York City is to achieve the worst customer service and experience possible. I highly advise everyone to avoid this location. You will not get what you order and the manager will hung up on you when you call.

Eric Quijije

This location is always busy, but the staff are extremely fast and efficient. This location also has a small pizza hut menu, where you can order pizza hut menu items. My only complaint is the higher prices for the Taco Bell items at this location. Other than that, the food is always up to par, and they always get your order right.

Outlaw Kid

Alright letâ??s get to the point Never order any pizza from the Pizza Hut they have inside. Itâ??s pre-made and I donâ??t get the point how can they make and deliver pizza which was made previously. absolutely disgusting. I told them Iâ??m gonna order something else and then got the chalupas and tacos. Everything was just not fresh. Iâ??ll be reporting this to NYC health department. Expect a grading soon guys.

Chefcoño Javier

I always eat at this location they're fast and the food is always hot and taste fresh

Jennie Z.

Don't order online unless you want to wait forever for your order. Walk in & waiting in line was faster

lennie green

First I had $20.51 food came up to 6:52 I asked can I slide for a penny she said no. So she saved the company a Penny and I was walking around with $0.99 in change. After that then the problem began. They don't even give me my right food the $5 box which was $6 at this location they put in nachos with cheese dipping sauce in place of the cinnamon twist I don't know if they ran out or they was just putting the wrong items in and then they have homeless people in there begging for money this is not a place I will revisit

Villiage Lions

Usually there is no waiting here, which gets you in and out when you order. Some of the employees seem to have an attitude of which needs to be left at home. The location is convenient to USP, just like every other food joint in the neighborhood. Recommend with caution.

Hannah J.

Best taco I have ever been to. Amazing staff, friendly environment! Every thing in our to go order was perfect. Thank you for the best experience.

Ravin P.

i remember going here wen i was in HS and this place is ok they had some good burittos but being young and being a an adult ur taste buds are different . and now that i relize taco bell is tha white ppl version of mexican food is pretty terrible . I'm glad i don't need from here ever again in life and never will this place is tha worse , if u want food that taste arfticial then go here , i rather go 2 authentic mexican spot .

Emily M

Firstly, the food was absolutely disgusting. The food can cause life threatening illnesses from mercury in their fish such as cancer. Secondly, the service was terrible. One employee was very rude and not at all hospitable to customers. I would give the place 0 stars if you could. I can not recommend this to anyone.

Alastair Martin

Fast service. Quick and easy food. Friendly staff. One of the best value fast food chains we found in New York


The food is great. Cashiers nice. Food is given in a timely manner

Ashley ruemmeley

The food... well its taco bell no need to explain, it is what it is. There is no parking, other than street meter parking. By the accounts of my lunch friend, they stiff him on the amount of meat they added, lots of lettuce but little tiny bits of meat. The employees claimed food should be blind. In other words empty, they r sort of friendly, but with a hence of keep it moving we dont want to be here anymore than u do. All and all, it's not the worst taco bell, but due to location expensive.

Konstantinos Babetas

Good location, helpful and friendly staff, nice food and good prices. Definitely going to come back and try some more tacos!

Dutches M.

My seven layer burrito was mega cold with crunchy rice seriously guys... how do you mess up food that's been all prep cooked like this yuck.. I i was starving


With such a packed location in Manhattan, the employees are customer driven and pay attention to the important details. I ordered pizza and a Taco Bell item and they were hot, fresh and really tasty. I want to come back soon and recommend this location to anyone. This high volume location has great food, service and a nice, clean interior. Staff members Raymond and Nichelle are great. Can't wait to come back!!

Maria S.

They have good customer service and were quick making the food. Love it !!

Shirley Y.

Ah, so many memories of cheap food, crazy nights, and interesting crowds. One of the few taco bell locations in the city. Always worth the trip, in my opinion, for cheap cheesy and delicious garbage food if I'm in the neighborhood already.

Tiphanii M.

This is one of the best Taco Bell's I've ever been to. It is clean, the bathroom is even clean. The employees are friendly and helpful. The food was so fresh, made correctly and SO good! Tons of inside seating which is hard to find in Manhattan.

Gerard Gomez

Definitely one of my worst decisions. Not so much because of the restaurant but because of the food. I was sick for 3 days after eating this. Please if you want Mexican food NYC it's full of really good restaurants. You don't have to suffer or settled with this ð??? Overall the place was clean and the wait list wasn't so bad. They did a good job taking care of all the customers at the restaurant.

Geraldine Abreu

Fast service even when they have a long line. Never had a problem there. Staff is friendly and the food is proportioned well.

Ana Rivera

Love the TACOS AND THE TACO SALAD,MUST GO AT LEAST 1X A WK.ð???ð??£ ð??¯â??

Tomas Q

This Taco Bell location also is a Pizza Hut, something that Google has yet to update, so if you're in the mood for Pizza Hut, look no further. The wait times are a bit longer than you would want from a fast food restaurant, however this is to be expected from any restaurant located in one of the most busiest parts of town. The Taco Bell food is excellent. The Pizza Hut side is does not have the perfect Pizza Hut taste, but it is not bad at all either. There are plenty of seats, but again this is located in a pretty busy location, so be sure to plan accordingly and expect the unexpected. The most notable part is that there is typically an employee actively and consistently making sure that there is no trash on on the floor or tables and that the trash cans are not full.

Ms. Sykes

What can I say ? My family loves Taco Bell. This one is my favorite because its always fresh and the service is fast. Its 14th street so , it's an eclectic bunch but that makes it interesting.

Jeanmarie Lally

Love the renovations, $5 box food was delicious, sweet staff, not too loud, comfortable seats. Why not? It's tacos: eat some!

Linda C.

I am still chasing down taco fries. It is not back yet. I got the $5 taco box. The taco, burrito was just OK. The cinnamon twist was good. The Mountain dew was OK. will buy this again.

Taco Bell Pizza Hut Express

18 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003
(212) 645-8645