Taco Bell

2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York
(212) 630-0320

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Matthew Caldecutt

I relied on their Pizza Hut bread sticks when I needed something quick. Then, Shake Shack opened and I now stop by less often

Jhun R

They are always great but as we all know the price for manhattan in any retail food chain can always be higher conpared to other regular cities in the whole USA that i visited..

Pamela Mooney

I go to this Taco Bell for breakfast usually two times per week. The staff is always super friendly, my order is never wrong, and they even greet me by name in the morning. They're quick, accurate and friendly. It's such a nice change of pace from the rushed and often inaccurate feeling of other breakfast fast food options. Also, they're great at using the app/mobile orders!

Yolanda Marin

I'm rating it 3 for slow service in getting your meal and the dirty tables. No one was on the floor keeping things tidy. Most of the empty table were dirty. Now, the food was pretty good and I will give it a 4. I had the grande shredded chicken box and I have to say it was a lot in the box and tasty. I could do without the refried beans and the way they put it in the box...a dab of guacamole and a dab of sour cream. Nowhere enough for what's in the box and extra sour cream is 99 cents. In the city you pay 3 dollars more for that special.


more expensive, bad possibilities to sit, but still good food though.

Amy Belawski

It's fast food

Merica R.

The food was ok but the place was dirty and full of homeless people just lounging near the front. One of them came up to me and my mom asking if he could have the taco she was eating and just stood there looking at us. It was so uncomfortable and that when I knew why it was always crowded with homeless people right outside the doors. This was their hangout place.

Carroll Ruiz

Typical fast food and shared sitting area with KFC, Nathan's, Pizza Hut & Haagen Daz. Customer service especially at night is always lacking ingredients on certain orders. I expect pricing is higher inside the station vs outside but lacking ingredients means you do NOT get what you pay for.

Tom Moncho

Typical fast food joint. You get what you pay for.

sri sanan

Love taco bell cheap and tasty!

Kristin C.

I'll preface this by saying I love Taco Bell, but what I got from this location was absolute slop. It was a good 10-15 minute wait for my food and it wasn't busy. There was no line when I went up to order. I got a gordita supreme. In the ten minutes between the counter and when I opened it up, it had already soaked the bag to the point that it was almost tearing. When I pulled it out of the bag, the wrapper was soaked on both ends and it dripped everywhere. There's no sauce on this. It was just juices from the beef. Order something very dry or bring a spoon and lots of tissue. I'll be skipping it altogether.

Yohanna Hidalgo

Delicious, I love taco bell.

Werner Higueros

Food is exactly what you expect however if your at Penn Station and rushing to you train not the place you want to go. Took them over 15 min to complete my order thus the 2 stars.



Garren ORourke

mmmmmmmm. crunch wrap supreme. who doesn't love them.

MrBklynboy .

Great prices and good service

Mhairi A

Love the food at Taco Bell. Iâ??d eat here everyday if I could. Wish theyâ??d open more in the UK. Will be back.

J. M.

HORRIBLE employees! I love taco bell and would come here all the time but NEVER again. I stopped here a couple weeks ago, October 27th to be exact right when it opened. Me and another customer were waiting there for 10 minutes while the employees behind the counter just stood there. The guy asked them if they were open and they just stood there, looked us straight in the face, didn't say a word, and then looked away. He asked again multiple times and nobody said anything, they just completely ignored us. I finally asked a girl holding a drawer if they were open and she said after I count my money. And seemed very annoyed like she didn't wanna be bothered. I understand that sometimes things get behind schedule but that's no excuse to be rude and treat customers like trash. Really sad that I can nolonger return to this taco bell, but thankfully there's another one right down the street from Penn and they have AMAZING service. Will only go there from now on.


This place is good for people on a budget or in a hurry or people who. Want food for low cost. Although they have several items that are fine , the majority is fried, hi caloric or just not good food groups. The chain has opened many new places in manhattan to capture a lower less affluent end of the population. I stopped in for a quick hit of protein on. A very hot day. Long lines and lots of noise. Better to take out

Allan S

This place is good for people on a budget or in a hurry or people who. Want food for low cost. Although they have several items that are fine , the majority is fried, hi caloric or just not good food groups. The chain has opened many new places in manhattan to capture a lower less affluent end of the population. I stopped in for a quick hit of protein on. A very hot day. Long lines and lots of noise. Better to take out

Josh M.

I had a serious Taco Bell craving. This is the closest Taco Bell to uptown. Would you believe that! Not a Taco Bell from 34th all the way to Harlem. I wasn't going to Harlem for Taco Bell. Anyways. I Usually I go to the chipotle on 57th and 6th for fast Mexican food. But. Had to do Taco Bell. The first thing I noticed about this Taco Bell is the prices were $1-$2 more than other locations. There $1 cravings meal was almost $2 a item. It's fine. My local Taco Bell is the same way upstate. Because they know if you want Taco Bell your not going to leave and find another location over a few dollars. The service was the same as every other Taco Bell I have been to. I ended up just ordering a cravings box. It was $7+ tax. Usually there $5+tax. My location upstate is $6 +tax. I just want people to be aware it's more expensive here. I had to ask for sauce. As the guy did not give me any. But he gave napkins. They put them inside the box. The moisture kinda ruined them. But hey! The food was hot at least. The only complaint I had was they gave me my drink and then gave me the box. No bag. I was bringing this good back uptown with me and it was a aquward carry without the bag. I asked if I could please have a bag. They said they don't have bags. I just said ok thank you. And accepted the response. But. I know my Taco Bell has bags upstate. I think the guy just dident want to get one. Overall. The food was good. Food was still warm when I got back uptown. I still can't believe there are no other taco bells in midtown. Very surprised. But there is a lot of competition. I would come back to this location if I had a craving. But. Would rather go to my regular location upstate.

Tabatha R.

I am highly upset! I love Taco Bell, I came here to this location to eat with my boyfriend, one of the employees called out our number receipt for the order while she was calling out the number 3x we finally get the order and the employee told my boyfriend he needs to pay more attention and called him stupid while talking amongst the other employees. I came up and told her to be more professional because you are not allowed to talk down to any customer and she told me to "SHUT THE FUCK UP" now I will NEVER come back to this place ever again. I don't understand why the situation escalated as so without management in presence. There has been more then enough complaints about this Taco Bell location. I don't understand why Taco Bell is hiring irresponsible people that are allowed to easily degrade customers. She was screaming over food while telling me to shut the fuck up.... that's disgusting. Even if a customer is not paying attention or not hearing the number being called out doesn't give ANY EMPLOYEE that is SERVING customers the right to speak like that. This is the reason why I'm placing this review. I should've asked for a manager but I as a customer showed an irate and uncomfortable reaction to being down talked by a worker for Taco Bell. I am highly upset. Never will I ever come back and will be letting BIG BUSINESS BOROUGH know about this!


Very good Taco Bell! The food is just awesome, the staff is friendly and helpful and the prices are okay. I can highly recommend it for anyone who likes Mexican food! You also have to try the spicy sauces!

Monique Mccray-Vasquez

Waste of 15 bucks. Food was not edible. I've eaten at plenty of to taco bells. I don't know how you mess it up but this one did. Food was likely sitting out all day. If I could have I would have have demanded a refund.

Matthew Bülow

Great Taco Bell as always but Iâ??ve been to the one in Brisbane which trumps one by far. The food was just of better quality and a better atmosphere. The picture here is a Gordita I think ð?¤·ð?¼â?â???

David Gray

Good food. Bit tricky to find, as the directions aren't clear. Go downstairs to Penn Station and it's in a combined KFC and Taco Bell.

Camille Rose

Taco Bell = Diarrhea So gross! It was green and chunky and stinky (and Iâ??m not talking about my food) ð?¤® go to el centro! That place is way better

Shane P.

my favorite part (and probably the only thing i like) about penn station are the shops and food options. taco bells arent that easy to come by downtown, so my friends and i make a point to grab crunch wraps and the like from this one when we can. food has never been an issue, though they did forget numerous items of our order once (and charged us for it), so i would recommend the old precautionary bag check before you leave. its in penn station so expect reasonable traffic.

Chloe D.

I love Taco Bell so normally poor reviews about a particular chain don't bother me but unfortunately I have to agree with other reviewers. This location is so slow and fairly dirty. Sadly there are very few Taco Bells in manhattan so for my fellow Taco Bell lovers our options are limited so we have to put up with the slow service.

Marina B

Most people as I've heard are not a fan of this place but we were on a road trip east coast and we loved it. Its a good price and everything was jummy. We can argue about the quality, real mexican food and soon but for us it was great. I wish it came to Europe

Charly D.

Rude! Rude! Rude! They ran out of stuff and told me to choose something I didn't want. I asked for basics and they coudn't accommodate me. They were extremely rude. Will never shop there again. They said that they were closing. They had more than thirty minutes before closing. The cashier was extremely rude. Very unaccommodatinng.

Patricia C.

Just as Kraft Mac n' Cheese isn't real macaroni and cheese, Taco Bell is not real Tex or Mex food. But sometimes I just gotta have it. The service is good and the place is clean. If it's a nice day, you can take your food outside to 33rd Street where there are plenty of chairs and tables. Otherwise you'll be eating in a very crowded (but clean) food court.

John M.

If you're feeling hungry and like a naughty dieter, this is the place to break your diet and throw middle fingers in the air to ever feeling beautiful again. That's right. Taco Bell in Penn Station is the ultimate place to destroy your body, brain, and bowels. When I arrived into the small space that holds the Taco Bell, I was struck by the multitude of options. How many options do people really need, Penn Station? We're talking KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hutt, some hot dog place, and a Canadian coffee place. The thing I was struck by the most was the smell. This place smells like the body odor of a teenage boy and an underground, public swimming pool had a baby and gave it up to a Russian adoption bureau. Honestly, I didn't hate the smell, it was just oddly familiar. Don't let me nasty sarcasm deter you though. I honestly love Taco Bell, and this particular location gives you exactly what you expect from a fast food "we're not Mexican" restaurant.

Dipesh R.

I am giving this Taco Bell two stars out of my love for Taco Bell otherwise I'd give this hope in the wall -5 if I could. This is probably the most run down place in all of Penn Station. It is full of homeless people just lounging around. Totally understand if they are just eating but every minute they come up asking for money while your waiting on line. Something that disturbed me the most was that one guy went to a side corner and stared to urinate in a box. WTF. He used the same hands to then pick up his food get a tray table and get sauce from the condiment area. I wanted to puke after seeing this and I even alerted the staff. No one cared or gave a flying hoot. I got my two bean burritos and GTFO there. Very poorly run establishment that's also adjacent to a Pizza Hut and KFC. Gives you more options, but the vibe was unsettling. Many tourists stop for a quick bite before boarding or departing their train. I highly recommend an alternate fast food spot. There's another tbell not too far on 8/32. Better vibe but less sketchy.


i've been to 30-40 taco bell all over the us ans asia, this one just wasnt as good. taco shells were a little dry and they all stuck to the wrappers and fell apart. the taco just didnt taste as fresh as normal.

Stephanie W

Fresh food, but they're super cheap on the taco meat. Also the combo was less expensive than the tacos individually, but nobody bothered to mention that which would have been considerate. It's also more expensive than other Taco Bells in general.


Fresh food, but they're super cheap on the taco meat. Also the combo was less expensive than the tacos individually, but nobody bothered to mention that which would have been considerate. It's also more expensive than other Taco Bells in general.


This is a popular food chain in US . This store has good service and it is clean. The menu has specials menu packs which work out a lot cheaper

Leo L.

I don't know why Taco Bell and KFC began to be together In terms of the taco, I ordered a special version, but it really taste normal, so normal that even a small Mexican restaurant could make a lot better than you.

Ameer S.

This review is less a testament to this specific location's quality and more a statement of my love of Taco Bell. Cheap, quick, and when you're used to paying twice as much for a burrito at Chipotle in NYC as the rest of the country, the bar is definitely set pretty low when everything is cheap, and damn it's so satisfying. By far, one of the only chains I love.