Taco Bell

2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York
(212) 630-0320

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Matthew Caldecutt

I relied on their Pizza Hut bread sticks when I needed something quick. Then, Shake Shack opened and I now stop by less often

Jhun R

They are always great but as we all know the price for manhattan in any retail food chain can always be higher conpared to other regular cities in the whole USA that i visited..

Pamela Mooney

I go to this Taco Bell for breakfast usually two times per week. The staff is always super friendly, my order is never wrong, and they even greet me by name in the morning. They're quick, accurate and friendly. It's such a nice change of pace from the rushed and often inaccurate feeling of other breakfast fast food options. Also, they're great at using the app/mobile orders!

Yolanda Marin

I'm rating it 3 for slow service in getting your meal and the dirty tables. No one was on the floor keeping things tidy. Most of the empty table were dirty. Now, the food was pretty good and I will give it a 4. I had the grande shredded chicken box and I have to say it was a lot in the box and tasty. I could do without the refried beans and the way they put it in the box...a dab of guacamole and a dab of sour cream. Nowhere enough for what's in the box and extra sour cream is 99 cents. In the city you pay 3 dollars more for that special.


more expensive, bad possibilities to sit, but still good food though.

Amy Belawski

It's fast food

Merica R.

The food was ok but the place was dirty and full of homeless people just lounging near the front. One of them came up to me and my mom asking if he could have the taco she was eating and just stood there looking at us. It was so uncomfortable and that when I knew why it was always crowded with homeless people right outside the doors. This was their hangout place.

Carroll Ruiz

Typical fast food and shared sitting area with KFC, Nathan's, Pizza Hut & Haagen Daz. Customer service especially at night is always lacking ingredients on certain orders. I expect pricing is higher inside the station vs outside but lacking ingredients means you do NOT get what you pay for.

Tom Moncho

Typical fast food joint. You get what you pay for.

sri sanan

Love taco bell cheap and tasty!

Kristin C.

I'll preface this by saying I love Taco Bell, but what I got from this location was absolute slop. It was a good 10-15 minute wait for my food and it wasn't busy. There was no line when I went up to order. I got a gordita supreme. In the ten minutes between the counter and when I opened it up, it had already soaked the bag to the point that it was almost tearing. When I pulled it out of the bag, the wrapper was soaked on both ends and it dripped everywhere. There's no sauce on this. It was just juices from the beef. Order something very dry or bring a spoon and lots of tissue. I'll be skipping it altogether.

Yohanna Hidalgo

Delicious, I love taco bell.

Werner Higueros

Food is exactly what you expect however if your at Penn Station and rushing to you train not the place you want to go. Took them over 15 min to complete my order thus the 2 stars.



Garren ORourke

mmmmmmmm. crunch wrap supreme. who doesn't love them.

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