Taco Bell

173 E 116th St, New York
(212) 289-7297

Recent Reviews

Rose Miah

Food was good the store was dirty. Not clean at all.

Anthony Figueroa

The food was great, and the people were nice

Manuel Heddache

For a fast food spot they are on point. They have never messed up an order. Always curtious and helpful. They will make just about any special order. And you never wait more than 5 minutes. Even when they're busy.

aziz tahzib

This Taco Bell tried to kill me........ Im a diabetic and so I ordered a diet drink, they decided to give me one with as much sugar as possible

Lourdes Mateo

My favorite spot for a quick meal

Frankie #EuSouCapaz A sombra de uma vida

I couldn't eat it olit tasted too fake

Carolyn Smith

Love their prices & its totally convenient when you want fast food.

Fernando Lopez

Tacobell on.116 street is good place to eat at the prices are reasonable

Rafe Xemt

This taco bell is great and the manager is awesome

Diamond Cheng

It was okay. Dirty though. Needs actual lighting. Dark, and the people working looked miserable. I would be too.

Juan Carlos

Taco Bell always has good food, however this location is very ghetto compared to other taco bells in the city. It needs a renovation

Melissa McCready

Love the nacho fry box

James J.

Cmon , It looks good on the commercial but when it's on your plate , it is a complete disappointment. And then your body tells you what a mistake you have made. See you in another 20 years

Doug Johnson

Have seating capacity of about 20 max. Also have Pizzahut there. They close earlier than Burger King across the street.

Yolanda Walton

There food is good and it's not greasy but it's tasty

wolpy gomez

It's a popular spot. The orders take a bit longer then they should but the worker is nice. She definitely doesn't be get paid enough to be nice to me but she still is.

John .G

They have literally none of the taco bell special items and the place is overun with homeless people trying to sneak bites at your food while the workers just look at you like youre supposed to giveit to them.

migdalia derbas

Very clean n fresh food.

Nicole Jones

I love this taco bell

Zasmin Seda

Love the combo specials

luis gomez

Good place to get quick snack food is made fresh depending on wish location you go to.

vipan kumar

This place is always clean and service is fast and friendly service every time

Spark DaPomStewart

Too rachet as I would say. You have people coming in asking for change as you eat. Table is dirty at times. But the workers are cool though.

miguel ramos

Ordered online for pick up just to be told that i must provide my ID and card that i used (never stated online). This time i had it on me but last time i did not as i already paid for the food and nowhere does it state that i must bring the documents. It is the only in the minority areas that they ask for such information because they discriminate on minority races believing that we are always up to fraud.

Sharron Gilliam

The cashier's are very friendly and professional just need a cleaner and airconditioner it was very warm in the store.

Stephanie Gamble

Pretty fast wirh decent service. Dine in area isn't always clean. I prefer to take it home to eat.

Shianti B.

Its fast food so there is not much to write. My burrito was not nasty. Seasoned well and cheesey like I like it. The establishment was clean. They have working outlets so thats always a plus. Homeless people beg for change outside and sometimes come inside to do the same. Kinda regular for NYC, you know. If that bothers you, you clearly don't live in NYC. Jim Can't tell you how the bathroom is; haven't gone in and I don't necessarily want to. The customer service was good. No rude cashiers or workers here. This place served its purpose just picked up a quick snack. Will be returning. Thanks.

George Fleming

Good food, clean tables.

Baba Daramy

Nice & clean place and they have a bathroom

Doreen L.

I LOVE TACO BELL. This is the greatest ever. I love taco's. I make them at home for myself it I'm unable to get to a taco bell. I love the nachos and meat and the cheese to die for.

Ricardo Franco

Slow can be better. It has good nachos though. It's cool to chill though.

Suhanee Patel

Literally the most disgusting, slowest, and lazy place I've been to. I'm not one to normally write reviews, but this is that bad. I walked in and three employees were just sitting looking at me and no one came to the register for me to order. After they finally did and the food was ready it was just sitting there waiting for a person to grab it and give it to me. Again, everyone was just sitting and talking. After getting my food, I went to grab utensils, straw, etc. and the trash cans were overflowing where there was garbage all over, flies, things on the floor.


I'm not normally so picky when it comes to fast food but it smells so disgusting in there. I wanted a taco really bad after work a few days ago and I stopped in and had to leave immediately. The smell was too much. It looked really dirty inside and nobody seemed to be bothered by it so it looks like it may be that way all the time. I'm never going back there.

Janeiro F.

Great place. Ordered two supreme chalupas and it came filled with the appropriate ingredients. It was exquisite. Many props to this particular location as it made an originally Mexican food and modified it to the American version while keeping a decently good taste. The best part of this was the price. Very affordable, and a somewhat fresher taste than some of the other Taco Bell's in the area. Maybe by luck but today the get the maximum numbers of star I give restaurants that meet my expectations as a customer however don't exceed to get that extra star. At this location I received what I asked for, paid for, and craved of. Completely satisfied.

Mike Hopkins

Sometimes, even with all the authentic Mexican, you need some TB in your life

Mischa S.

maybe it's because it's in Spanish Harlem: but this is a good Taco Bell. fast and delicious. foods always hot. I wouldn't get the pizza there

Raj M.

What more is there to say, tasty tacos that always leave you wanting more, good service at this location

Lisa L

$5 minimum for credit cards!!!

EverSupreme Peterson

Bring pepto lol

Avhik Mitra

They do have pzone