The Bean

31 3rd Ave, New York
(917) 261-4364

Recent Reviews

Al L

Great desserts/bites to go with coffee. Plenty of seating!

Neroshan Thevakumaran

A huge location for this local chain. Good selection of hot drinks and plenty of pastries. The muffins are great

Ali Almurtada

This is a nice spot in NYC. I like to come here to work since it's student friendly.

Robert Alvarez

It was my first time at The Bean, and not my last. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially to those of us who are accustomed to primarily paying in cash (I think this place is cashless). However, there is an extensive assortment of coffees, teas, and other beverages, not to mention desserts to give dentists years and years of work and other foods, as well. Since I went on a Sunday afternoon, many of the tables were occupied, but I found a place to sit. There is a bathroom, that I think is a unisex one; it was clean and well-stocked.

Jim Pantelis

I got a white hot chocolate and a cream cheese bagel. The chocolate was very good, I would recommend it. The bagel was mediocre. They had free limitless WiFi which I liked. Very friendly people working there and nice atmosphere.

Christopher R.

Service is subpar at best and the WiFi is even worse! ... Came by for a quick bagel which took over 20mins to toast not mention most of the tables were filthy ... Definitely not the BEAN experience I'm used to! Get it together guys, lots of competition in the neighborhood!

Sakie N.

Zero star if I could. I ordered just a roasted bagel with cream cheese and after about 20mins, my bagel hadn't been even on toaster yet. They were ridiculously slow and chatting with another customer(maybe their friend). I had to go to work so I just asked them just pass me a cold bagel. It's so sad this is the nearest coffee store by my work but I won't come back:(

Austin B.

I live across the street from this place and come by fairly often. I stopped by to take a call and get on my laptop for a few minutes in between meetings. A lady came by and hounded me to buy something (which is reasonable) if you are sitting in the coffee shop you should buy something. I grabbed a bottle of water and she rudely mentioned that wasn't enough for me to stay. I was willing to purchase more but based off her extremely rude attitude and snarling comment decided I won't be coming back here anymore.

Zuluki Ji Ji

Thank you very much !! I really love the “Vegan” Sandwich best I’ve ever tasted 5 stars .

Arlene Z.

This place used to be my go to study spot, the coffee are great, the food is good too, but it is on the expensive side, the reason I said used to because the WiFi is too unrealizable! Often cannot connect or looking for network. Recommend for a place if you don't need internet or minimal internet access. It really makes studying impossible with the WiFi losing network every 2 minutes. The coffe is even more expensive than Starbucks

Emily B.

The staff was quite rude and impatient when I placed my order, so it was no surprise that my order was messed up. I asked for a small dirty chai with almond milk and got one with real milk in it. I know because I'm severely lactose intolerant and felt sick after two sips. I also ordered a bagel with tofu cream cheese, which was okay. Generally overpriced. If you want a better bagel, I'd recommend walking a few blocks to Tompkins square bagels. SO much better for the same price. Will not be returning.

Revital L.

The place claims to be open until 11, but is always closed by 9. There sign even says open to 11 seven days a week. Such a disappointment.

Mel G

Really nice cafe with delicious choices of special coffee like Espresso + Nutella and milk as well as baked goods. A very good alternative to your standard Starbucks.

Stephen M.

I went here with my son and we had a nice visit. He had the Açai classic smoothie. He loved it and I tried it as well, it was fantastic! I had a juice called "The Energizer" and I loved it as well! 10 bucks for a juice is a bit steep but the taste was awesome. It was over 23 bucks for me and my son to have a drink. That's more than I'm comfortable paying. This isn't a place I'd come back to. However, if you don't mind paying that much then check it out because the juice and smoothies were very good.

Sangeun Yeo

Very spacious and open until late. The coffee is good and the vibe is fresh. They offer copy, print, fax service too.

Lisette C.

I work from a LOT of coffee shops and cafes around the City, and The Bean is one of the hands-down best. I was leery at first, given that it's in the old St. Mark's Bookstore, but this history of the space only gives it a nostalgic charm--nothing about The Bean feels like the monolithic corporations that have taken over NYC coffeeshop culture. When I added extra sauce to my sandwich, Chef Michael called me over to let me know he'd put it on the side instead--and was he ever right. To be treated with that kind of specialized attention at a freelancer's coffeeshop?! Amazing. I'll be coming back again and again.

Piper S.

Basically a shit show when you walk in. Instead of the stated 5 minutes it took 15 and your just standing their waiting bc you think it's coming ... no place to sit when it arrives bc people camp out for hours. When you finally open your bowl to find a rotten banana. Fail

Winnie L.

Got a matcha latte. It was horrible. There was large chunks of matcha powder, even after mixing. Did not taste good either. It tasted like matcha powder, water, and ice. Do not buy!! Only got two stars because staff are polite.

Caitlin Clarke

If I were a Hip Young Professional™ living in New York, this would be the spot. The employees were all very warm and highly concerned about the accuracy of the orders that my friend and I made. The atmosphere was cozy. Options were plentiful. What a place! What a day! Cool 'beans.'

Kathy M

The bean is awesome! Also greatly enjoy this location, can usually get a seat and it is nice for a few hours to sit and work.


Very nice place. Nice workers, good cafe, normal prices, late hours for the cafe standards, lots of space and free wifi. However, I do not understand the music issue. While most people are working on their laptops with earphones the music is super loud. It is also bad music gathered randomly from top40 lists of recent years that does not suit the atmosphere of the place. I have read other reviews commenting on these and told the workers so I do not understand why this obvous topic, which is so easy to change, is not resolved. It made me go to other cafes with less space and more expensive cofee just to be able to work chiller, only come here if I want to work late.

Martine Baruch

The coffee isn’t great but the atmosphere is comfortable enough to work in. Skip Starbucks for the Bean


Great place to hangout, study or to get work done. Little expensive compared to a usual coffee place, other than that, this place is great.

Carol Koronec

Have a merry Christmas time. Enjoy the food

Ava Sherick

Good bagel, efficient line but i waited 20 minutes for what was literally the worst smoothie i have ever had. simply inedible.

Joshua Sherick

Bad food, bad coffee, annoying iPads to order on, and slow service. Fine as a place to sit and do work, but would not recommend going here with a primary goal of having coffee or food

Iulia Rusu

I didn’t even know about this place until one of my friends invited me for a coffee there.

Sara B.

Yayyy many of The Bean locations are on the app Food For All! I love using the app to pick up bagels or pastries in the evening. I'll have it for dessert or for breakfast with my coffee. Staff here are really nice, and the cafe smells like roasted coffee.

P N.

there was nobody in line and i stood there at the counter waiting to put in an order while the girl checked her nails and looked up at me then back down at her nails. It could help loads if you acknowledged customers maybe? Been coming for years. I’m finally giving a review because it’s very frustrating.

Melissa H.

$22 for a latte, dirty chai and bagel with cream cheese?!  They were good but I don't think I've ever paid that much ever for a bagel the size of a macaroon!  The bagel took 25 minutes to be toasted with cream cheese!!  WOW!!  I took my niece here for breakfast because it was close but now understand the low ratings - only go here if you are desperately hungry, have an hour to kill and want to spend $9 on a small dirty chai.

inna kats

Delicious food, good music, cozy atmosphere. Service, not very cozy

Katie G.

Terrible customer service. I went in one evening to do some homework and was completely ignored by the girl at the front. I had to tell her I was ready to order since she said nothing to me. There is a sign that mentions a student discount with a valid ID, so I asked if it was for schools other than NYU and received a very snippy, condescending response (with *sassy* tone) "well, ya but only schools in New York so if you don't to school in New York then no." So I promptly showed my ID and she seemed quite irritated and very unpleasant to say the least. I understand that it was late, but this is your job and if you are not a night person then don't take it out on your customers. Then she makes my drink. And it is filled with over an inch of space at the top. I'd understand if it was meant to be like that, but I order an iced latte at every coffee shop I go to and have never received one with that much room. Once I took a sip of it, I was ok with it not being filled all the way since it tasted subpar. The only good thing is the large amount of seating inside. I was able to find a seat with a power outlet next to it for my computer. Safe to say that I will not be returning here since there are many other options of coffee shops nearby.

Haley Lundberg

I don’t recommend using the kiosk system here. I ordered drip coffees from it, and waited the 7 minutes it said it would take, plus 5 more. When I didn’t hear anything, I went up to the counter and checked with the employees behind the counter, who looked at the screen and got my order started only when I asked about it. Overall 2 drip coffees (that weren’t even good) took 15 minutes and $7 out of my pocket.


I have 4 coffee places I could go to on my way to the subway, but I come here everytime. I look forward to the quick in and out, and to see the expert barista, Melanie, who is the bright spot of my morning. New kiosks keep things moving. Always space to chill.

Dara W.

I've stopped by this and another location but have not been able to actually get anything as the employees completely ignored the fact I was there and wanted to order. Also, I was the only one in the store both times and at both locations wanting to order. I'll never even attempt to go to any of the locations again. I'll stick to going to places where they actually want to serve their customers.

Louis Cianni

I have 4 coffee places I could go to on my way to the subway, but I come here everytime. I look forward to the quick in and out, and to see the expert barista, Melanie, who is the bright spot of my morning. New kiosks keep things moving. Always space to chill.

Kayla Tasker

This used to be my favorite coffee shop until they got a kiosk ordering system. They take 30 minutes to make a cup of coffee, proving that the employees are not trained. They text you that your order is ready and then when you come up to take it, it’s not actually ready, which proved they are only trying to beat the clock on the kiosk system and not actually have orders ready for their customers. It’s really disappointing to watch this place go downhill!!!!

Gabby K.

They make great drinks despite being overpriced. The 10% student discount helps! Overall, a great study spot. The atmosphere is great, and they're open late, which is a major plus and the main reason why I am always there. I highly recommend the chocolate mint frozen mona lisa!

Nicole Regan

I go to The Bean most often at their Williamsburg location, but have come here a good amount. Today was the last straw and the fourth time I’ve waited over 30 minutes for a smoothie bowl. When I tried to flag down a staff member, the woman ignored me. After finally getting another’s attention, who worked another area and then had to go get the woman who ignored me, she was rude asked someone else to make it because she forgot. Unbelievable. I’ve given them so many chances and every time am sorely disappointed. I’ll stick to the Williamsburg location where the smoothie bowls are always done right and never take more than a couple minutes.

Emily D.

BAD SERVICE. IT was reallyyyy BADDDDD, took over 20 mins to get a frap drink. There was 4 people behind the counter and I swear they were walking around in circles, NOT making drinks. It's a big place to sit, but expect to wait almost 30 mins for your drink.