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Elena V.

I'm not sure what to say about Veselka that probably hasn't already been said. They are an institution. The place you take your friend new to the city. Or your mom who doesn't know what a pierogi is. Or your date after a night of drinking and wandering. You will not be disappointed with anything you order. My (always) order: potato pierogis, potato pancake, cup of borscht. And vodka, obviously. They have several outdoor tables.

Gajtana S.

Veselka is an institution. You always feel like you're visiting welcoming relatives or old friends. The food is between a 4 or 5 stars. Reasonable prices and big portions make this place a cozy retreat all year round. Plentiful outdoor seating weather permitting.

Mehrin I.

This is the place to get your Pierogi fix in the east village. The Arugula and goat cheese pierogis are fantastic. My friends got the watermelon cocktails and loved them - particularly refreshing during this heat wave. In summary, great food, fun cocktails, good service, and most importantly - appropriate outdoor seating during covid.

Luke D.

Great culture experience! Tasty food, excellent service! Served short ribs pierogi and French toast. Tasty lager beer Good value for the moneyRecommended!

Morlene C.

FRIED LOBSTER PIEROGIES. Need I say more? They're a new addition to their summer menu and lived up to what lobster lovers dream of when they crave a lobster-carb combo. I shared the same wariness many people have when it comes to lobster stuffed food, which is often terrible and made of dubious fillers --looking at you, Trader Joe's lobster ravioli-- but I was so pleasantly surprised by Veselka. Each dumpling was fried to perfection and filled with flavorful, fresh, meaty chunks of lobster. I'm glad I opted for the larger platter of 8 because the appetizer size wouldn't have been enough.Veselka has a long history of being a fixture of the East Village, dating back to the 50's, and pretty much every New Yorker I know speaks fondly of their often late night memories here. I remember trying borscht here for the first time as a high schooler, which was probably my first exposure to Ukrainian food. It was easy enough for me to get a table for outdoor dining on a recent Friday night. Service was great and the food came out pretty quickly. We ordered heaps of different pierogies and blintzes filled with so much ricotta and came with a side of fresh raspberry sauce. Pairing it with their watermelon seltzer was a wonderful way to spend a summer evening.

Vivian C.

---Pre-Covid Review---Came out to the area for some bar-hopping and ended up here for our post-drinking munchies. I am always thankful for a 24-hour spot that actually serves decent food. Especially something beyond your normal diner fare. We came in on a Saturday night and the place was busy but we were seated within 5 minutes. There's a ton of seats and the place was bustling. Service is very friendly and while they weren't hovering around us, we got everything we needed promptly once we caught a passing server.Four our meal we got the following:1) Blintz: Nice light and sweet crepe with apple sauce and sour cream. Love the slightly bouncy bite.2) Latka: A solid latka, nice browning, properly seasoned, served with apple sauce. I would prefer a less watery apple sauce but all in all no complaints. 3) Deep Fried Pierogis: We opted for the pierogies to be deep-fried since my friend and I have only had them boiled. I think I was expecting something almost like gyoza but the texture is almost like a small empanada. it is quite heavy especially since the feelings are already more meat and potato based. They were delicious but I don't think I was quite hungry enough for an entire plate of these.While I can't say Veselka has food that blows me away, Veselka serves delicious bites all hours of the day and does so with great servers at a reasonable pricepoint.

Aris V.

The fried pierogi is just heavenly! We had the Beef Stroganoff which was very comforting and savory. I was really surprised with their fries aswell. The watermelon cocktail was divine. The staff are amazing. Very welcoming and attentive. Always a delight!

Gina Kelly

They charge you $13 for the 66th anniversary bowl which was supposed to come with grilled kielbasa. They didn’t add to the order and they didn’t want to refund me for that. Will never order from them again and they charge $5.00 plus tip.Rip off


They charge you $13 for the 66th anniversary bowl which was supposed to come with grilled kielbasa. They didn’t add to the order and they didn’t want to refund me for that. Will never order from them again and they charge $5.00 plus tip.Rip off

Norma Bell

I had a great experience at this place! The food was authentic and delicious. I ordered pierogis and borscht and it was amazing. I wish there were more pierogis in one portion but I think I was just extra hungry. Highly recommend this restaurant!

Brian Stump

Went here randomly last night and ordered the Meat Plate with a Bronx IPA. Probably the best meal I’ve ever had.

John Thomas Timozek

Great Food!!!! Friendly Service!!

Maxi L.

Passed by this place I don't know how many times and finally ate there!! We got short ribs fried pierogis, boiled potato and cheese pierogis. Stuffed cabbage with meat, veal goulash, fried potato cake (my favorite!), and side of fries. To me the fried short rib pierogis was the best. My friends like the boiled potato and cheese better. The goulash and stuffed cabbage meat reminded me of tuna fish! Color, taste, and texture. Lol I'm convinced it was tuna fish lol. Over all, service was great, food came out quick, outdoor dining was comfortable. I would try something else next time but definitely get those fried potato cakes again and I like it with the apple sauce!


I am very sorry for your experience, we will refund your full amount. Please email me at [email protected]

Dana H.

Fried pierogies - get the BEC! I also enjoyed the potato, spinach/cheese, and meat ones. Also recommend the fried potato pancake with sour cream. Open for outdoor dining! No wait for a table for two. Reasonably priced. Variety of cocktails and beer / wine. Nice service. Only critique is I wish their menus were either disposable or they used a QR code mobile menu during covid.

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