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Ryan H.

An East Village Staple. Everything here is delicious but it's the pierogis that bring me back. Oh... and the fact that it's open 24 hours. Is there such a thing as too many late night pierogi runs?? I don't think so. 3 am on the way back from the bar or wherever, stop here and grab four short rib pierogis. You won't regret it. Great service and even better food. One of my favorite spots.

Ashley K.

First time trying Ukrainian food and had a good experience here. I tried 4 different types of pierogis (the 4 most popular ones). Potato and meat were kind of bland, but I really liked the arugula and cheese and regular cheese one. The cheese wasn't that strong but it reminded of ravioli without sauce. Also had the latke combo plate topped with beef stroganoff. Latke was good but it was soggy since it was covered by the stroganoff. The beef stroganoff was good too but a TAD salty. Lastly I tried the famous blintz. I really enjoyed the texture of the crepe. The cheese inside was very light, reminded me of ricotta. The raspberry jam was delicious and a great complement to the blintz.

Angelica O.

Finally got to eat at the restaurant and it was even better than when I took it to go. My favorites are the Meat Pierogi, Potato and Mushroom, AND SURPRISINGLY the bacon egg and cheese one. Wasn't sure how I'd feel about it but I have to say it was really good. Also tried the short rib, which wasn't bad but I think the meat was packed with more flavor that I enjoyed, the short rib one was a tad sweet too. Potato pancake was what you'd expect, and the Blintzes were honestly REALLY good. It was served with sour cream, honestly wasn't sure if that was a mistake, AND IF IT WAS, it was still bangin' This place is famous for good reason. It dying to try their other menu items

Bri X.

Lived in the neighborhood 15 years ago and use to come a few times a month. I love that it's solo-diner friendly and there are literally elderly residents that have been coming since it's opening. Lot's of young people too. It's not surprising Veselka has done well though COVID, it's a much loved institution. I come back at least once every time I'm in NY.

Val G.

Amazing restaurant for authentic Eastern European food. The potato pancakes were absolutely delicious. The vegetable soup and macaroni & cheese were also very tasty! The environment in the restaurant was lively and fun. There was also great outdoor seating. Would definitely recommend.


I went for service twice the same day- brunch and dinner. This review will encompass both experiences.Brunch:I order the brunch breakfast bowl, and it was truly underwhelming. Their potato filling inside the pierogis lacks flavor, and overall tasted like fried dough. The kielbasa is delicious.Dinner:The boiled pierogis are way better. Avoid any potato filled pierogi isn’t worth your money because they are EXTREMELY bland. I would highly recommend the short rib and mushroom sauerkraut pierogis. The potato salad will be the only reason I ever return here because IT’S DELICIOUS.I usually keep my reviews to just the food, unless their is something to note about their customer service. Unfortunately Veselka could do better with their attentiveness. You will always be seated quickly but the waiters are not as fast. Both the brunch and dinner service had us sitting for staff for about 15 minutes before we were approached, and thats after flagging them down. Additionally the brunch server seemed annoyed when ringing us sorry to inconvenience you for the second time our entire duration there? For dinner service we had two waiters walk pass us twice and we eventually called the manager over and he took our order and waited on us the remainder of the night. Why did we go back after the brunch experience? My friend is loyal to this place and he truly believed dinner would be better. Overall I would probably return on a less busy day to enjoy their potato salad.

Julia P

Food is greatService and outdoor sitting area is bad for restaurant with this level of prices.Food is delicious, I highly recommend to everyone who wants to try Ukrainian food. Prices are high, but staff doesn’t really bother to check on you or help you. Outdoor tables are chipped and very small.

louise doumith

Fantastic choice of Pérogie. Excellent patato pancake .. beet salad out of this world. Well done Veselka. Will be order again.


Veselka is a must. Chill vibes, 24 hour service but don't let that make you think it's just diner. The fair here is some of the best tasting food in the city! Definitely in my top 5 best of Manhattan.


Stopped in for lunch with my wife and a friend. There was a bit of a wait to get in (maybe ten minutes), but wow, was it worth it! Veselka serves Ukranian comfort food, and all of us totally enjoyed our experience there. We all had blintzes and pierogies, and they are to die for. My wife had borscht, which she loved, and I had matzoh ball soup, which was really, really good. The only things I can complain about (but just a little) are that they don't take reservations, and the cup of soup was really small for the price. But the quality and the taste? Magnificent! They have both indoor and outdoor seating, the staff is terrific, and even though I live about 50 miles away I know I will be back.....probably for dinner next time....I really want to try their veal goulash!


We have been here many times since our last review; am reviewing now since they have takeout and outdoor dining within the NYC current rules. We got takeout earlier this week; the short rib pirogues are as good and as grand as they always have been and the Madam Alexander continues to be grand. We called ahead for takeout and it was ready for pickup in about twelve minutes. From previous reviews I recommend: the oatmeal, cheese blintzes with raspberry sauce, the BLT, which is the Aristotelian ideal of a BLT, it is the best ever, thick white bread, toasted just right, with fresh L and T and great bacon - the bacon is so good I even order a side of it with the BLT, and the best pea soup and mushroom barley soup in The Known Universe! Really, they both border on a stew more than a soup. When you go for a meal here take one of each of the soups home with you and give them a try.

Silvia Sebben

Best place in the city for Ukrainian/ Eastern European food. Consistent, great service and huge portions! Can’t recommend enough!

Stephen Monteiro

Veselka was not on our list, but we were too hungry to walk any further. And what an awesome surprise! The pierogies and kielbasa were outstanding. We will definitely be coming back.


Excellent! This is a great place to get some traditional Ukrainian comfort food. Their soups are a must try (my personal favorite is the classic chicken noodle soup- perfect when you're feeling under the weather). I also love their combo meals which give you a good variety for an affordable price. They offer plenty of indoor and outdoor dining to best accommodate your preferences, though the service outside is admittedly a bit slower. Overall, can't recommend enough!

Cindy Bark

Veselka doesn't need my 5 star review but I am giving one because I love them so so much. I've been coming here since 2008 as an NYU student and still come here every weekend for brunch. The manager is always so friendly and the wait staff are all amazing.

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