Yakitori Taisho

5 St Marks Pl #1, New York
(212) 228-5086

Recent Reviews

Vera Cheng

Yakitori Taisho has great food, the price is a bit higher than Oh taisho (next door), but the food here is way better.

Jarone M.

Been eating here for years.. You aren't from New York if you haven't been to Taisho yet. I usually get the quail eggs and the okono, anything bacon wrapped. Mostly skewers. If you get the fried chicken it's very moist. Legit spot to go to with your girl, yourself, or some friends. Nice small spot, very clean, the wait usually isn't too long.

Jason Tam

I've been here plenty of times, food is mediocre but good place to go for a late night snack. I tried paying with a debit card with MasterCard logo on it and they told me they did not accept. When I asked why the obnoxious waiter stated because we don't. Keep your comments to yourself, if you do make one make sure the customer doesn't hear it. Never going back.

Viktor Bek

it is a place that's instant transporting guest to Japan with sounds smells taste and looks, only one side of the place is open on weekdays and both sides on weekends, so don't get discouraged by seeing closed door.

Alex Tavarez

Very nice and filling food to satiate your hunger. The unagi plates are the best.

Ronald Moore Jr

One of my favorite places to eat in NYC. The food is always delicious, quick and, there's two. Their menu is unique in addition to having a lot of variety and, the prices are somehow reasonable. I recommend people try it at least once.

Joji Doi

Cozy place to eat comfort Japanese food. I had unagi tofu don. It was so tasty.

Sparkles V.

Solid no-frills yakitori place. I've been back 3 times and tried other non-yakitori items but found that the yakitori and fried items are ultimately their strength. The chicken thigh yakitori, in particular, is probably one if the best I've had in the city. I also enjoyed their tako yaki. Also, if you get seated in the back room, it looks kinda sketchy (I had my doubts for a moment) and filthy like they haven't cleaned/dusted the room in a long time, but the food was good so it helped me forget the sketchy surroundings for a while... I would probably go back again but ask to be seated at the front of the restaurant!

Angel J.

Great place for skewers and Japanese food. I wish they have a bigger space. I tried their kimchi stir fried udon and it was delicious. It does get pretty packed at night. My friends and I always order their set skewers and share them. The skewers are made in front of you if you are seated by the bar. I wouldn't recommend this place for a large party. They don't have that many big tables.

Jane P.

Yumm such a fun place to go to to get a late night snack in New York City. We ordered the various skewers which were really good. I liked out it came on a bed of crunchy cabbage and dressing. It was the perfect combination for the various meat skewers that we got. I did not like the peppers because they were way to spicy for me. However, they were grilled perfectly. The best part of this meal was the creamy salmon noodles. The noodles were cooked perfectly and had a delicious creamy sauce. The salmon was cooked to perfection too! It was tender and soft and soaked in all the creamy sauce. I would go back for the noodles any day!

Sung Moo C.

I remember this place used to be the spot many many years ago. They must have new ownership or management cuz they suck. Let's start with the service. We arrived right when they opened for dinner service tonight and they informed us that some of our choices they were all out. When we finished the nasty, microwaved meal we saw other dinners eating what they claimed they were out of. My brother in law made a scene and let them know and the other dinners know their service sucked. The food was not good at all and they should have a food inspector pay them a visit cuz some of the horumon was not cooked. For example my sister ordered the assorted yakitori platter and my sister pointed out this white fleshy thing on a stick and she identified it as chicken skin. I corrected her and told her it's probably tripe or chicken uterus cuz it didn't look cooked. I noticed the rest of the yakitori was warm but not all the way through as if they microwaved it or it's been sitting under a heating lamp. I asked them to take it back and warm it up. It did come back in five minutes with some char marks but it was still cold. It's as if they took it to the charcoal grill and held it over the grill for a couple of seconds and sprayed some stimulant on the coals to flair up to give the char. I also ordered the okinomiyaki and it came out within five minutes as well. If you know anything about okinomiyaki, it takes more like 20-30mins to cook properly and from scratch. So it was probably pre made and reheated. It wasn't that good at all. They also have a master yaki sauce that is way too sweet and they use ok everything. My brother in law ordered the unagi tofu stew and guess what it was sweet and salty like their yaki sauce. For the ones who are of Japanese descent and the individuals who enjoy Japanese food, this place is a disgrace. The alcoholic drinks were too sweet and all one dimensional. So it leads me to think they changed owners and the new owners have no respect or care for Japanese cuisine. The service was horrible and ultimately when I was waited for my party to get their things to leave I took the time to passerbyers to avoid this place cuz it's a $h1th0l3. Btw on my drive home I rushed because the uncooked yakitori caused me to get BG. Luckily I didn't have an accident and I am delightfully writing up this review on my throne relieving myself of your overpriced, nasty, too one dimensional, dangerously undercooked slop you sell to the tourists as yakitori. Shame on you. You're lucky I didn't take pics of your slop and put it on this review.

Tim D.

I walked by this place probably like 3 times before I actually found it because I'm not used to NYC restaurants where some of them are like below the ground in order to enter lol. This place was a good sized, cozy Japanese yakitori place that served homemade-tasting, affordable, and delicious food. I got the grilled squid (love the sauce, squid cooked perfectly), Okonomiyaki (dough felt a little undercooked and best to share with 2-3 people imo), chicken liver kurozu ankake (I love liver, sauce tastes amazing with liver), and corn butter (a little too much butter for my liking).

Isabelle L.

We stopped by this place and came here all the from mid town as there was crazily crowded over holidays. Now I learned my lesson. For New Yorkers, you don't stay at mid town and dine... I came by this place before and I never really paid attention to it. Andrew somehow knew this place for its bbq and I'm not really into carbs so we ended up in this place, at 6:30pm on Dec 26th. Wait time zero and when we sat down, there were 6 more pairs of open seats next to us. Pretty good on a holi-day. Let's first talk about food. Set B: shrimp is probably the best skewer! They are fresh as can be told by the tender meat, and it's at exactly the right moisture, not too dry to make you feel over smoked and not too damp to be super greasy. Beef balls are amazing on its own. Chicken skewer is fine, but you certainly need soy sauce or pepper to add some flavor to it. I'm not a beef person and if you put a whole steak in front of me I don't really know where to start, and therefore no comment on beef skewer. Andrew finishes the two and so that says something. Pork feet: so far I've only seen pork feet in two places: Japanese and Chinese restaurants. So if you are a pork feet lover this is definitely a place that offers it. I'd give a 3 star rating to this dish: 2 star to the way they cook it and 4 star on the sweet and sour sauce coming with it. The pork feet themselves are a little bit dry. This might be a result of the grilling technique anyways and maybe I just like braised or stewed or steamed better in this case so when you have the collagen, it's in its delicate succulent form. At this time it was a little crusty I'd say. But the sauce is OMG zesty. Eel and tofu: if you want to stay away from carbs for your entire meal, I think I found such dish for you. This one comes with three layers: a top layer of grilled eel, a bottom layer of tofu, and eggs coming around it. This is probably the most healthy dish I've ever seen, and pretty alkaline as well if you are into that non acidic diet. Its taste? Well it's kind of hard to make a healthy dish super velvety and let's leave it like that. It's ok but nothing outstanding about anything in this dish. Asparagus: I'd give a five star to this one. Everything is so hearty and fresh! The sauce has a somewhat caviar texture in it. We were so full after these four dishes. All are small but the quantity will pile up. Before I conclude, let's talk about the 3 star atmosphere. This is completely a casual dining place. It's such a small places and when you come in, pretty much you are occupied by plenty of winter jackets hanging on the wall. Sometimes when you sit down, you are sitting right next to a pile of clothes and bags, or next under them... I don't think it's an ideal place if you have anything with you other than a tiny purse. So not a good choice when you have holiday shopping bags. But you know what, sometimes it's just nice to sit down and have a drink with your friends in this extremely casual and a vivid place, just for fun. For the money you pay, you get more out of it.

Su C.

This is where everyone used to go in E. Village, especially for college students. It was the meeting place for everyone due to reasonable price and great food. This tiny run down underground looking japanese bar still gets me reminiscing the old days. Since this bar was so popular, the st. Marks grew to become more popular and similar yakitori shops opened in E. Village. Now it's not like it used to be before as it's not too cheap anymore due to rents and e. Village is not as popular. I decided to check the place out for the first time in ages. The menu items tend to be the same with a few additions here and there. But it was so much more expensive than before and food isn't what it used to be. Okonomiyaki was extremely disappointing with like 2 shrimps and 2 squid.. and it was just a block of flour with some sauces on top. I think they have to put a little bit more seafood than that... maybe their food quality was never that great but I enjoyed them before due to cheap price. But it's not that cheap anymore both for food and drinks. Nowadays there are a lot more better options so they need to put more efforts into food to be competitive.

Elisabeth C.

Wandering around St marks on a Friday night and absolutely everything was a long wait. Decided to give this place a try since there wasn't a long line. It's super small inside and was pretty much seated very uncomfortably. I had the classic pork ramen and the Set B Yakitori. Ramen was alright, the only thing I liked about the set B was the pork sausage. Everything else was pretty bland. The chicken was still raw inside. The shell wouldn't come off the shrimp. The way they stored the meats also did not seem very sanitary. Don't think I would come back for yakitori, but maybe to try something else.

Pableaux Gelston

Spicy noodle bowl and whole squid very warming on a cold night. Delish.

Ciara M.

After a show, we went to this place for a grub. I was already on a good one (from alcohol) at the time so I can not seem to recall our actual order. I just remembered that one of us ordered ramen and he seemed to enjoy it. This place was quite tight but the food was delicious! I am a big fan of yakitori especially if it involves pork belly on a skewer. There were other things like squid balls or fish balls as well, meats like beef, and other veggies. I enjoyed them all. I will definitely come back (sober). The service was nice and they were pleasant. Parking can be quite tough.

Mariani Kino

Food was wonderful and tasty up until the skewers. Those were dry and lukewarm, very chewy. I’d come back for the rest of the menu though!

Shaquille John-Foster

I'm a big Ramen fan so I would say they have some good classic ramen. I like spice so I'd recommend spicy all the way but their menu also has other great options. I do stress that you should walk with cash though.

Sofia Gv

I’ve been coming here for over 10 years and the food is consistently good. Highly recommend the chicken hearts!

Michael Gold

Terrible service. What happened to the jap servers?


The food is authentic Japanese home cooking. A little pricey but you get what you pay for. A staple of the neighborhood.

Alex Trendler

I love Yakitori. There are fine dining Yakitori restaurants, but this isn’t one. This is fast, casual, delicious protein on sticks with giant glasses of beer and bowls of hot noodles. Holy smokes man, just thinking about this place makes me want to get in a cab and eat a giant set of skewers.

andrew carlson

This place was great! Cheap and Delicious!

Marilyn Le

Good food, decent prices but smaller portions I’d say. Service very slow.

Christy Y.

Came here on a Friday night. I was really surprised they sat us down the second we went in. Really good service! Super friendly staffs! The interior is pretty small so everyone is cramped together. They have a huge variety of options on the menu. I ordered the corn with bacon, set C and the regular classic ramen. I love the corn with bacon!! I love the sauce they used with the dish. The set C was okay. Set C included two mushroom, two scallions, peppers two squid and two shrimp. I really enjoyed the flavoring of the skewers. The ramen was decent. There was a really strong ginger taste in the ramen though.

Eugene V.

Yakitori Taisho was our choice of food after a night heavy handed bartenders at the Players Club during an event to support a friend's performing arts fundraiser. We had skewers, rice balls, eggs, ramen, meats, veggiess and more. Every flavor was enhanced because it was late and we were less then sober. The seating and space in general is rather tight. I'm 6'2" and i spanned 1.5 stools so that may be an issue for us big folk. However this is all to be expected in most spots alomg St Marks.

Jenny L.

My friend and I had a sudden craving of yakitori last night and decided to go back to yakitori taisho. Not sure if it's because of the alcohol first time around and the food tasted so much better or their food quality has gone down in the past couple of years. But the yakitori didn't taste as good as before, their wings still have a little blood in and some of them are either too salty or kinda bland. The only thing I really like was the grilled squid, it was tender and juicy. Rock shrink not too bad either but wished they use Bette shrimp. The stir fried soba was salty and the pork belly was tough.

Lachlan D.

Freaking incredible ramen! Went early this week with a friend and had some yakitori skewers and a ramen each. Cheap, cheerful and delicious. Great service.

Alexander Vershinin

Food is fine. Liked coming here. Until today. Waitress made a comment about my tip that it wasn’t enough. Woman, I do not pay your salary, your boss does. Very disrespectful for a Japanese restaurant. Needless to say - last time I visit this establishment

Pete H

I love this place. I try to get here each time I visit NYC. I have found no where else in the United States that comes close to providing such an authentic Japanese Pub/Itzakaya feel.

Ken S.

I’ve been coming here for over 20-something years and even though my visits are less frequent nowadays, as I live in Japan now, this place is one of the few places where you can get some decent, Japanese bar food along with beers to wash it all down. The service has always been top notch, and any visit here is always a fun time. A flight to Japan isn’t cheap, but as far as I’m concerned you can inexpensively enjoy one of the best aspects of Japan, the izakaya, here at Yakitori Taisho.

Barney Charles

Chill spot in the East Village that looks to provide an authentic Japanese experience. Unfortunately the food wasn't memorable for the right reasons. The Japanese fried chicken was very undercooked. Chicken liver and bacon wrapped scallops were the best things I ordered.

Barney C.

Chill spot in the East Village that looks to provide an authentic Japanese experience. Unfortunately the food wasn't memorable for the right reasons. The Japanese fried chicken was very undercooked. Chicken liver and bacon wrapped scallops were the best things I ordered.

LuvTo E.

Food is tasty, service ok, tight sitting which is all about being in a big city like New York.

Jeanette N.

Came here around 11:30 at night after ezoo. It was very busy despite it being very late at night. I ordered the spicy ramen and it was okay, but lacked a lot of extra stuff like fish balls or seaweed. It only had three slices of pork in it. For ramen in a simple broth, it was not worth $13.

Shu Fen H.

I went here with my friend Ms. Su. As I mentioned in other reviews, she is a person who's difficult to please. However, after trying out the shrimp tempura udon, she smiled and nodded her head, which she barely does. She even allowed her daughter to have some cocktail, which has never happened before although her daughter has already turned 21. I've had a beautiful summer night, and so does Ms. Su.

Shako Liu

This place is super disrespectful to customers! I came with a friend who had to answer a call at the door. So I went in and told the lady so, she told me to get a table inside while my friend finished the call outside. As I was waiting and no one attended my table till I asked, the waiter said I couldn't eat here without my friend sitting in. I told the waiter she was standing literally at the door finishing a call and the lady at the door told me to come in. And the woman came to me and flipped her words and told me to leave. Even though my friend was just standing outside finishing a call and I could have started ordering! They didn't listen, didn't clarify, didn't ask and just told me to leave while I already sat down and wanted to order! This place has no respect for customers and I will never come back! I can't wait to cheer for the day they shut down! Oh, and I was a customer in the past. It was my fourth or fifth visit! See you never!

acar acarentz

I love it! Authentic. Staff here speak Japanese!!! A lot of places are Chinese or sometimes Korean. And the food is really what I would have in Japan. Definitely recommend!

Valentin Dorigny

Nice yakitory. Not really the charcoal taste that we expected, but everything was well seasoned.