86 Main St, Nyack
(845) 535-9888

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V. Chakra

Excellent. Love the ambiance and the food is so fresh and delicious. One of my favorite spots!

Amy Cazes

Great gluten free and healthy options!

Yi Gu

Fajita is good but kinda salty for me. Overall good experience.

Dana Swann

healthy, tasty food in a cool cozy restaurant. very nyack

Jhanna V.

I called in my order because I was on my way to work and when I arrived to pick up my order the cashier was kind to me, but once I got back to the car and tasted my beverage, there was salt and pepper in it instead of cayenne pepper like I had asked for. Mind you, the woman I spoke to on the phone repeated my order back to me. When I went back inside highly disappointed because I'm rushing to work, instead of the people in the back kitchen re-making the juice, the cashier went and made the juice for me. Able to see the people in the back kitchen looking through the window I said, "why would you put salt and pepper in a juice," my tone, rather neutral. When the cashier gave me the juice that she made she goes, "just so you know that's not how you speak to my coworkers" and I said to her, "have a nice day, " but Bari, you are wrong. I didn't ask for my money back but when you make a mistake and a customer responds to the mistake that you made, the customer is in the right, and after buying drinks there five times and dealing with inconsistency, one person is willing to blend garlic into my drink, the next person is telling me I have to use a garlic purée, you know, I'm just trying to fight my cold, I've been a juicer myself and it's very disheartening to feel the need to right a negative review for change to occur. Despite how beautiful this Bari establishment is unfortunately you've lost my business, so one star is it and to all who get their juice from there I wish you the best

Emily U.

I love everything about this place! The interior is really chic and earthy. The staff is pleasant and I've never had any issues. The falafel pita/bowl and the blue banana smoothie are my favorite. My only complaint would be the price of the smoothies. I understand they use quality organic ingredients BUT $10 for a small cup is a little unreasonable.

Rafael Ramos

Timely response, accurate orders and service with a smile.

Rhonda Florio

Best oatmeal and granola. Love the Falafel.

Sienna D.

This was my first time here and it is super yummy & refreshing! I got the blue banana smoothie ! Can't wait to try the others

Mina Bluth

I was outside the restaurant last week and a man (with a mask on) was sitting at the bench in the front. He was waiting (without bothering anyone before and during) for a man who offered to buy him some food a few doors down. He couldn’t afford a meal. The waitress came out and told him to move- that it was for customers only. It was a bench, not a table. I was so discussed- by her attitude. There is no sign outside saying “for customers only.” You totally lost my business and respect especially in this difficult time for those who are out of work. What makes you so superior?

Jada Knight

Vibe and food here are amazing! Nothing bad on the menu, would love to come back and try it all!

Mark Gillman

Bari is great - I especially love their smoothie bowls and fresh juicesThank you to Bari employees and owners for helping keep your customers healthy

Denise Tanksley

As someone with a gluten allergy it is wonderful to be able to pop into a place and be able to eat and grab a drink without worrying. Healthy food and drinks too. The food is amazing. Highly recommend the pizza with everything on it.

Deborah Bradley-Kramer

We loved this place! Super friendly and delicious vegan food!

Katie Stoeckeler

The best bowls and falafels around! Grateful that they have so many gfree options. Everyone here is always so friendly and kind. Local gem :)

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