2 N Broadway, Nyack
(845) 535-3143

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Carrie Corso

HORRIBLE..I put 1 star to be nice. I took my best friend for her birthday and it was a the first half hour we go shhhh'd and we were whispering. When i called to make the reservation i said it was her bday amd the guy said ok at intermission we can bring out a piece of cake a sing i said perfect then we get there i spoke with the lead band member he said ok then 20 min into there set the waitress brings out the cake with an unlit candle and we weren't allowed to sing WE GOT UP AND LEFT..HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

David Katzenberg

Great evening of music and fun.

Christian Del Carpio

Great show every last Wednesday of the monthAll that Drag

Dean Dawg

Excellent cozy venue for high quality live music.

Tim Horner

Incredible listening room, always an awesome staff and the owners Brianne and David are just amazing !!! They consistently bring the best creative music and talent to Nyack. How lucky is Nyack ? I have the luxury and great fortune of playing there often and it's always a highlight of my life when I do !!! I love Maureen's Jazz Cellar ? Let's just call it home ?❤️?

Ashley Letteri

Very intimate space with soft lighting. There's a nice drink menu and a pretty good food menu as well. There are not too many tables, but that makes it better since you can watch the band uninterrupted and don't have to strain to see or hear. Would love to go back.

Yahira Festa

Amazing music and entertainment. Yummy drinks and good food!

Brenda Fair Alexander

This is a great spot to listen, share, and support artists (musicians, singers, and spoken words)!

Evan Keen

The jazz was VERY good. But the hummus. THE HUMMUS. The hummus was top notch.

charlotte luster

Went for the jazz, stayed for the hummus. Just kidding, the jazz was also good.

Caryn Starr-Gates

I love it here: there's always great music, good food and it's a wonderful space as a listening room.

Holly Golightly

Great music and food. Great owners, staff and vibe!

Pam K.

I lived in Rockland County for over 20+ years and left prior to Maureen's Jazz Cellar ever existing! I have recently visited the county and was invited by friends to attend open-mic night! I would have never imagined anything this spectacular in the county. The talent that I saw perform on the two occasions I attended was the real deal. The place oozes with talent - from the piano, drums, bass, guitars, harp, harmonica and more! This is a haven for those looking for a Jazz scene and more! I am sad this is no longer my home - as I will not be able to frequent it regularly! Thank you all for sharing your unbelievable talents. This is a true GEM and a must visit for great music and classy folk!

Nicole Thompson

This place is the best. A different experience every time. I love Tuesday Open-Mic. I thought it was jazz only, but they welcome spoken word, comedy, non-jazz, etc. The staff is so great, invested in the place, the music, the crowd. Thursday nights are Greatful Dead covers. An occasional Wednesday night is lesbian night every few weeks. Fri-sat-sun Jazz. Just the best gathering place around, and I drive an hour to get there. Check it out!

sam wedelich

Great room, kind staff, incredible musical experiences. A local gem.

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