The Sandwich Warehouse

601 Canton St, Ogdensburg
(315) 713-4051

Recent Reviews

real dreams videos guys

This place is awesome, simple menu with wonderful choices and these sandwiches require both hands, very filling. Definitely will make this place a regular spot on my dining out.

Erik Robinson

Hidden gem for great meals.

James Reagen

The Sandwich Warehouse is a great place for an outstanding sandwich. I enjoy their original menu and terrific service.

Tyler Fuller

Very friendly great Reuben, My daughter ordered a Salami Sandwich she also loved it! Will be back for sure. Oh the cookies were great as well!

Jeff Carvalho

Got the Ruben sandwich. Half size was plenty. My son got the half sized grilled cheese. Both were excellent, but as the other reviews online state, a little pricey. This place is a little hidden but definitely worth the effort to find. Keeping this place on my list for a great sandwich.

Duane Shelato

Great food great people. Eat in or take out.

Crystal Reynolds

Split a sandwich with my husband and it was more than enough for the both of us. It was clean with friendly workers and a cute atmosphere with its old timey decor. Will visit again.

Kevin Whitney

Got the best Rueben in town for me and the wife. Will be back.

Matt Dailey

Always great food. Always enough to get two meals, too.

J Ab

Fair prices and a good simple meal. I was pleasantly surprised to have grilled onions in the roast beef sandwich.

Debbie Flack

Their reuben is my husband's favorite, and he is picky. The meat is always lean and tender, with premium breads. My favorite is the Fort la Presentation.

Rae Bowen

Not the best sandwich I have ever eaten. And at 8.75 for a sandwich you'd think it would be good. I bought the Fort LaPresentation. It was swimming in mayo, had no cranberry flavor at all, half the sandwich had all of the turkey while the other had none. The thinnest slice of cheese I have ever seen. And last but not least somehow despite all of that mayo the bread tasted dry and hard. I think I'll stick with subway.

Jeffrey Stevens

Average, flavorless, skimpy, dry sandwiches. Gave it a shot, very disappointing. Rather hit mcds before a second visit. Not worth 8.50 a sandwich

Jim Jones

Very clean, good experience.

patti spilman

Excellent lunch, fabulous selection of desserts, owner is so friendly. Will absolutely be back.

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