TWK Community Market

485 Piermont Ave, Piermont
(845) 792-3254

Recent Reviews

Brian Gersten

Great food and super people. I would highly recommend. Try the Piermont Pig……..oh boy.

Nathan Schreier

Very nicegreay service and great food

Tyler Browne

One of my favorite restaurants in the area due to the friendly staff, relaxed and comfy atmosphere and most importantly, the delicious food! Great place for a casual date or an easy going dinner. Love the pastas, salads and sandwiches. The duck burger was something I’ve never had before! Definitely going to continue experiencing TWK Market!

Laurie C.

RUDE and BOSSY. Took a drive from Hoboken and enjoyed a lovely day in Piermont....our lunch experience at TWK was the WORST part of our day. Just stay away from this place! We come in after lunch rush...only one table full of diners, that's it. There is a round window table empty and many other tables empty back by the dark bar. We ask for the window and are refused bc they say it seats more people (looked the same size round top as the dark one we were seated at). We are 3 people and what the window table seats 5...if it actually is bigger? So we are now seated in the dark restaurant after asking twice for the window. As soon as we sat down I instantly regretted it and I do wish we just got up to leave immediately. There was food on the chair next to me and on the floor by my feet. Gross. The 3 salads we ordered took a long time and two came out missing a main ingredient. Food was tasty though, that's for sure. Why wouldn't you want patrons at the window table showing people are actually eating at your place? The way we were dismissed about sitting there was uncalled for. So, owners... now you have it, dismayed customers and a bad should have sat us in the window. And by the way, no one else came to eat at that lovely window table sat empty the whole time. I can count on one hand the times I've tipped less than 20%....this is certainly one.

Teri S.

HEALTH SCORE OF A 61 (6 violations)... need I say more?But I will... I don't even know where to start. Stopped in with my nieces and nephews for a mid day snack. This place was 1) filthy 2) not sure who the manager or owner is but to use the words "rude" and "unprofessional" would be an understatement. We got the sense that maybe they only are nice to locals and not out of town visitors. I don't know for sure but when I spoke to another family member who lives near Piermont, they shared the same experience. Thankfully, we were given a few alternative suggestions for the next time we visit Piermont. Eat here at your own risk. Will not ever return to this "market" but will return to Piermont.

Beth D.

Love this place. The food, decor and staff are all excellent. On two occasions had the grilled Octopus Salad and it both times equally as good! First time sat outside - and enjoyed people watching. 2nd time sat inside at the newly added bar and the atmosphere was rustic, warm and friendly. Dorothy and Andrea and rest of the staff were very attentive and accommodating. We will definitely be back.

Sebrina Alonzo

I've recently had a delicious sandwich from there and was pleasantly surprised to see they turned the rightside of the market into a bar. With the addition of small tables, it is definitely worth a stop in for a bite to eat and a cocktail ?

Satish Umapathy

Was disappointed with the customer service. Paid $6.50 for 2 small bottles of water and a gatorade and asked if I could use the restroom. The person at the counter said restrooms are for dine-in customers only and later changed her mind and let me use it. I though it was rude to say that to a paying customer. This doesnt look like a dine-in restaurant and its called the "community market". I saw she was rude to another customer who sat at a table and he just walked out. I didnt get a good vibe overall. Wish they were more courteous to the customers. Will not be going back.

Dominick Antonelli

Awesome place ! Feels great and very nice people

Michael M.

The Market has become our new favorite restaurant. We have never been disappointed. The fare and service is excellent. It is the hidden gem of Piermont

Ricky R.

The older woman who wears glasses that waited our table last Sunday is extremely rude. The way I heard her speak to customers was terrible. People actually left because of her attitude. She should be ashamed.

Dora Torres

great food

Joe Stroessner

Heather was an amazing bartender! She really mixes a great drink. The atmosphere makes you feel welcomed. And the food was absolutely amazing. The pizza rivals the best places in the city. It tasted so fresh and they make everything from the dough to even the cheese themselves. It’s worth the stop and one of th best places to eat in Piermont

Caroline Silver

I have yet to have anything at the Market that I wasn't absolutely thrilled with. Everything is fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly.

Diana Field

Best pizza in Rockland! Love this gem!

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