Mazagan Restaurant

506 Piermont Ave, Piermont
(845) 580-3600

Recent Reviews

Carmine M.

What a welcomed newcomer! Thee are several wonderful restaurants in Piermont and a lot of mediocre places. This could be the most authentic food in town. Owned by a woman with a dream of delivering home made recipes of her mother's from the the town of this name in Morocco. The staff could not be more pleasant and relaxed. I do wish they had a liquor license, otherwise all else here was exceptional We started with a spicy shrimp marshoula dish which was hearty and delicious and I look forward to ordering it on a cool autumn afternoon Next we had a Mazagan sampler. A combo of three different cold appetizers perfect for dipping before your main. We ventured into a less typical main dish. The lamb sausage A beautiful and rich sausage milder than expected but truly unique in its taste. The owner offered the most incredible dessert a concoction of ricotta cheese covered with toasted coconut which became quickly my favorite new dessert This place will only be busier as more people discover it. Well deserved. The food, the service is obviously based on love.

Shiny John

Excellent food!! We found this restaurant recently and loved everything we've eaten here. Great ambiance and great food!

Rich Tozzoli

As Rockland foodies we have been there a number of times. Truly it's just like you got a home cooked meal from Morocco. Our favorites are the Lamb Chops and the Traditional Chicken Tagine. Omg the hummus !

Anu Sachdeva

Delicious delicious delicious! Even after the waiting around for a table in a not full restaurant and a bus boy who was just learning…we are glad to have waited. Everything we ordered wassimply delicious! the restaurant is 5 months old and the owner is sweet and caring to a fault. I hope this place survives because the food was just omg

Joel M.

Came here with family and enjoyed our experience here. The family that runs the restaurant is very personable and they can explain everything if you aren't aware of Moroccan dishes. The food we had were all amazing. Currently the restaurant is byob. Not sure if that'll change in the future. I highly recommend their desserts and end the meal with peppermint tea.

Jamie M.

The food was spectacular. They are very short staffed so be patient. It's byob so while everything got situated, was able to enjoy a glass of wine. View was lovely, weather perfect for outdoor seating. Looking forward to returning another night.

Jo A.

This was our 2nd time trying a restaurant in Piermont. Let me tell you, the food at Mazagan was delicious!!! Everything was super tasty! This was the best Mediterranean meal we've had. My family and I will definitely be returning! The owner/chef was also lovely.

Ceren Y.

Food here is incredibly delicious and we'll be visiting often. We tried the kofta tagine, Mazagan sampler and couscous w/raisin&almonds and they were all amazing. strongly recommended!

Jonathan Mandel

Great food, service and ambiance. Highly recommend. Kids friendly.

Sherry F.

Let me say at the outset that the food was tasty and atmosphere comfortable and welcoming. But, we had a major problem communicating with the waiter/owner about what we ordered. We thought we had ordered a $12 dish, which I pointed to on the menu and asked, "Is this vegan?" He answered, "Yes, vegetarian." So I ordered that dish. I had never been there before so I had no way of knowing that the dish he brought was not the $12 dish I thought I ordered, but a $28 dish I had no intention of ordering. I didn't discover the error until I got the bill. I couldn't seem to get through to the fellow why I was upset. They also added at 20% gratuity without asking or advising us. There is no note about this practice on their menu. The item was marked "large group gratuity" even though we were a party of 2. That is not standard practice in this area. The food was good but since I don't know if these problems were the result of deliberately unethical behavior or just mistakes, I wouldn't go back.

Gerald S.

Very tasty food. Excellent service in a family setting. Great atmosphere. BYOB. Excellent espresso.

Toni-Marie Siltz

A group of us came here tonight for dinner and we were blown away! Everything was DELICIOUS! The chef/owner is such a lovely person, very friendly staff. Super attentive! Our food was incredible, it was nice to try something different! Also a plus, BYOB!

Toni Marie S.

A group of us came here tonight for dinner and we were blown away! Everything was DELICIOUS! The chef/owner is such a lovely person, very friendly staff. Super attentive! Our food was incredible, it was nice to try something different! Also a plus, BYOB!

Shekina Chalmers

Hanan is the owner and Chef. She has an amazing warm spirit. She will make you feel as if you are eating in her home and that you are family. The staff does a wonderful job of tending to customers and the restaurant is small and quaint. This is one establishment you want to see thrive so please stop by to support this new addition to the community! I had an amazing time here this past weekend and will be back.

Jessa K.

Authentic and delicious Morroccan dishes at this new restaurant. The chef/owner is very welcoming and her passion for everything from tangines and pastilla to baklava shows in every bite. This is the only Morroccan restaurant in this region of the Hudson River, and worth the drive from NJ or Westchester. The place is small, so once the word gets out, make sure to have reservations in advance.

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