Piermont Creamery

530 Piermont Ave, Piermont
(845) 398-9000

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Linda O.

I am sorry Bergen County is closing December 31, 2021 I am not in Rockleigh,NJ area no more I am in a New Nursing Home Woodcliff Lake Nursing Home This is where I live now

Mel Y.

Creamy ice cream with somewhat limited selection Not sure if the ice cream is homemade but hope so! They don't have very varied flavors (the usual suspects) but the honey ginger and matcha green tea were great options. With covid, they allow one party in at a time but luckily we got there with only 2 people ahead of us. Get a scoop or two and stroll along the boardwalk to get some steps in and enjoy the view. Their website isn't live anymore and their Facebook page isn't updated either, which is a bummer.

Thomas Davidson

Good ice cream and good selection of flavors. We get ice cream here and go sit out by the Hudson and enjoy the view.

Ayesha Higgenbotham

The ice cream is amazing! And the staff is very friendly and so kind to my alzhiemer client who I bring to get ice cream everyday. ?

Jessica Odenthal

Great little shop with homemade ice cream. Had a cup of the canoli chocolate chip - delicious ?!!

Pete English

I love this place and the owner rules I'm an exterminator and I'm very picky about where I eat this place has great ice cream and other sweet delights super clean and like I said the owner is sweet ? no pun intended.

Edward K.

Pros: It's absolutely delicious and minutes from my house. Cons: It's absolutely delicious and minutes from my house. (For my waist line) I told my younger daughter that we could go anywhere in a half hour radius for dessert tonight. I spent the next half hour on Yelp seeing if I'd missed any amazing spots. My daughter came out of her room and recommended a bike ride to Piermont Creamery. I gladly agreed as I've been meaning to try it. It's a nice and modern shop, cute and small but not claustrophobic. There was a steady stream of customers but the service was quick and polite. My daughter got a single scoop cookies and cream and I went with a triple scoop "medium". The scoop sizes are generous. I selected sea salt caramel, cannoli chocolate chip, and rum raisin. The fact that they make their own ice cream became readily apparent upon my first bite. Super high quality, rich and creamy, the flavors are pronounced. As we were sitting there, my older daughter walked up with her group of friends. That's the type of thing that happens when there's a delicious ice cream shop minutes from home I guess. Very glad I tried it. I'll be back!

Maria M.

What a find!! My family was in the area and on the hunt for some ice cream and what a delicious find this outing turned out to be.... We ordered the Black raspberry, vanilla, strawberry and the Strong coffee ice cream b/t the 4 of us and the ice cream were creamy and really gooooood! The strong coffee ice cream I ordered really tasted like a strong cup of coffee, not watered down coffee. The vanilla ice as like tasting pure vanilla bean cream and the raspberry and strawberry ice creams were infused with so much fruity goodness and cream. Absolutely a 5 star experience!!!

Lillian Chase



Honey. Fresh. Ginger. Amazing ice cream! Our two pups loved the little cups of whipped cream as well


Was very pleasantly surprised by how delicious the icecream is. I often go by and see long lines. On this day, there was no wait ( during week). I got a small, but was able to get 2 different flavors. I will definitely be back.

Emily J

The ice cream was amazing!! I got the black raspberry and it was so good, wasn't too sweet, I would totally go back

Atticus Crowe

This place rocks. Caught them a year-and-a-half ago when they opened. Best ice cream parlor in Rockland or Bergen. Wife loves the Cookie Dough and it is top-of-the-list. Second to the Chocolate!

Roshan Rana

It's what I e cream should taste like! This is the real deal... Homemade quality icecrem and a welcome break when riding our bikes through the area :)

michael armetta

I had the butter pecan ? it was delicious! All their ice cream is home made!

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