Piermont Creamery

530 Piermont Ave, Piermont
(845) 398-9000

Recent Reviews

Pamela Y.

Had gotten the chocolate ice cream for my son who didn't each much and when I tried it after he was done it was clearly coffee ice cream. When I brought it to the attention of the server she said "some people say our chocolate tastes like coffee". Really, I know what chocolate tastes like and there was none of it in there and just tasted like coffee. Look forward to a sleepless night ahead.

Amy S.

Simply delicious. The ingredients make all the difference. Proud to support a local business that believes in non toxic ingredients

Lisa Konopko

Love the Strong Coffee and fresh strawberry!

Katie Stoeckeler

The. Best. Ice. Cream. Around!!!! The staff is kind, knowledgeable + diligent with covid protocols. Highly recommend!!!

Dani Harrold

Piermont Creamery is the go to in Rockland County NY for premium ice cream made on the premises.Now summer is on its way & Covid easing. to a more normal Piermont environment the Creamery has opened hours !Delicious favors of ice cream at-a good price it’s well frequented !My favorite flavors at this time are the coffee & butter pecan .Come & try?

Tom S.

I don't think I can say enough about this place. By far the best ice cream in the county. I was there for the 1st time yesterday and was totally taken by surprise with how good this place is. I had the Sea salt caramel w/ chic truffles, my wife had a mix of Chocolate and Canoli Chic chip. All three flavors were extremely delicious. The person serving was very friendly, helpful and efficient. We will definitely be going back again real soon.

Kelly Struble

Amazing. Had simple, straightforward chocolate and I think it’s the best ice cream I ever had. We live 45 minutes away but will make the trip again just for this ice cream. Others in the group had cannoli chip, mint chip and butter pecan and two thumbs up on their flavors also. Go!

Michelle S.

Delicious matcha ice cream!! I've been craving matcha ice cream and did not expect to find some here, let alone such delicious ice cream! The girls who worked the counter were also very friendly. The shop is tiny so they only allow one party inside at a time. Expect a line out the door.

Robert Larson, LPN, JD

Really and truly wonderful ice cream. The chocolate is GREAT!!

Francesco A.

Excellent creamy ice cream. I read other reviews that say it doesn't have enough flavors but that's likely because it's REAL flavors and not artificial crap.

Margaret R.

Small shop, delicious ice cream, generous portions. We liked the mint chip, the strong coffee, and the sea salt caramel with chocolate truffle. Hardest thing about coming here is finding a place to park on a busy Sunday. But worth trying.

Becky Mercer Bavli

Can’t get enough of the real mint chip ice cream!

AnnMarie Allarey Quimbo

Delicious honey ginger, matcha green tea and salted caramel with chocolate truffel!!

Joan K

The Piermont Creamery is an ice-cream shop with homemade ice-cream. There are about 10 different flavors of ice cream flavors from which to choose. I chose mint chocolate chip. I think that there was a super subtle hint of mint. The ice cream was white, but I don't think that it was quite straight vanilla, nor did it give that refreshing mint taste, but, on the flip side, nor did it taste like one was eating toothpaste, so that was good. The chips were dark chocolate, and were good. I tasted my son's vanilla bean ice cream, after it had been in our home freezer for over a week, and to my pleasant surprise, it hadn't lost it's fresh-out-of-the-shop consistency. My daughter loves this place, and brought us here, but I didn't think that it was special-enough to rush back to, although it was very clean inside and had a wall of glass.

Kayla B.

The first time I came I had to wait in line as soon as it opened because it's just that good! The ice cream is creamy and tasty and everything you could ever hope for. Please do yourself a favor and try their seal salt caramel with chocolate truffle! Definitely a popular spot, and one at a time rule during COVID is awesome - they try to get you in and out as fast as possible while still delivering the best service.

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