Stocious Sports Pub

180 Margaret St, Plattsburgh
(518) 566-4335

Recent Reviews

Paul Sweet

A nice one to hang out in

Nicholas Newgarden

People singing school-shooting songs at karaoke one day after the Uvalde massacre? Gross. Not my cup of tea.

Tom McLauren

Friendly bartender and a hilarious clientele. Usually stop in for the first round of the night when out on the town. Thanks see you soon!!!!!

Carolyn Fox

Stocious our favorite hangout.We have lots of good times there!?

Burton Rockwell

Awesome atmosphere, great staff, and I had a great time.

Sasha Eagle

Fun vibe, great drinks, friendly patrons! Great place to sit back and relax.

Joe Blink

Good atmosphere service lacking

Terri Baughn

Best bar around

Jennifer Fuller

Small town bar with good drinks and a nice jukebox. Beth (bartender) was delightful to visit with. Not a boisterous spot but a good time ?

James Moore

Food was ok. The staff had great attitudes. Which is why I would returm

Joseph Schwenk

There are 2 hot chick owners!

Thought Thots

Great bar great drinks great atmosphere great bartender well lit

Lyndsey Tolman

What a fun place!

Christopher Colon

Great atmosphere, good selection and nice, courteous employees...AND...The Cleanest Restrooms of ANY PUB!! 5 STARS!!

Donald Decker

Very good place for get togethers

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