674 Port Washington Blvd, Port Washington
(516) 883-7174

Recent Reviews

Bentlee Huerta

This restaurant is definitely one of the most attractive restaurants in the area. Every time I come there I am profoundly happy. They hold their high level service and the highest level of cooking they serve. You are always happy with this restaurant. Warmly recommended.

Leonard Sutton

The spot is extraordinary and roomy, the food was delightful and the prices were very fair. fast, productive service and very welcoming staff members. Recommended.

Wil S.

I love this place. All their food is good. Love the special chicken sandwich with fries - my fav!!

Demetrius Bryan

This spot never disappoints. They have awesome dishes for fair pricing, there are no long waits even when the spot is full.

Justus George

Quality has gone down. I paid over twenty for my Fila mignon sandwich, spicy fries, corn bread and Snapple. Corn bread was large but ordinary, spicy fries was burnt sometimes and over salted. The sandwich meat was bland or old. Not going to go back regularly.

Aharon Symonds

They serve large dishes and for convenient pricing. welcoming owner. 5 stars.

Evita Benjamin

The pulled pork burger was amazing I also got rubs wings and fries for my familly it was a hit they made week night dinners for the family East health and tasty

Vincent Stone

Ed & Barry have the best BBQ.My favoritemeal is 1LB of lean brisket

Junior Eaton

This is certainly one of the most pleasant place to eat in the neighborhood. Always when I come there I am exceedingly glad. They always keep their very high standard service and the highest level of dishes they offer. You are always happy with this place. Very recommended.

Danielle M.

I usually don't eat this type of food. However the grilled chicken in the gyro was so good and the fries were the bomb diggity!

Jay S.

Disappointed by all three dishes I ordered: the pulled pork sandwich was slathered with an overly sweet sauce; the cole slaw I swear was repackaged from the local supermarket prepackaged cole slaw. The cornbread was cake like in sweetness. Will not go back.

Linda L.

SO DELICIOUS!!! I love the brisket sandwich, husband loves the ribs.A++++++ Best bbq on long island

Andy V.

So this places makes good food but i notice the ribs are not fall off the bone. The chicken is amazing with a delicious char. The only down side was it made my car stink. Still i will be going back to try other menu options.

Chadwick F.

Next to impossible to find authentic BBQ in the Northeast. Some cities have chains that have popped up, but that takes away from the whole BBQ experience. This is a hidden gem on Port Blvd run by the same staff for many years. The place is timeless. Exceptional BBQ that'll leave you wanting more. Highly recommend.

Shane Madden

They serve big dishes and for convenient prices. super friendly employees. Never disappointing.

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