Aqui en Bella Puebla

94-11 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights
(718) 639-7300

Recent Reviews

Melissa Cariqueo

I waited 1 hour and 30 minutes for the food it’s so insane and the food was cold

Shaji K.

**Delivery Review** Yet another Mexican restaurant to try in the area for some affordable late night food. Quick delivery time and large menu to choose from. Between two people: Nachos Regulares ($10), Bistec Taco ($4), and Al Pastor Taco ($4). Nachos are a large serving of warm chips, sour cream, jalapenos, beans, and guacamole. Good overall, with plenty of cheese and peppers, would have liked more citrus in the guacamole. Tacos have a good amount of tomatoes, onions, cilantro and meat. The meat itself wasn't the freshest, but fine with some side hot sauce. Delivery here was quick and food packed tightly. Pretty much the same quality as some of the random taco trucks in the area, yet with speedy service.

Reveena Rothman-Rudnicki

Such a delicious meal, they were super super accommodating since I'm vegetarian and my (Mexican) boyfriend and I share the enmoladas filled with cheese & veggies (amazing mole) and the chili rellenos and the horchata. It was so good, we left stuffed, and the service was fantastic!

Stephany Vital

The food was very good, better than other places I have tried. However the service was terrible. The waiter had an attitude the entire time. No one came to ask how we doing, I needed utensils and I had to get up and get it myself. I understand that’s it’s important for employees to get a food break, but all employees having dinner together in the middle of the restaurant is crazy.

Riki J.

If you're in the mood for Mexican but tired of tacos( blasphemy, I know), please try the chilaquiles with salsa verde. It's spicy and delicious. Also cannot go wrong with a carnitas burrito from here.

Jarel Hill

Taco arabe are top notch!!!

Diana L.

Ordered here with the family . Food took a while. The torta I ordered was on a bread so crunchy. Not sure if it's a torta or crunchy taco ! Really bad quality . Won't be coming back. The French fries weren't Cooked properly they were soggy and raw. Tiny Piece of avocado they put. Very bad . I'm Disappointed . Money to the garbage .

Eli Franco

The Quesadillas and Nachos will surprise you! Can’t wait to come back and try more antojitos mexicanos.

Troy H.

Aqui En Bella Puebla is definitely rather exceptional. Can't wait to try everything off the menu here. Arabe Taco was the dish that my friend bought, he absolutely loved it. I really liked it as well. It was amazing.. Bonus that their service is so very good, they are so swift and pleasant. Overall, liked this place and will def come back to try other things on their menu.

Jeremy Ocampo

The food is good but there barely people here

Ricardo Ramirez

Great food great service

Gerardo Duran

Person taking orders had a horrible horrible attitude. My mole de panza had literally 3 pieces of dare you insult your customers this way..orders sre often wrong...I used to buy regularly from here...not anymore..this is how you lose customers. Will find alternative restaurant now.

Leo 0914

Good food. Not the greatest service.

Maram A.

Delicious. I came here after seeing an episode on bon appetit. I was really excited about the stuffed poblano. The potatoes were creamy and soft. The stuffed poblano had perfect heat that was balanced by the saltiness of the cheese. This was a huge meal and I enjoyed it. I recommend adding a splash of lime just to brighten the dish. Mera's Tip: Have a poblano

El Markiux Razalas

Chips are stale, waitress is moody, food is ok.

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