GT Rice Bowl

11409 Liberty Ave #1809, South Richmond Hill
(718) 323-4000

Recent Reviews

Lisa Safdar

Nice quick drink place. Very good price

Christina K.

The staff are friendly. The food is very delicious My favorite of all time is the chicken fried rice. The way they make the chicken is just delicious. Also the quantity of the food in each take out box is so much. Only thing I'd say is maybe they should give a little more lamb pudding in the order.

Samantha Nauth

It's a really nice place to eat! They have all west Indian dishes and the service is great!

Kevin Mahabir

Love the food nice atmosphere but the lack of professionalism and fairness from one waitress in particular.. making us not wanting to go back to GT rice bowl...

Lindsey Persaud

Had dinner with family. This place is definitely not for family, first of the music is way too loud & not suitable for young kids. Some guest at the restaurant were cursing.

Travis Ramgobin

Delicious food at affordable pricing with great customer service. They do free delivery on food also over $20.

Rahiman Hamid

The food is great, great atmosphere and courteous staff.

Nandani Molly Hemnauth

Service was quick & the food was really good!

Nalinie Beharry

The hottest food spot in Queens! My family come from London - England to eat the Sambal dishes. Good pricing and nice owner/staff.

Melissa Persaud

I just ordered a chicken lo mein and simbala shrimp fried rice and a seafood soup. The food wasn’t even warm - it was cold. I had family come over this past thanksgiving weekend and we decided to check out this restaurant and the food was amazing. Everything came out perfectly. I was honestly surprised especially since it was such a big crowd with 30+ people. But after today and the bad service this restaurant has lost a customer. I decided to call and file a complaint to the owner and the ladies who were on the phone, Lisa and Nalini, refused to hand over the phone saying he wasn’t there or he just stepped out. I am extremely disappointed and I hope the owner pulls his staff together.

Jai Sarawan

Always is, family oriented

Densie Chance

Love being is always delicious service great

Satish D.

Their roast pork is the best dish in my opinion, take it easy on the Bora when you serve your rice dishes

#PerfectStranger xoxo

I order duck and chicken curry and both wasn't freshly cook they reheat it with so much water all the flavor was gone! We waited so long for our order and when it arrived I felt to leave the restaurant. People pay for good food stop serving garbage! Not to mention due to the reheat curry my entire family had stomach sick!

Nazeela Ali

Food is great,not so much bathroom.

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