La Villa Pizzeria

82-07 153rd Ave, Queens
(718) 641-8259

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Alexander Lagombra

First time there and had a great experience. The service was amazing and the food was tastes fresh! It's a slight pricey, but for a restaurant close to me it's definitely worth another visit.

Anthony Law

I spent $20 on one of the smallest slices of pizza (felt like I was getting a slice from a domino's pie), a chicken roll that had maybe 2 pieces of chicken and it was only 3 inches round, and a soda with ice filled to the lid. I asked for sauce and he said well you have to pay for that too. I will never eat at this place again. I wish I could put negative stars.


Excellent place for lunch, great taste

Mike M

This is a difficult review to write since I’ve gone to this place often over the years. My last few visits have been disappointing, and I kept returning hoping for improvement, but that never came.Went for a weeknight dinner back in June. We were 1 of only 4 tables. It took an extensive amount of time until a waiter/waitress came for our order. Very long wait for our meal….it was not a busy night. Food was ok, but not as good as many previous visits.Returned a couple weeks after that. Some menu items not available, food came out before drinks….no one in my group impressed with meal.Was there a few weeks ago just for pizza….cash only as credit/debit machine not working. It was just pizza so I had the cash. Pizza bland.Went today for lunch. Walked in, was told to sit wherever we liked. A few minutes after sitting at a booth was told credit/debit machine not working (again). Unfortunately this time didn’t have much cash, so we had to leave.This once very good neighborhood spot needs to definitely step it up to get back to what it once was. It’s a convenient location, but I’m not against traveling for a good meal

Chazz N.

Was the best but went down hill fast , the counter help will put this neighborhood staple out of business, what a disgraceful crew they have, and they have guys constantly loitering in the place, I guess the owners just don't care what a shame they destroyed a good place


I ordered from this place all the time, even though they are pricey. Ordered pasta and there was a small piece of hair in it, was grossed out and threw out my food. After a good amount of time past by, I ordered pasta again, not only were there like 3 small pieces of hair but there was a medium sized hair as well. I was so grossed out I threw it away, this time I decided to speak to the manager. The manager didn’t seem to believe me and wanted me to send back the food, this was the second time I had to deal with hair in my pasta and just threw out my food, he was decently polite but could tell he didn’t want to be bothered, he also hung up the phone way too quickly when I was still talking.I requested regular slices but somehow he convinced me to get 4 grandma slices, they sent the grandma slices and at least I got to eat something. However for the amount of stress of hair in my pasta I will no longer be ordering pasta from them EVER again, especially with how expensive they are. I will have to seriously consider ordering pizza from them again in the future.

Arthur B.

I have been a customer here since they were neighbors of McDonalds. ( yes , there was a McD on the end of the strip). While, for the most part, the food and pizza have maintained its quality, the prices, especially recently, have been getting more and more ridiculous. I stopped in today for 3 slices. Price 2 weeks ago was 3.75, now, 4.00 but the worst part was I was charged TAX on top of the 4.00. Is it me, or do most pizzeria's charge tax on slices? I can't recall ever paying tax on a slice. The pizza is good, but not 4.25 a slice. Plus the slices have gotten smaller as well. No more.

Joseph Feingold

The food was good not great. The waiter had a little trouble understanding English. My mom had grilled chicken over salad which she loved, but you have to pay for everything separately. The salad was $10 and then adding the chicken was another 11. Even my entree, veal cutlet parmesan was $21 and unlike most other places you didn't get salad or pasta on the side if you wanted it you had to order separately to get it. So that would be 21 plus another 10 for a salad or whatever the spaghetti is. Most restaurants have the salad or pasta on the side with an entree like that. That was the thing that surprised me

Sarita Chie

The bus boy didn’t walk us to a table, and he just pointed to a table across the area outside (since we requested to be seated outside). The man who took our order didn’t introduce himself. We specifically asked for calamari arabiata, but we were served the fried calamari. When we asked about the deep dish zucchini pizza, this unnamed guy said the small is too small to share; so, we ordered a large one. Come to find out we were served 8 sicilian zucchini deep dish slices. The unnamed guy took our order and never came back to our table. Overall, the food is delicious. The service was very poor.

I M.

Very good food Terrible customer service I've been a loyal customer since they opened Last week I called in for delivery ( Usually order delivery a few times every month.) I ordered 4 entrees, 2 salads and 3 sides And 1 slice of pizza THEY REFUSED! "We don't do slices for delivery " Yes but what about the rest of the order? It's not a separate delivery! FYI Other good pizza and Italian places in Howard Beach

Mass A.

Quality has gone down while the prices, which were already high, continue to go up ( this was the case even before the crazy inflation). The grandma slice has not been good for a number of years now, which was my go-to order.

Alberto M.

I have been going to this restaurant ( pizzeria ) for years however there prices are getting ridiculous .I guess the final straw was being charged $10 for Sparkling Limonata $15 for a glass of house red wine .... There are many really good pizza's in Howard beach ... your food is good but let's get real You can't even get a refill on seltzer unless you pay for it .

Susie B

The experience was above my expectations. My family and I decided to dine in (we usually get pizza to go) and we ordered appetizers, pizza, pasta, and salad. You can tell that everything was made fresh to order. Their pasta sauce is a hit for me. It definitely is seasoned well and is one of the best I’ve tasted. I’m sure they make it themselves. Me personally, I loved my entire meal. No regrets. The eggplant and cheese, ceased salad, pasta. Delicious. Very clean and great music in the background. I have to dine in more often.

anita c.

Been eating here since 1993 the best pizza on Earth not one thing on the menu is bad it's all delicious ! Miss it so much that we moved out of state

Denise R.

I just took off 2 stars thanks to the grump old guy that they have there today that comes, never smiles and just throws the menus on your table, without saying a word. (Older guy, light eyes and sneakers.). The waitress on the other hand VERY nice and hospitable. The food as always, a step above. I had the escarole with beans and grilled chicken. Was so surprised the grilled chicken wasn't dry. That's the idea I get when I hear that term. Very flavorful and moist. Hub had the tortellini with peas and prosciutto di parma, also a hit. And of course their Merlot is always smooth as silk! I miss this place. Can't find food like this in my se toon if Miami.

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