Rego Park Famous Pizza

99-10 63Rd, Rego Park
(718) 701-6610

Recent Reviews

Carlos Joa

Good sized portions and delicious baked ziti and meatballs. The wings are also great

Albert Saldivar

Horrible wouldn’t even pick up the phone They have good pizza tho? pick up next time pls and thank you letting me starve smhhhh

Michelle Tamayo

Pizza was expensive .. ?And not that great .. crust was aweful duper thick.Guy was cheap w the ranch packets


Horrible wouldn’t even pick up the phone They have good pizza tho? pick up next time pls and thank you letting me starve smhhhh

Ruben F.

Infamous is more fitting! . I had to spit it out. Tasted like an old wet sock! Gross!

Rosalino Rodriguez

This place is a pretty small establishment, the pizza taste pretty good not a wow factor but great taste.. the price for a slice is $2.75, you don't see that everywhere. Pizza nice and fresh.

Elvis Peralta

Awesome Tasting Plain! Wifey & I Love getting a Garlic 10in but dont sleep on the chicken or the non pizza items on the menu.

nimisha sagar

Got their veg supreme pizza and loved it, who doesn’t want a personal pie to themselves! Delivery was fast as well.

Eddie S.

This placed saved my ass last night . Me and my family are not exactly into football but we do enjoy gathering every year and watching the superbowl , it has become a tradition , and every year I usually make wings , this year since a wingstop opened in my area I figured I'd take the day off and order..I mean wing stop should be up to the task right? This is probably their biggest day of the year , they must be all prepped and ready to go right? WRONG!!! No F'n wingstops were excepting delivery orders and my other option atomic wings was charging ridiculous prices for limited options. Whats a guy to do? Off to yelp I go ..searched wings near me and this place came up, I had never heard of it but I decided to roll the dice and take my chances and im glad I did. After placing my order I nervously waited to hear it was canceled ..but no, we seemed to be ok , we were getting our wings . The wings came quickly , hot and fresh but now the moment of truth ..opening the packages ..and damn they looked and smelled great, they weren't kidding about them being jumbo wings either , they were thick like 50 at the half time show! We got parmasan ,mango habenaro (my favorite..they are hot!) Thai chilli and plain all of them were great! We got ranch dressing with everything since im the only one that likes blue cheese and it was good and homemade , they also provided us with a TON of carrots and celery free of charge where wingstop charged me a couple bucks for 3 wilted celery stalks and carrot sticks. I cant speak to the rest of their food..yet , but the wings are excellent and I may have a new superbowl tradition now. Thanks guys

Grave Lily

I USED TOO think Singas famous pizza was the best in Rego Park, but today this place 100% stole that title. The pizza tasted phenomenal and the falafel was little green balls of heaven. The flavors were balanced perfectly. Thank you to the chefs at this establishment.

Tenzin Tsering

The best pizza I’ve ever had. I always order for pickup and it’s ready in 15 mins. Their 10-inch cheese pizza is what I always order and the taste is always the same( the best). The staffs are nice too and very helpful.

Gary Wilson

As a person who prefers old style Italian pizza, there is absolutely nothing Italian about this pizza.But it is a good pizza.Disappointing crust seems like it's mass produced, not hand-tossed.Very Generous cheese and sauce, cheese is well cooked. Good size for $2.75.Seasoning is Spanish pizza, not Italian, but tasty.Overall, this pizza is filling, and a very good value.Mainly loses points for the crust.Grade is a 91.

Rare Baby

Called and guy on the phone was very rude, insisted he could not do delivery because he was very busy. I asked for pickup and he started taking my order then canceled it in the middle of my order. Will not be ordering from this place again.

Young L.

Yikes. Just tried to order delivery and gave my order, address, etc. I asked if I can pay by credit card and the person on the phone said "let me call you back in 3 min." It was weird but I waited, and I called back 10 mins later when I didn't hear back. I asked to pay for my order again but he said it's so busy he'll call me back in 10 minutes and hung up the phone. He didn't tell me how much it was and I waited another 15 minutes before I had to call to cancel the order. His response was "okay bye." He did call me minutes later to convince me to take the order again. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that it was really busy but he already took my information, just needed another 15 seconds to jot down my payment. If not, I would have been okay paying with cash. The whole exchange was weird, how I had to wait 25+ minutes and call back 3 times just to pay for my order.

Sydney C.

Delivery review Pizza has a nice crispy crust even when delivered. Ingredients are fresh, toppings are generous Shrimp parmigiana hero was okay. Shrimps were a bit small, flavor was nothing special, bread was pretty good Delivery was quick. Overall, a good option for pizza night if you're in the area.

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