Don Alex

9705 64th Ave, Rego Park
(718) 275-1112

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Today I went to eat here expecting good food because this isn’t my first time coming here but the portions shrunk . The chicken was burnt. I also ordered calamari’s and it didn’t have yuca.The soda was hot. The workers are very distracted.

Paulo Kuong

Best chicken I have ever had. Price is reasonable even though during this time of inflation, the staff is friendly, the place is clean and cozy.

Jacqueline Haddad

Went with friends trying to presume our Peruvian cuisine however I was sadly disappointed, parrillada was burned almost toasted no taste whatsoever Don Alex restaurant has tried to maximize the portion by slicing and thinning the meats and the chicken, seafood soup very poor very tiny shrimp 1 or 2 pieces , very little seafood in it, rice with mariscos (Sea food) very poor in seafood too much rice only , Pescado a lo macho a little tiny fish, calamari hard to chew on under cooked , 2 mussels ok, the aguadito soup ok , the chicha morada ok ✅ I am not going back ever again I l gave them a second chance this was my second time , not worth it. They only accept cash, be careful get a receipt because something is going on with all the cash , you pay with large cash sometimes they leave the table consumption open. Awful experience.

Carmen Rojas

The caldo de gallina is water with noddles and egg. The water has the taste of egg instead of gallina. I complained about but the choice was to order something else and pay for the caldo de gallina and the additional dish. The waiter didn’t know about the caldo de gallina taste. His explanation was I don’t like to eat soups.

Abhishek G.

I'm a chicken connoisseur and I don't take the responsibility of consuming the beast lightly. Therefore, I am pleased to give this restaurant 4 stars. The food was succulent and delicious. It loses a star because I had to rely on the sauce to compensate for the under seasoning.

Cindy Alvarado

New to the neighborhood and this spot definitely gets mine and my family' business. Their lunch specials are great. Good quality food for a good price.

Robert Ramos

Picked up take out on July 4. Got a combo, whole chicken, salad and white rice. Also added extra side dishes but meal was ruined by the rice, it was either the bottom of the pot or recooked. Hard and lumpy. Was disappointed. Took away the enjoyment of the meal.

Shaikh L.

Great for lunch very busy but accommodating. The restaurant offers variety of lunch specials throughout the week delivery worth trying if your in the neighborhood. Id recommend the chicken,the fried rice & their daily soups.

Mike A

Very delightful spot, I really enjoy coming here. They have very good fresh food. I never had a bad experience here. Very good quick service, never a wait time of more then 5 min. They have seating inside and out, well decorated. Just a very pleasant atmosphere. Personally I like the chicken and beef mix with tomato’s onions and French fries served with a side of rice. Big portion for under 20$ and last but not least the very tasty tres leches cake.

Inez Perez

Food was not so good, steak had a different taste, was starving, regret this choice. Won't be going back. The two servers were sweeping the dust off the walls with a broom while patrons were eating and few patrons complained about that, dust falling from the servers doing that, save that cleaning for when no patrons are eating and no one is in the restaurant. So not sanitary on top of the food just being bad. Don't go there and prices are high for service, and again food was blah. Cannot return there nor recommend. Also they add a 20% tip to the bill which is not a good practice. I did not tip on top of that and the place says cash only. Greedy, nasty, horrible place. Don't go there.

Venda B.

First time there. I always pass by but never have stopped in. Was shopping with a friend and we decided to check it out. First thing you look for is if it has people in it which suggests it's good. Well it was packed great sign. We ordered up a storm. You would have thought we had not eaten in days. We got Lomo Saltado Dr Pollo, half a chicken, Ensalda Con Palta, Maduros Porcion, Pinto beans and De Pollo ..took a lot home. Service was excellent. Waitress pleasant and very helpful. The food came out super fast which was surprising since the restaurant. Place is pretty small, but you never felt like you were sitting on top of each other. Sanatizer was on every table as well. Atmosphere pleasant enough. Pricing average not to high not to low, good size portions for sure. Totally recommend.

Carmen M.

I felt the servers needed a little more on-time hosting skills. I waited a bit for service then when the food came, water wasn't filled unless I asked. I had to ask for a few things that should have been routine. Maybe a bad day.. haven't been there since. Food was good.


Food is really good! Delicious! But! Be really careful, they charge you 20% tips without noticing you before, nothing says on the menu, that’s the reason they pushing you to order more items and more expensive items. Don’t be naive, this is not hospitality, they just trying to make your bill bigger.

Marisa Tampubolon

The host/waiter were very rude and arrogant. The service were very poor, she couldn't even remember who orders what and the worse of all was she put 20% automatic gratuity on the check (maybe because she awares that she won't get good tip with that kind of service), and she didn't let us know that the tip is already included!! In NYC you can't auto-grad table that have less than 6 ppl!! Be careful people!!!

Fatima Golden

It was a very cold day. I wanted some hot food. I ordered hot tea. The tea was warm.I ordered roasted chicken with rice and beans. The chicken was old, cold and dry. The rice tasted like instant rice and it was cold. The beans had no flavor and no color. I was very disappointed with the food. I will never go there again.

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