J & D Pizza

98-53 63rd Rd, Rego Park
(718) 275-4347

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Jeff Lee

I get a large cheese, mushroom, garlic pizza from J&D everytime I'm back in Rego Park! Delicious...

Abid Bacchus

I came here with my wife and my mother in law and we got a large cheese pizza. We only had to wait a few minutes for the pizza pie and it was nice and hot, fresh out the oven. It was very delicious and cheesy. We also had an order of garlic knots which were also tasty. I definitely would recommend this restaurant to my friends and family!

leonard silver

6 out of 10 , the slice was so so but was nyc style pizza , the pepperoni roll was excellent and so were the garlic knots with alot of flavor , I would definitely recommend and come back for the right price and taste they are good .

Lampwick Pabst

Joe is very cool. Place is a old school Pizza Shop with Fantastic Food. I eat there a lot, .

Kandu Sherpa

I ordered 12 inch pie cheese pizza for my kids dinner and it is my first time here when I came back home the pizza was not good cooked it looks weried we had bad experience in this place . So dirty places never going back be careful everyone

Geoffrey Carlin

Joe is very cool. Place is a old school Pizza Shop with Fantastic Food. I eat there a lot, .


Pizzas here are great and delicious but I am giving 3 stars because once I ordered through phone call and they gave me a pizza that is not fresh it is old and heated up so I guess it’s better to order it in person not through phone call or online. Also it costed $25 and I did it get to enjoy it…Other than that I love the pizza that is made in here.

S Asnanix (Cyrus-the-Virus)

Amazing pizza for rego park!An amazingly odd and strange because it's an awful neighborhood for over many decades

David B.

Really good Food and Pizza especially if you like Itialion their chicken ceasar salad wrap is a hidden New York City gem check ''em out of you hungry

Brittni Bonfiglio

One of my go to spots! Never disappoints.“Leave the gun and take the cannoli” when you go here??? no, really it’s homemade cream!

Maxine Kelly

J and D has been a staple in our neighborhood for over 20 yrs, always reliable, great people and when my youngest would pass by we always had to just get him an order of garlic knots….. at the time he was 1 year old….. he is now 24 and feels exactly the same way still…..

Diana Egielski

Been a loyal customer here for over 9 years. At 7:54 PM we placed an order for a chicken roll, hero, and garlic knots. I was told it would be 45 minutes and I asked for the total in advance. After more than an hour had passed, I called again and was told the driver already left and should be there "any second". Over another 20 minutes and the delivery finally showed up. I had the money ready. The delivery person did not tell me the total or hand me the receipt but he took the money. I got upstairs and found there were no garlic knots. I called was told they didn't have any garlic knots and that I wasn't charged. I said I never received a receipt so I had no way to check, but I still paid for it after waiting 90 minutes for it. She then told me that I had that wrong and their deliveries do not take 90 minutes. I checked the time, 9:24, that's 90 minutes exactly. I can't believe I was told I didn't actually wait the time I waited. Horrible service and horrible resolution. I'll be sticking with Avellino's.

Daniel Rosero

Worst decision of the day was to order from J and D Pizzeria, they charged me $62 for two pies. One Buffalo chicken pie and a cheese pie with half pepperoni. I don't mind paying the price with the current economy but this was the worse buffalo chicken pie I ever had. There's barely any chicken and barely any cheese.Its been a while since I ordered from here and its probably going to be a lot longer if ever order from them again!

Travis Wong

I ordered a large (18inch) "Special" online for $25. Picked it up, got home and to my surprise it was plain. I called, inquiring why i got a plain pizza instead of a "Special". They explained to me a "special" was a plain pizza?!??? This is despite the fact, that online, there is a different listing for plain regular pizza at $25. I have the online receipt to show i ordered the "Special" as well. I've never heard of other "Special" pizzas at other places being plain. If what they claim is true (Special = Plain), they should really fix the online ordering platform to explain that. Also, i picked up my pizza at most 5 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time. The pizza was not as hot as you would expect it, especially with it sitting ON TOP of the oven. I have a feeling it was pre-made for the orders they might get on a football sunday afternoon.

Adrianna N.

Decent pizza but slowwwwwwwwww delivery. Makes you want to call them and cancel but by then we've ready invested in waiting so long that we just wait the eternity for the pizza. That's why we don't order much from them anymore

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