61-01 Junction Blvd, Queens
(718) 271-2001

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Randy Rampersaud

The sandwich I got from this location was really good. I would recommend checking this location out.

Dr. Omer Yalvac

Very delicious sandwiches, friendly and positive staff (special thanks to Naeem), clean..Food: 5/5

Sean Don

Worker made my sandwich with no mask, didn’t wash hands before touching gloves, talked with his head down & mouth directly over my open sandwich and couldn’t put all of the sandwiche’s contents into the bread.

De Gao

Typical subways. Cheap lunch

Deborah Casseus

Honestly I’m not rating completely down because the guy who made my food was super nice and professional, total sweetheart. But the guy who ringed me out was a total d*** when I asked him to put my food in a bag, he did really mad(could’ve popped my chips when he yanked it out of my hands). and was just irritated ringing me out. I understand bad days happen but attitude was very unecessary especially if I was nice the whole time. Please don’t go into the fast food industry if you don’t have the patience and courage to show kindness to all different kind of people that come to your store. Do better.

Blou Wilkins

My grandson like it bought for dinner

Ada Portalatin

Love the service

George Tung

Staff is terrible. They are cheap with the toppings. Rude and don't really care. Awful service.

Benjamin Dinglasan

Very good and friendly service, but sometimes the bread is stale.

Mazhar Hamlani

One of the Best outlet. The staff is friendly and makes the perfect sub as u want. Kudos

Iftihaz Hussain

Good food. Good service.

jose cip

Worse staff, treat you like if you are walking in there to beg for free food. I came with a coupon and asked if they accept them a young guy told me with attitude,we don't accept that, I asked him if they had any deal again with attitude not looking at me,we don't have any deals here....

Minerva Rivera

Clean and good service ☺️

Olid Ahmed

I never see this type of subway ever . They serve very good . Everything so fresh so clean .


Turkey sandwich was so good!!! Nice customer service!!!

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