Burger King

424 Greece Ridge Center Dr, Rochester
(585) 643-1748

Recent Reviews

Noel Vazquez

Ilove ure food okay thanks

Maggie Woodbury

Quick order process, food is hot and fresh. Great place to grab a quick meal.

Delaney bovenzi

The staff was beyond rude and acted like she had something better to be doing and rushed me through my order

Kenie Briidg

Not bad for a fast food place

Robin Helser

Very slow. Staff acted like they they were on break. One person took orders and no one else was cooking or filling the orders. This is at 2:30pm. Three people waiting for orders while the other workers were doing who knows what. Very disappointed.


No refills due Covid, which they need a better plan

Sandy Slone

Good and efficient. Nice staff and right on point. Food was exactly what we wanted!!!

Sandra Slone

Good and efficient. Nice staff and right on point. Food was exactly what we wanted!!!

Kitty Williams

Sloppy sandwiches, but decent wait time.

Karen Taylor

At 10:40 am the three of us were told they could not serve us that the broiler is not on. Shoukdnt the store be ready to receive customers!?

Timothy Williams

food was cold and the meat looked sick. look like a McDonald's 99 cent burger but cold.the frappe ice cubes wasn't crushed up enough. absolutely disgusting food. had to go to Sicily pizza to eat some good tasting hot food.

Bonnie Martin

Slow service, multiple items missing from order. Girl named Mackenna was rude. Rolled her eyes when we asked for drinks that were included in our order, was very slow, and ignored us when we went back to the counter to retrieve sauce (which we already ordered and did not receive.).

Jewels 12

Slow service been ordered at 8:48pm and burgers were not ready until 9pm. Also the kiosk system did not register the two burgers for 2 for $6 and charged us over $13

Kathleen Q.

Update: they continue to disappoint. Chg'd the open time to 1030. A.M., Mall walkers, no coffee or breakfast. Burger King in the Mall at Greece Ridge has some of the worst service. Bad manager/bad customer service. I never felt so berated when I ordered a mocha frappe. The girl that I asked the status of my drink raises her voice at me and tells me if I am not patient to go elsewhere. 2 other customers said something to her about my waiting and that just angered her more. The girl that took my order asked her for help because she didn't know how to make it and this girl (who said she was the manager) started yelling heading towards the back making a scene saying she would make it her self. I asked the girl who took my order to give me my money back and the manager said "I wasn't going to make it anyway". Bad example of a manager.

Varun Hanush

It was the worst experience! I would have given a 0 stars but there was no option for it. The burger was so bad it was rotten. I asked for Veggie but they gave me meat. Nothing was fresh at all! The customer service was the worst. They were so mean and rude to customers. The money was not worth at all. It took 1 Hour for our food to get ready! I would never come to this place ever again!????????! I would recommend Subway everyday, any day!????

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