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Aimee F.

Big fan of Chortke! We got a few of the meats on top of rice and salad. The meats were seasoned really well but the steak was a little tough and overcooked and they don't have real silverware to cut (no steak knives just plastic). The salad was super fresh but I wish they had a few more veggie toss in options. The portions were really big, but the price was a little much for a salad. The space is super cute and clean and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Excited to try this place again!

Frank Saccone

Placed a large to-go order for my first visit last night (9/29/21) and pretty much tried all of the proteins and a few apps. It was clean and new and you could tell that they were still putting the finishing touches on the restaurant, but not in a "pardon our dust" kind of way. Just choosing décor and what not.The owner was working register and he was one of the nicest people I've ever come across working in the service industry. He was genuinely excited to feed us and was extremely appreciative of our business. Smiles the whole time. His attitude sold me even before I tasted the food.Not only was the food made and brought out to us pretty quickly despite it being a large order, but it tasted great. ALL OF IT. The spicy chicken and the steak were my favorites, and the rice was perfect as well. The ground beef and regular chicken were plenty tasty, same with the falafel and garlic hummus. We will definitely be going back there, and we will be bringing some wine and/or beer with us, since they don't have their liquor license yet. Overall, I loved the place and the food. Please give it a shot. New places with quality food and service need to be shared.

Raz Z.

I tried Chortke twice. I'm posting this review based on a lifetime of eating Persian food in Southern CA restaurants (where they are plentiful and where competition doesn't allow bad food to survive). The good: Rice is flavorful and authentic. Kubideh is flavorful and authentic. The salads are fresh. The bad: Jujeh kabob (on my first visit) was cut filet style (thinner sliced), was incredibly dry, and devastatingly bland. Kubideh (on my second visit) represents much smaller portions than I have ever seen in other Persian restaurants, anywhere. The kabob "cylinders" were narrower and shorter. I noticed some other reviews point out the portions. If you've ever been to a SoCal Persian restaurant or even if your point of reference is just NYC, Chortke's kubideh is not a good value. Consider that ground meat is cheap. For that matter, chicken in halal food carts in NYC doesn't seem all that costly either (and is certainly juicier). No barg or filet style steak kabob served here. This might be an east coast quirk. I've seen others that offer Chenjeh-like or thicker cubes, but not filet cut steak or "barg." This is an essential kabob element. I agree that Chortke feels a bit Americanized AKA "Persian/Mediterranean." Persian restaurants want to be able to offer vegetarian options... and end up serving falafelized platters. Spicy chicken is not Persian either, though I imagine it appeals to college crowds. Stay true to the food. All in all, Chortke has the elements to potentially improve. It's a decent option if you can't get to DC or Toronto. However, if your point of reference is only Chortke itself, then you wouldn't know what you're missing out on. For now, my opinion is that the price point is not justified.

Sreejith Peri

Reasonably priced but absolutely worth it. Best Persian food in town. Grilled steak and chicken was one good option. Their kabobs are juicy and tender and mouthwatering. Do try the saffron ice cream if they don't run out of it.

Natalie Fabretti

Tasty spicy chicken dish with saffron rice, cucumbers and roasted tomatoes. It also came with a creamy yogurt sauce that went well on everythingExtremely kind customer service. A little pricey for Mediterranean fast casual

Shaun D.

This place is awesome! It's very clean inside and I like the style and design. They utilize really a new approach to traditional cuisine the food is always fresh and an preserved organic. I really appreciate this restaurant the staff is really nice, the owner has a real passion for food! And the love that's put into the food really comes out with the flavor and delicious colors and textures and sense and smells. I highly recommend you check this place out and considerate for your next meal, a new experience, a new twist on old goodness. Best wishes to you all! And now open again for dine-in


Amazing food and amazing staff here

Karen S.

I didn't even know this new section in Village Gate existed until my friend pulled up in front of Chortke! The new construction is really gorgeous and they have it decorated nicely inside. It's open and airy with tons of seating and space between tables and they also have a great side patio. Service was extremely quick and so friendly. You can tell the owner really cares about his customers and having a quality product. They serve nice, big portions of rice and salad and big pieces of well seasoned meat. Can't wait to try more of the menu in the future!

Naomi Ferree

Amazing food, fantastic portions, wonderful staff, lofi chill background music, some of the best rice I've ever had. SO worth it!

Vincent H.

Walked in and ordered the Joojeh saffron chicken w/ salad for lunch today. Made to order so I waited 10-12 min but the place is very nice and the complimentary mint water was a real nice touch. Friendly staff too. Food: chicken spice excellent and the salad is built out with an outstanding array of tasty fixins. Plenty to eat for lunch with some leftover. All extras and condiments very good. I have to drop a star due to the dried out nature of the chicken. Is that normal for Persian cuisine? It was pretty dry. Next time I'll try the beef and append my review.

Christopher O'Brien

My good friend Mustafa recommended it. Was an incredible meal. Great people. Great food. Best kabob anywhere. Going to return tonight. Looking forward it.

Parisa F.

It's good that there is a Persian restaurant in Rochester. Kabobs are delicious. A piece of Crispy Tahdig on the side would be great as well. It's a must try restaurant in Rochester.

Yaser R.

Although I'd love to return, unfortunately they haven't been using Halal meat for sometime now and that basically means my options are limited to just vegetarian/vegan options. They initially made it clear it wasn't halal but no longer is easy to check that which is unfortunate. I wish them the best but I can no longer comment on their food. New update! The owners reached out to let me know some useful information - talk about responsive ! They recommend anyone who would like halal meat to give them a call in advance and they will let them know if they currently have halal cut meat or not as it is more of a function of their suppliers than their preference. They are also in the middle of updating their site currently (it's early June when I'm writing this). As always they were helpful and transparent

Aubree M.

I don't know how I haven't left a review for Chortke yet! I have been coming in for the past few years. The owners, Yasha and Rana are so nice and their food is amazing! I have tried the joojeh (chicken), chenjeh (steak), and the kubideh (ground beef), and my favorite is the kubideh, it is the most flavorful. Their rice is a must! And add on the eggplant yogurt, it's so garlicky and delicious on the kubideh or chenjeh. I usually get the 1/2 rice 1/2 salad kubideh platter with the yogurt and get 2 meals out of it. I've also tried their saffron ice cream, and various sweets from the coffee bar area and all were delicious (if you enjoy rose water)!

Mary Elliott

Ordered the spicy chicken kebab over rice, the steak over salad, garlic hummus and falafel online, for a scheduled pick up. We arrived just a few minutes early and someone met us at the door with our food nicely packaged. He had a huge smile on his face and he was super friendly. Everything was excellent. The hummus was the best I have ever had. Everything was super flavorful and fresh tasting. The rice was so good. It was light yet still flavorful. If you don't like spice, don't be afraid to order the spicy chicken. It tasted excellent, but wasn't packed with heat. You can tell the food was prepared with great ingredients; It was satisfyingly, but seemed to be pretty healthy for takeout. I cannot wait to order again, I would definitely recommend.

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