CoreLife Eatery

2600 Elmwood Ave, Rochester
(585) 310-0510

Recent Reviews

Marra Solorzano

This was my third time there and 2 out of the three times I have been I have had the worst service ever..not only did I wait in line forever but the girl at the register overcharged me for my meal...when I specifically told her that I ordered a kids meal and it should be 5.45. I get home checked my bank account and I was charged 9.07..very disappointed and will not go back!

Kaylah N.

I love the concept of this restaurant. I love the fresh ingredients, and the options for everyone (whether you're gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater). I have been here a couple of times now and I'm just not entirely impressed with the taste of the dishes I've had. They've all been good, but nothing I would run back to

Shaun Bamford

Stopped in for lunch with some co-workers, had a chicken tortilla broth bowl. The staff were very curtious, wait time wasn't terrible, and the ingredients fresh. Though not my typical eatery, I enjoyed my meal.


Just ordered three salads to go. Bbq chicken, Ranch flank steak, & southwest. The only thing good was the southwest. The bbq I substituted rice noodles for the rice....they taste like they haven't been cooked, they are like rubber. The ranch flank steak I wanted the noodles substituted for the arugula so it would be noodles and rice. Then its supposed to have seasonal veggies or root veggies, they offer me beets or sweet potatoes. What the hell is going on in that location? It was my first and last time. I had to give it a star to post otherwise it would of been -3. I've eaten at Henrietta numerous times and never once have I been this disappointed. Get with it in Brighton. They don't seem to really care.

Eric Koomen

Food and environment deserve a 6 but waiting in line 30 minutes for lunch way too long to do again.

Marguerite HOYT

This is my favorite "fast food" place. I feel good about the many organic options and grass fed beef. The bone broth could be less salty but overall the is the best option for healthy eating. You can build your own salad, broth bow or grab a steak plate. The lemonades are great and not to sweet. There are comfortable booths to sit in and the climate control is excellent.

Beth Tarduno

Although the food is great and a wonderful place to grab a quick salad, they are so skimpy on the salad size. I ordered a large for take-home. It was only about 3/4 full. I feel cheated. I attempted to post a photo- however for some reason it won't load.


My husband had just gotten discharged from Strong Hospital for new onset insulin dependent diabetes. He agreed to give healthy eating a try. He got chicken tortilla and Chipotle chicken bowl. He thought it was tasty. I loved my steak, bacon and Bleu cheese bowl. First visit for both. We'll be back.

Kelly K.

We dined here for lunch today and each chose something different. It was my daughter's first time, so she was a bit overwhelmed at the selection, but I assured her the staff is always very helpful and she can always customize things to her liking. She enjoyed a thai rice bowl, my son had a super plate with hummus and purple rice and roasted beets and my husband had a Korean pork barbecue. I chose the Mediterranean salad with cucumber/ basil dressing. Everything was delicious and the staff at this location was very friendly and accommodating.

Renee P.

I usually love eating here, but today the woman who took our order was very difficult to understand, she never asked us which size bowls we wanted, and she was actually rude to my husband. My tofu ginger grain bowl was really good, his Thai chicken one tasted like it had been in the fridge the whole time.

Charlene S.

I used the order online and pick up feature to grab a quick lunch where I had a 1/2 hour window to drive there, eat and get back to work. It worked like a charm and the food is always fresh and delicious.

Megan C.

Full disclosure: I've only ever ordered takeout from this location, but I love it so so much. The convenience of being able to place the order on my app, run in, grab it, and leave is something I so value. Given the complete lack of good takeout salad options near downtown, this location has been a wonderful addition to the 12 corners neighborhood. My order is almost always the same and I would recommend it to anyone: Mediterranean Salad. The falafel are pretty hit and miss, but never so bad I can't eat or don't like them. The cucumber dressing on this salad is particularly refreshing, and something I've tried to recreate at home to no avail. The pickled onions are a special addition that really make this salad my fave. $10.55 for a salad is not my dream, but also not completely unreasonable. I hate hate hate the salads I make at home and am willing to pay a bit for healthy, well-source food that I can get on the go. I would love a location to open up near my home on the NWV/Laurelton border, or even right downtown. Enjoy!

John D.

I have been to CoreLife twice before - a few years ago - at two different locations and was pretty underwhelmed by the food each time. Nevertheless, given the dearth of healthy dining options in the area, I was excited to see CoreLife open up in 12 Corners (which is a more convenient location for me than their other ones) and figured I'd give them one more chance. I came here on two separate occasions recently and both times felt the food was OK, but not really worth returning for. On one visit, I had the sriracha ginger tofu salad. It consists of: Baby spinach + shredded kale, roasted organic tofu, spicy broccoli, carrots, ginger, sprouts, basil, sriracha. The taste was decent, but the sriracha actually destroyed the flavor of the salad (which already came with some sort of Asian dressing). All in all, it was OK - but a fairly basic salad for ~$9.70. On the other visit, I had the spicy Thai chicken noodle salad. The dressing on this - Thai cashew dressing - tasted anything but Thai. It was quite sour (and didn't taste like anything that evoked "Thai" flavors) and left a strange aftertaste in my mouth. All in all, I think if you're looking for a healthy-ish fast casual meal and you're not as finicky about taste as I am, then CoreLife should suffice for you. I just don't like the idea of paying ~$10 for fairly basic salads that don't really have much taste. I think what is keeping CoreLife in business is the lack of competition in the healthy fast casual / takeout space. I am not sure they would do nearly the kind of business they do if there was half-decent competition (e.g., the former Half Moon Salad Co., which I thought was superior to CoreLife).

Gloria Lawton

This place has the best food! I had the green bowl chicken with kale and Cesar salad with Cesar dressing. The Tropical Green Tea was good too not for those of you who love the sugary drinks because no sugar is added.

nick sollame

Always polite and courteous. Food is fairly consistent. Tables in dinning area could be cleaned more frequently. overall a great place with affordable food.

Angelina S.

Excellent portions and flexible/patient staff. I loved how they did a promotion where if you bought a bowl, you got a drink for free. It was a nice surprise as we cashed out. I love the vegetarian options and ability to make changes to the bowls to fit your tastes and dietary concerns. All of the drink options are delicious, too. I love the ginger lemonade and my daughter loves the fruit punch made with coconut water.

William Westfield

Great meal today. Korean pork was fantastic

Alex Soles

Food that tastes great and is actually good for you. It's no secret that it's hard to find real food when you are on your lunch break. Everything is burgers, pizza, subs, etc. This place has great quality food that doesn't feel like you are just eating a salad. I ordered a Korean BBQ bowl and I loved it. They even put an egg on top that you can break open and enjoy the yolk mixed in with the pork and kimchi. I highly recommend.

Heather D.

I suggest watching closely as they make what you order or check it well before you leave. We ordered online to go and most of the meals were incorrect. Both Chicken & Rice bowls were missing chicken. Noodles, veggies & broth just don't cut it. Grain bowls were turned into salads. Not impressed.

Josh Bassette

As a vegetarian, it's hard to find good food that's delicious and nutritious. I feel like I can get what I want with great customization and options at CoreLife. I've only been there twice, but am going to go back to try all their great options. Also, I'm always impressed with their wide assortment of store-made lemonade. They're clearly devoted to sustainability and cutting down on waste as well.

J Calder

The food here is so fresh! This is one of my favorite places to eat.

Dawn Botting

Great fresh food. Lemonade is so good I think about it everyday

Liliane Pereira

Delicious warm food ... Beat Lemonade juice is AWESOME

Jen K.

I came so close to writing a good review for this place... I have gone to CoreLife quite a bit, but I have not been having good experiences at the other locations lately, so I started going out of my way to try this one. I've been here two times, and it was so far so good. I am vegetarian, so I like the Chicken Cobb bowl with tofu rather than chicken and no bacon. They let me swap the chicken for tofu with no charge, and even let me sub cheese for the bacon yesterday. When I was here last night, I watched her make my bowl, saw her get the tofu, and then the next girl mixed it all up in the metal bowl with the dressing, and put it back in the plastic bowl. There was a person in front of me, so I had to wait a couple minutes to get to the register, which is fine. A guy then asked me if I wanted bread and a fork, and I said yes, and he put it in the bag. I got to the register, another guy rang me out, and there were no surprise charges, so total was correct for $10.75. Great. I drive home and get the bowl out of the bag, and there's CHICKEN on top of it!!!! To say I was angry is an understatement. You cannot put meat on a bowl with tofu!!! I was completely disgusted, and had an $11 salad that I now couldn't eat. I was not driving back there, so there was not much I could do. My husband is not vegetarian, so I at least could give the chicken to him so it was not completely wasted. I scraped the chicken and the top layer off the salad, trying to salvage some portion of it that I could possibly eat,. My husband would eat the chicken , but he was not even almost interested in eating a bowl of kale. As I dug through it, there really was tofu in it. I am so confused at how this happened because I watched them make it. I thought the person must have scooped in chicken rather than tofu, and I couldn't tell at the time, but there really was tofu in it. It's like they mixed it with the dressing with the tofu, and then at the end, someone threw chicken on the top of it. There is a point toward the end of the line where I couldn't see the bowl, so that must be where it happened. However, I saw the girl at the beginning of the line write "tofu" on the slip that they fill out, so I don't understand why anyone would do that. And no one walked away with it, so there must be chicken at the end of the line?? I honestly don't understand how it happened, but it definitely did, and it definitely ruined my dinner. I'm not sure why I have given it so many chances already, but I am totally done with this place now. There are other places around here that I get tofu bowls from all the time, and they haven't once messed up my order, and they're cheaper! If you do end up going here, be sure you inspect your food before you pay. Like take it out of the bag, open it up, and make sure they didn't mess it up. And also ask for your total before you hand the card to the cashier. They randomly charge for things without giving any notice.

Sarah McCheyne

So good! The staff was friendly and the food was so good! They have several varieties of lemonade you can mix and match :)

Epic M.

I had horrendous diarrhea from eating here. It is related, because I felt it about an hour after I ate there. Also, if you're looking for food that has any amount of flavor, then go somewhere else. boo Core Life.

Sheena Wiater

Such great salads. Cranberry vinaigrette is so tasty I recommend it on the Steak bacon Bleu salad. Also get a drink, the teas and lemonades are so good.

Miles L.

Came here today for a late lunch with my girlfriend. It's my first time in this location. The staff were really friendly, they greeted me with a smile on their face. I ordered spicy chicken noodle bowl. Man this is life changing, it was a bit hot in first couple of bites. But I almost finished it lol and I still have some left over. They have variety of healthy drinks and teas. I would love to try all of the food in their menus one day. If you are up to something good and healthy meal this is the place for you. You won't regret it, must try.

Megan S.

Fast and friendly staff the place to go to get a quick heathy meal! I would recommend the steak bacon and blue cheese salad!

Richard K.

Healthy fast food. Delicious, fresh, and did I mention fast. There is no excuse for not eating well, when this delicious, nutritious, affordable, option exists.

Marissa N.

I bought gift cards at this location and came back to use the complimentary coupon afterwards. The four staff on seemed to work well together and were friendly. The pork BBQ rice bowl was ok, a little like a bibimbap bowl, they did make a good over easy egg. The pork was lean but definitely felt heavier than the chicken or tuna options.

Coco Wimer

Incredibly flavorful and very nutritious!!!

Steven Danner

It wasn't a good experience. They were out of purple rice. Braised brussel sprouts we're cold. Grass fed beef was very chewy. No condiments in sight.

Tanvi Asher

My favorite place to grab a healthy and hearty lunch! Love that they have lots of options for veg protein and the staff is incredibly kind.

S S.

Update: I also want to add that I came in with someone that has some more food restrictions than me and had a lot of questions to ask the employees. Everyone was so helpful and patient and if they didn't know the answer themselves, they searched for the person that could find the answer. There was nobody behind us in line when we were doing this- no worries! But I wanted to mention that the customer service here was really top notch service with a smile. Hoping it will always be that way!

Jennifer Baxter

We absolutely loved our lunch at CoreLife! Staff was very helpful and friendly. Wish we lived closer but will definitely be visiting again... soon!

Monica J.

I am a soup lover and this place is great for a noodle fix. Delicious, and fresh ingredients that won't leave you feeling guilty or over full. Great spot for lunch.

Breanna B.

I'm so happy this is so close by now! The 12 Corners location is everything we needed - close proximity for us downtown Rochester dwellers. It's refreshing to have some healthy options on the go. The space is open and welcoming, albeit a bit noisy during busy lunch rush time. I opt for takeout most visits. I love the Spicy Thai Chicken and Rice Noodle bowl. The chicken has nice char on it too so it's packed with flavor, and filling. The lemonade is one of my favorite beverages. Pro tip: go for 1/2 lemonade, 1/2 beet lemonade. As for the salads, my picks are the kale caesar and the mediterranean... hummus on a salad, I should have been doing that for years. Their beef broth is amazing and so hearty. Sometimes I get it on it's own to sip - quite comforting! I'll be a regular here as I snag healthy, hearty takeout bowls in my attempt to avoid the lure of fast food french fries.

Ka M.

Terrible take-out service through the app. Inaccurate order fulfillment with wrong dressings and missing ingredients. The food prep area behind the counter had food all over the floor. Emails/comments to the company remain unanswered. Too bad, despite horrible service and filthy food prep environment, food is pretty good.

Cameron Sen

This is now THE ONLY PLACE I’ll eat kale - I don’t know how they managed it, but they made it taste good. The staff was friendly and expedient, and you can even see the fresh veggies lined up. 10/10