CoreLife Eatery

2600 Elmwood Ave, Brighton
(585) 310-0510

Recent Reviews

Frank H.

Never again. No curbside delivery available and "broth bowl" was only missing one item: broth! ... and impossible to get anyone to answer the phone. Not ready for prime time, and certainly not for Covid-19 Update: Finally got through by telephone and spoke to manager. No curbside because two employees failed to report. Full refund for meal. No injury, no foul. We'll be back.

Lexi G.

I was craving a tuna poke bowl and forgot about CoreLife having delivery! I ordered the poke bowl and it was so quick it came in 25 minutes, crazy! Absolutely delicious, fresh food. Everything exactly how I asked even extra dressing. Yum!

Joel Lindley

We ordered food at 11 AM for 12:30 pickup. I arrived at 12:25 and it was not ready until 12:40. Manager was unapologetic and rude. Employees handling the food were inches away from it without masks on in the height of an epidemic. Also was supposed to get 25% discount on Tuesday and that didn't happen. The food was adequate but the portions were small. I will not go back there

Kendra Kosten

I have been ordering from corelife pretty routinely during the quarantine. I want to stay “thank you” to whomever made my steak and blue salad last- perfectly portioned, cut up steak in smaller bits (which some times doesn’t happen), and a generous side of sweet potatoes. I was very very pleased.


I Appreciate Corelife staying open to serve the community with healthy food options during current situation. BOGO Southwest chicken bowl with purple rice was very good. It was nice having a full crew to make multiple bowls and answer questions. I was intrigued by the food and confirmed nutrion facts as low calorie and will be back again!

Gina Kreutter

Excellent service and delicious meal from the Webster location two days ago. They are implementing stringent hygiene steps to keep customers safe. Will definitely be going back!


I'm a fan of fresh foods, especially veggies. The menu is great, I like the concept. The experience and the food itself is mildly disappointing. I've been to this location twice and the service is very rushed and get short with you. The ordering process feels stressful, hurried, and like this bizarre high pressured situation when it is in fact just ordering lunch. The food itself is ok. The veggies are fresh the meats are decent but salads are over dressed and you get about one big bite of protein and that's all. Considering the cost, that's annoying. The lemonade selection is fun and yummy. The family bathroom was surprisingly icky.


I have been to this location a few times now. Every time we get poor service. Staff doesn’t care or listen when you ask for something. I watched them make a to go order for someone else and saw it said no cheese after they put it on already and decided not to fix it. Go to Webster corelife. Always get great service there!

Abby Davis

Good food, quick service! the music is too loud over the speakers though. i was trying to study and i couldn't get my headphones loud enough to block it out

Jamie Pero-Kolberg

treated abruptly by the first person that waited on me. portion was half of what it normally is. the order was wrong. I am a frequent customer but I will not return. many other places will take my money in exchange for good service and food. very dissapointed. One person went away hungry. asked that the manager be told he did not speak to me. very dissatisfied.

Matthew Bertrand

5 stars for food, 1 stars for organization/service. We’ve ordered multiple times on different days/times via the app and our food is never done on time and/or they seem to only start our order after we ask where our order is. Many times, it seems like it would have just been faster to get in line and order, rather than ordering online 20 minutes before. Like other reviewers stated though, the food is almost exclusively awesome. We’ve ordered from the Henrietta location and haven’t had the poor service issue, so hopefully they get it sorted out.

Leah B.

If you are a health freak or just looking for a really healthy option this is definitely the place for you. I love going here problem on my top ten list especially when summer hits and those heavier foods are just to much. It provides healthy foods for everyone ! It's got food for vegans , vegetarians , meat eater and kid food as well. I love that they have the big tanks on the side with all the drinks to choose from but then also give you the option to have a bottled drink. You can eat in or take it out whichever you prefer. My experience is good . It's a chain so it doesn't really disappoint because you know what your getting yourself into. I loved that I got to see the chef actually grilling the chicken right behind the counter ensuring me that all the food is fresh!

Kaleigh Shannon

I’ve been here twice in the span of three months and honestly the service is always terrible. Not even a greeting when you walk in and approach the serving counter. Both times an employee was right there and they say nothing while continuing a conversation with their coworker next to them or across the service area and i was the only customer awaiting service, no one was being helped at that moment. Thankfully the food makes up for the lack of service. As a customer service employee of several companies over 10+ years that has learned this lesson many times it’s sad how much these minimum wage workers earn for the lack of knowledge or know how to actually be a good employee and send their customers away happy.

scott M F.

I'm not a fan of "fast food" places. But CoreLife is a wonderful alternative to the common grab and run burger and fries. They offer a wonderful selection of bowls with noodles, grains, greens, sides, add-ins etc. - actually the toughest part of dining here is understanding all the options. I've brought people here and they got so baffled... and if there iss a growing line of people behind you, it can be nerve wracking. So maybe study up before your first visit, and maybe select one of their suggested meals vs building your own. Great place.

Mike Sikorski

Awesome fresh food. The Thai salad is so delicious! Moderately priced.

Barbara Steorts

Food was very good. Love that we could choose our own Memue . Meet friends there and had lots of time to spend with them. Love that.

Jacob Publicover

Nice fresh options for lunch, line typically goes fast.

John Zima

Whole foods, great flavor, fresh.

Linda Whitney

They are so nice and the the cook came to our table to see if we liked it since he knew it was our first time here. The food is so fresh and made right in front of you just the way you like it.

A R.

The food is good. However, the protein portions are too small for the price that you pay. They should consider having a more proportional serving of vegetables to protein. Especially if you're paying for a $10 salad that is basically a bowl of kale and 2g of chicken/steak.

Megan D.

I have been going here once or twice a week for the past fews weeks and it was decent ... I always preordered online, walked in, grabbed my food ... was literally in and out in 10 seconds. Then one day I go in ... had pre-ordered at 11 AM for an order to be ready at 11:45 AM. I got there at 11:50 AM ... my order was nowhere in site. There was a line out the door and myself (plus 6 other people where waiting for take out orders). I asked for my food twice and finally received it at 12:20 PM. I didn't even get a sorry for your wait. It was ridiculous ... the kicker was the food ended up making me sick. So in closing ... please do yourself a favor and do not go here. Crappy Service ... Crappy food.

Jim Polk

Great options. Don't like something predefined on the menu? Change it or build your own. Good healthy options. Not small servings. No soda pop but about 10 different drinks available.

Phil Garrod

Oneof our favorite healthy restaurants in Rochester. Great healthy, fresh, eayery locations. Have been to all CoreLife locations and the Webster location is the best food and staff. Thank you CoreLife.

Caleb Spring

This is a great healthy fast food option.

S.W. R.

Great healthy food! Clean, neat bright atmosphere

Jessica Cook

Consistently good food... No matter what I get!

James B.

This place is such a solid lunch option if you're looking to keep it fast and healthy. Very few places like this exist.

Tiffany Barber

This food is so good!!! Love that I'm eating real food when I go here. There are so many options and everything is super fresh. The broth bowls are perfect when you have a cold coming on. Always fast service at this location as well and plenty of parking.

Heather donahaue

Fantastic food and just love online ordering! Really helps with short lunch time

Davey L03

Very healthy but can be inconsistent. My steak was not fully cooked and needed more time even though I was the first customer of the day

Nick Morandi

Excellent food that's simple and healthy at a great price! Plus, everything except the bread is gluten free, which is perfect for my partner with celiac. Had the mac and cheese and the tortilla broth bowl and was very satisfied. I'll be back!

Pawel Kaszuba

Excellent pace for healthy food, delicious and pretty decently priced, especially when they have a special deal.

John K.

I think this is my least favorite Core Life. It's not always as clean as it could be, it can be slow even when it isn't busy, and the salad toppings can get mixed up with each other in their containers, which sounds picky and is, but could be a problem for people with allergies. It's still a Core Life, though, so I love the food. I just recommend going to a different one.

Joshua R.

This location is a disaster... I love corelife eatery and go there quite a bit but there were moldy avocados, a guy dumped falafel all over the counter and in with the tofu and other ingredients when trying to put it in the right container.. they didn't put all of the ingredients in my Ahi fire bowl and then argued with me saying the sauces were on there when they weren't.... absolute disaster. Needs new management and the employees need to slow down and pay attention to what they're doing. It wasn't even busy when I was in there they were all just running around as if there was a line out the door when there was only myself and two other people in the line. Unbelievable..

Todd Bernhard

Great food and good value especially with various promotions. You can customize and try new things to never have the same dish twice. Or pick a favorite and make it your go-to meal.

Marra Solorzano

This was my third time there and 2 out of the three times I have been I have had the worst service ever..not only did I wait in line forever but the girl at the register overcharged me for my meal...when I specifically told her that I ordered a kids meal and it should be 5.45. I get home checked my bank account and I was charged 9.07..very disappointed and will not go back!

Kathleen M.

Menu is diverse, healthy and affordable. However more often than not our orders aren't made right! The servers get confused in what items are included and what are not!

Annamarie P.

I love CoreLife, but at this location my order is wrong 9/10 times. I mobile order so I never realize that it's wrong until I get home. Additionally, my order is never ready when it should be according to the email/app time. Between the two things it drives me insane for the amount of money it costs.

Kaylah N.

I love the concept of this restaurant. I love the fresh ingredients, and the options for everyone (whether you're gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater). I have been here a couple of times now and I'm just not entirely impressed with the taste of the dishes I've had. They've all been good, but nothing I would run back to

Shaun Bamford

Stopped in for lunch with some co-workers, had a chicken tortilla broth bowl. The staff were very curtious, wait time wasn't terrible, and the ingredients fresh. Though not my typical eatery, I enjoyed my meal.