Moe's Southwest Grill

100 Greece Ridge Center Dr, Rochester
(585) 225-0033

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Lori Logothetis

Horrible service. We used door dash and we were missing quesadilla and burrito was made incorrectly. Called and was told they couldn’t refund for missing item and if we wanted the correct burrito we had to come to the restaurant. Staff were rude and hung up twice. Will not return

Alyxandra Savich

Worst experience. I ordered for delivery. After 60 minutes late and calling Moe's I was told by a manager that they don't deliver. Then I was told that they were finally making my order. Then I got a random call from a stranger who had my order and wanted to know if I had her food. Not happy about that. Called the manager again who said she was too busy too deal with us. She refused to refund my money and refused to give me the name of her supervisor. Her response to the other customer having my food was that it was the customers fault for grabbing the wrong bag.


We ordered on the Moes app as we usually do in order to have the order ready when we arrive. I placed the order a little after 6 pm with a pick up time of 7:30. I am a huge Moes fan and have been a loyal customers for years but I will NEVER return to the Greece location! When we arrived there at 7:35 pm the order was not on the pick up shelf (which is right next to the door.) I waited 5 mins then saw people walking in placing their order and leaving with their food. So I walked up and asked about my order, the gentleman apologized and said they have been extremely busy. I said no big deal but if your unable to do the order I can cancel. The staff began to prep our order. The ground beef stack was made with a small scoop of meat and very little toppings. I didn’t say anything because I just wanted to get home. My second stack was suppose to be steak and I paid extra for tofu to be added. I know weird combo don't judge. He started the steak stack but there was no tofu to be seen. After some confusion the tofu was found (sitting out in its container next to the stove for who knows how long) but then needed to be cooked. It was another few minutes before it was even placed on the grill as the gentleman waited on the next customer.Because of time restraints, COVID-19, and the fact that my food was just placed to the side getting cold while we waited for the tofu to cook, we asked if we could just get a little extra steak on it instead. Mind you when I counted their was only 5 pieces of steak on it to begin with. Simple request. Simple solution. The gentleman said I have to ask the manager I said ok no problem.The manager began rumbling about how busy they were and that it wasn’t their fault that the food was not ready because they had so many Grub hub orders. And that the steak extra meat charge was .80 more than the tofu extra charge and I already paid cause it was an online order I said ok Cool never mind. Please just wrap up what is on the stack so I can go. He said well the tofu is cooking. I said again no biggie I would just like to go home. Then a prep cook came forward and said, “You just want a little extra meat right?” The cook began to accommodate her but then the female manager came over and would not allow it. I said that’s fine I dont want the extra meat. I advised that I would be contacting corporate to complain about how the manger handled this situation. This comment clearly upset her and she was extremely rude and told me she didn’t care if I contact corporate. She also mentioned how their were grub hub orders and other people waiting longer than I have for their orders. I then told them to keep the food it did not even look appetizing or sufficient for the $25 charge. It's sad when your manager is so rude and unprofessional especially when the other staff was so nice and apologetic. I contacted Moe's that night to explain the situation and request a refund.If you are craving Moe's visit the Jefferson road location! This is my usual location and have never been disappointed with their food or service.


Waited over an hour past the time it told me for an online order along with 10 other people going thru the same thing as me. No apology or anything from the staff. Not just this time but whenever I do go to this location the staff seems bothered and grumpy about taking your order. The Henrietta location is much better.

Matthew Apple

I went last night and was excited because I had a gift card to use from the holidays. We had a very bad experience. 0/5 stars wasn't an option. We weren't greeted, we weren't spoken to for about 5 minutes even though there was literally not a single customer inside. We entered at 8:25. They close at 10. It took over 20 mins just to get 3 orders. They had mopped the floor but didn't have signs where you could see them and one of my party members fell. No employee said sorry or cared that someone could have gotten hurt. When we go home to eat the food was terrible. Old rice can be hard and crunchy, very bad for your teeth. I couldn't even eat my food because I feared I would hurt my teeth. Worst experience Iv had at a moes. I WILL NOT be going to this location again.

Jessica Fields

Pick up order tonight was 20 minutes late and that’s fine, the workers seemed like they were pretty backed up with orders. I waited for my order and grabbed it as soon as they brought it to the front and drove not even 10m home to realize both meals were cold. Not even warm.The bowls were both maybe 3/4ths full, one bowl didn’t have any steak or grilled onions and my bowl had the equivalent of less than one tiny strip of steak and the whole thing tasted funny. The chips were also stale. Greece Moe’s is not worth it

Noah M.

Decided to try Moe’s after hearing a lot of praise about their food. Arrived at pickup time then had to wait half an hour before heading home with what I would call sub-par food. My burrito was nearly flavorless with the taste of cilantro being the only noticeable one. The queso tastes like mildly spicy velveeta cheese and after it cooled to room temperature had a glue-like consistency.But the chips are okay, and soft drinks are what you’d expect. Overall 2 stars.

Relatable Gamer

unbelievably horriblei specifically asked for them to take lettuce off my quesadilla and they did noti then asked for a side of queso and they expected me to know the different sizes offered and were perturbed when i didn’t know them.quite possibly the worst service i have received in my 19 years on this planetWith that being said, food was good would recommend.

Angel N.

Service was horrible lady who was taking care of me  I was politely asking for extra topping and she would throw nothing on it. Then pass it to the next person and seem to be bad when I asked him to throw extra on it. With me being a long time customer spending Money from my app to pay to prove I am a loyal customer after this I will never go back so much for moes on my side of town.

Emily R.

Very rude, came in to grab food around 8:20pm, staff was very rude except for cashier. Very rushed at check out, there were clearly not happy to be at work. Staff were wearing masks under nose while preparing food... will not be back.

Amy Alli

staff is rude, and if you order food online and they mess it up they expect you to drive all the way back there to get right item or refund. I will not be going back.

Terron Whipple

I have never been so disrespected by a fast food employee in my life. This place is filled with lazy trashy people who could care less about you. Filthy restaurant and filthy attitudes. I will never spend a dollar here. I complained and even refused a gift card I wouldn’t eat there even if it was free. Do not go to this restaurant....

James Payne

"WELCOME TO MOE'S" is your loud greeting everytime you enter Moe's.If your up for big hearty Mexican style meal, Moe's is just that. All orders are made to your choice of ingredients and sauces. In addition to big burritos, they have bowls that have all their great ingredients without the tortillas.

paul lane

I have never been treated as rudely as I was there tonight. They gentleman that took and prepared my food was single handily the worst person to have working in a service industry. I will never be back to this location, and I will share my experience with anyone that’s considering going there.

Paul Lane

Greece Moe’s was met by an angry rushed employee. The check out person was pleasant, but the guy that made my order was rude and my food was awful. He threw my food together without any purpose. I honestly have never experienced such a poor attitude while out to eat. I will not be back to this location, I mean never!

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