Moe's Southwest Grill

100 Greece Ridge Center Dr, Rochester
(585) 225-0033

Recent Reviews

Amy Alli

staff is rude, and if you order food online and they mess it up they expect you to drive all the way back there to get right item or refund. I will not be going back.

Terron Whipple

I have never been so disrespected by a fast food employee in my life. This place is filled with lazy trashy people who could care less about you. Filthy restaurant and filthy attitudes. I will never spend a dollar here. I complained and even refused a gift card I wouldn’t eat there even if it was free. Do not go to this restaurant....

James Payne

"WELCOME TO MOE'S" is your loud greeting everytime you enter Moe's.If your up for big hearty Mexican style meal, Moe's is just that. All orders are made to your choice of ingredients and sauces. In addition to big burritos, they have bowls that have all their great ingredients without the tortillas.

paul lane

I have never been treated as rudely as I was there tonight. They gentleman that took and prepared my food was single handily the worst person to have working in a service industry. I will never be back to this location, and I will share my experience with anyone that’s considering going there.

Paul Lane

Greece Moe’s was met by an angry rushed employee. The check out person was pleasant, but the guy that made my order was rude and my food was awful. He threw my food together without any purpose. I honestly have never experienced such a poor attitude while out to eat. I will not be back to this location, I mean never!

Paul L.

I stopped for a quick dinner was originally happy to see it it was not busy. Then I was greeted by the most rude and aggressive employee that I have ever encounters at a restaurant. He made my food sloppily and hurriedly even though no one was there. He was just rude. I will never go back to this location, never! The girl who checked me out was pleasant and nice, I'mAssuming an absentee owner and his business will fail because of it.

banks it

The had no sour cream. Like really people let’s do better !!!

Stephanie Barbour

this is the WORST moes!!!! HORRIBLE employees that have the worst attitude.i can't believe the way i was talked to, the place was trashed so much garbage on the floor. almost all of their drinks were empty in the fountain beverage station and the two garbages were completely over flowing with mounds of trash!!!! whoever is in charge needs to fire all those lazy workers and start from scratch!

Emily M.

We arrived 9:22 and the worker was extremely rude. He locked the door at 9:20 when the website said they close at 10.One of the workers afford to make our food. I don't remember what his name was but he was wearing a gray polo and black hat. Very disappointed in the treatment from the gentleman worker who treated us. The gentleman in the red durag was extremely rude and told us to leave.

Cara Croft

nice place to eat, with a friendly atmosphere in a clean building

Crystal Lynn

never a bad experience at moes they are always super friendly and willing to go above and beyond!

Josh Lyons

Not even worth one star. Moe's in general has been subpar for some time now, but in particular the one at Greece Ridge Mall. I realize we are under different circumstances with Covid and all, but a lot of the problems I have with this Moe's started last year. When the staff makes a burrito that rips, they just rewrap the broken burrito in another. So now you have two soggy torts for one burrito! One time they just gave me a burrito with a big rip down the middle. They miss ingredients a lot. Several of my recent burrito purchases didn't even have the protein I ordered. I'm really not sure how you forget that. The final straw for me was last Friday. Again, my burrito didn't have the protein I ordered. What was really awful though was when I bit into a big avocado pit. How does that end up in your guacamole? It sounds like your staff needs some better training, or you might even need to get some better management. Anyway, I saw Moe's has a "win burritos for a year" promotion going on currently. I wouldn't be able to eat burritos 7 days straight at moe's, let alone 365. My job is a five minute walk from Moe's. Not only will I never go there again for my lunch, but I plan to tell any coworkers or friends/family that mention that moe's that their money would be better spent elsewhere.

Anthony Pignone

Ordered our food at 759. Order would be ready at 827. Walked in and no organization at all. Cashier is standing around doing nothing. Backed up orders and no care in the world to have people not wait. Waited 30 minutes to get our food at 9pm as they close for the night. Never going here again. Chipotle it is from here on out :).

Raymond Sykes

Awful place to dine. Ordered our food at 7:05 and was suppose to be ready at 7:25. My wife went up at the estimated time and shockingly the food wasn't even started yet! We placed our order again and it took untill 8:00 to be ready! When she got home and we started unpacking our food we noticed many flaws in our dinner. My burrito had uncooked rice, her salad didn't have half the toppings, our chips were really stale and worse of all our queso had a hair in it! I highly recommend not ordering from this restaurant due to workers not following mask guidelinesas my wife saw many workers wearing masks around their chins and unprofessional way of preparing food.

rage 909

The past 3 times I have been there have been a bad experience.First time I went and it took someone well over 10 minutes to cash me out because no cashier was around and the two employees got into a heated argument.The second time I ordered a stack and got the wrong one with the wrong fillings so I had to go back there and wait for them to remake it.The third time which was today I ordered a stack and a fountain drink but the soda fountain was broken so I got a refund for the drink and it took too long for me to be cashed out. The food is good but the terrible service is NOT worth it and the staff is lazy and careless I'll l just go to a different location from now on.

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