Pinos Deli and Subs

2590 W Ridge Rd, Rochester
(585) 227-8160

Recent Reviews

Dawn F.

Pino is the best deli around. The steak sub is the best around it has so much meat on it. The sub you can have for a couple of meals

Allison Shrader

BEST in Rochester!!! Everything.... is so good! The amount of food you get for the money is even more amazing! The staff is quick and efficient and always a pleasurable visit. Fish fry on Fridays, family always orders up Pino's when in town at least twice in a week visit! Enjoy!!!

Lori Werner

Best Crab Salad Around!!

David Knapp

Their own fried turkey breast is very good. Some of the counter help is just unpleasant to deal with. They are just not nice or helpful. They make you feel rushed {it was not busy at the time) and almost make you feel like you're bothering them. Also be careful on what you buy - some items are way over priced. Many of the (few) baked goods are not made here, are expensive only to find out they're just not good when you get them home. Don't let the presentations and colors fool you. The frosting taste like pure lard - maybe just a little sweet.

Victoria Mesolella

The absolute best. Authentic food, good service, fair prices.

J C.

I have been visiting Joe and his crew for over 15 years, from the original location to the present one. Whether it's for cold cuts, subs, or something from the prepared displays, they always deliver. This place his special and you'll always go back.

Andre G.

I got a steak and cheese over there and omg it was amazing. From the steak to the best part (the bread) all of it was amazing tasting. The service was great and they're nice people and want to help and the steak and cheese couldn't be more perfect. It was also a big sandwich even though I got a medium sized sub. Definitely a bang for your buck.

Karlie H.

This tiny Italian deli/restaurant is one of my favorite places to get dinner in Greece. The vast selection allows ANYONE to find something they will like! Personally, my absolute favorite is the eggplant lasagna! So much flavor and huge portion sizes so that I can get 2-3 meals out of one slice. Only downside is the crankiness of the servers. Don't expect to get a smile or friendly service here...

Jack Richmond

Delicious food. Large portions. Great prices.

Barry Scorse

Best subs n Greece NY.Cold cuts,salads,pasta dinner's.A trip worth taking.

robert chantra

Real good Italian deli. Good subs, nice people. I prefer rubino's rainbow cookies though, something missing from pino rainbow cookie. Canoli is a winner at pino's.


They say a way to a man's heart is food. Well this place is all about food and excellent service. I heard about this place one day and went the next day. I'll tell you it is worth the trip regardless where you coming from. The steak sub was off the chain. That was a couple of meals. They have lots of deli meats and sides. The eclair I had to finish it off was excellent. The service is stellar. I'll come back again and again no doubt.

driftmunky shananigans

You want a steak sub you say?... Stop in for one of the best ones around! Grab a canolli and some pizzel too

M Moul

Ordered a small fish sandwich, a medium meatball sub, and fried dough. Everything was made to order. Piping hot. Good portion sizes and prices. We will definitely be back (we saw tiramisu and other desserts and food we want to try).

shaunh112 .

The absolute best steak sub in town hands down. With the huge variety of configurations on the sub shop they have any topping to make it your way. This place is fast and always on the money! The quality of the food says it all. Frankly I think it is underpriced. If you haven't been here make SURE you stop in asap. I highly recommend the meat sauce on any of their steak subs

Cory Halloran

Great food, good deli stuff. Anything you get there is seriously gold! Don't ever expect to be in & out there, there are ALWAYS busy. However, they are so busy because they are so good, and they do a great job getting everyone taken care of as quickly as possible.

Joanne Marvin

Service is great, food is great, prices are reasonable!


The absolute best steak sub in town hands down. With the huge variety of configurations on the sub shop they have any topping to make it your way. This place is fast and always on the money! The quality of the food says it all. Frankly I think it is underpriced. If you haven't been here make SURE you stop in asap. I highly recommend the meat sauce on any of their steak subs

W. W.

Wow. This busy place has it all. Endless variety of Italian deli favorites, numerous pasta dishes, all just waiting to be taken home and warmed. If we lived closer, I'd be cooking less and surely eating better!

Marissa N.

I have to admit I was a little confused about taking a number and if it was for the prepared foods deli or the we'll make you food deli. We ordered Chicken french sub with greens n beans on top, with mozarella n parmesan on a roll, more than enough. The subs are huge, we spilt an eggplant parmesan panini but it came out as a sub.

Bo B.

This is probably my favorite place...the food is awesome and the staff is very friendly. I eat here at least twice a week and I am never disappointed!

Ashley P.

GLUTEN FREE FRIENDLY!!! Since being gluten free, I've missed quality subs. Went here today asked for a "sub bowl" they put all my sub fixings in a bowl and I was THRILLED! I got mortadella cold sub bowl. And she threw all the veggies in, the mushroom salad she threw into the bowl was a game-changer. Go to this deli! You won't be disappointed.

Debra Kostiw

I ordered a sandwich and was trying something new and I actually didn't care for it. The staff was very concerned even after I told them that I was just trying something new and it's not that the sandwich wasn't good, I just didn't care for it. They tried so hard to make me another sandwich and after I refused several times they brought me a gift card for more money than I had even spent on the sandwich for a return visit. Super nice staff clean friendly wonderful food! I can't wait to use my gift card!

chris gurba

Nice people good service.. owner is very approachable. And authentic Italian food. Fresh cold cuts ,fresh baked bread.

LPS lover 2468

Pinos deli always has fantastic food! They truly treat you like family, greet you warmly, and send you off with more food than you could eat in 1 seating. It's the only place all my kids can agree on and aren't late for dinner!

David V

Large selection of subs and other deli items. If you are looking for a sub sandwich that will satisfy your hunger and taste buds this is the place. Want some Italian cakes or meats well you are in the right place. A must visit.

April Rowe Sy

I went in to buy some cookies that were pre packaged. It was very busy with many people ordering subs. I stood at the register for 10 minutes where employees cashed out other customers, all the while asking me to move out of the way to cash them out. I wasn't ordering anything and my item was right on the counter. I've never had any business treat me (a paying customer) feel like I was a nuisance. Very disappointed and won't return.

Bailey S.

Amazing subs. We stop in for family night and get a round of subs and no one is ever disappointed. I love the choices and the options for the dressings. Just thinking about these subs makes my mouth water.

Jaime Lynn

They got great Italian dishes. Real Italian food thats homemade, cookies, bread, even Italian ice! Pretty much anything you want Italian, they got it!

Donna Kozlowski

Best deli! Very helpful and great food. Super steak bombers also.

Lorraine Brown-Veilleux

My first visit & everyone was so nice!!! Homemade meatballs & sauce-to die for!! Cold cuts, pasta salads & rice balls are yummmm. I won’t be a stranger that’s for sure!!! Ty to all for making me feel welcome!!

Jasmine Rodgers

Everything I get is always delicious and hot/fresh. To name a few... love their BLT's, rice balls and fish fry.

Jason M.

A friend brought me here a long time ago and this place is great! Tons of meats and salads and a large menu of pizzas, hot subs, cold subs and so much more. This is one of my West Side favorites and I recommend visiting them at least once (you'll go back more than once lol).


Best steak sandwich! Soooo much meat and it's delicious

Scott Stauber

As always Pinos was awesome. The steak sub is great and the meat hot sauce rules. Great plates too.


excellent selection of deli meat and cheese and prepared food. tried the chicken parmesan pasta. delicious and so much food. would definitely be back for more. and to try the steak sub next time. my new favorite Italian food place.

Lisa Donaldson

The best steak subs ever !! I've been eating their subs for about 7 yrs now. First time I ordered one I ordered extra steak, big mistake I didn't know they already came with enough steak on it to make another small steak sandwich. The extra steak could've made a large sub! Excellent best in Rochester my opinion!

Vincent Hamilton II

I love their subs. The bread is soft and the meat is cut with precision. The staff is friendly and helpful. I dont mind spending some money at this place.

Joseph Gentile

Pianos has excellent food and great customer service. Their subs are not only delicious, they are huge. If you are looking for a place that doesn't skimp on the portions, Pinos is your place.

Agatha P. thinks it's a really incredible place! Totally recommends it!