Solera Wine Bar

647 South Ave, Rochester
(585) 232-3070

Recent Reviews

Wesley Moon

Homey, and comfortable atmosphere. An absolute gem of find to get away and hide from the average day to day scene. Sebastian was accommodating and extremely polite. A good selection of wine, with options of cheese boards to pair with a good wine.


Overall a very pleasant experience! I Believe I ordered Revived Corpse #2 or something along those lines and it was quite impressive to say the least. The bartender was an actual professional so it was nice to experience something like that as opposed to someone just filling up glasses. The cocktail was served perfectly and not to mention the bartended was extremely polite.

Ripley Danner

Overall a very pleasant experience! I Believe I ordered Revived Corpse #2 or something along those lines and it was quite impressive to say the least. The bartender was an actual professional so it was nice to experience something like that as opposed to someone just filling up glasses. The cocktail was served perfectly and not to mention the bartended was extremely polite.

Ada Chiu

Delicious cocktails and cozy vibe

Ada Chiu

Delicious cocktails and cozy vibe

Jeannette Williams

Very good drinks try the stormy morning the atmosphere was nice i like the curtains over the entrance

Rich Northrop

Very nice place. Cozy relaxing environment, with good wine selection and friendly service. Some beers are available for those that absolutely don’t like wine or cannot have it but still want to be there. Upstairs is Cheshire, a cocktail bar with an awesome lounge-like setting. You almost feel as if you were in London.

Donnell Adler

Something for everyone...great bartenders, even better drinks and wine list!

Bonnie Bishop

What a great evening! Thank you Evvy! Great meeting you! Also enjoyed meeting David.

Khoa L.

We decided to check out Solera in South Wedge after work one night. The place looks pretty nice inside; I definitely liked the classy ambiance. We had already had dinner that night so we didn't order any food. Their drinks menu is pretty cool though. The drink names are also exotic and attention grabbing. I first ordered the Corpse Reviver #2 (don't see a #1 though) - Hendricks gin, Giffard curacao, Lillet Blanc, Absinthe ordinaire, and lemon juice. It was pretty good, probably wouldn't revive any corpse but definitely worth checking out. We also ordered absinthe drinks, and the process of preparing it was pretty cool. Another drink that was excellent was the Pimm's Cup - Pimm's No. 1, ginger ale, lemon juice, and cucumber slice. Highly recommend.

Colleen G.

Beautifully decorated in a stylish old world atmosphere. The glow of candle light against warm red painted walls and rustic brick feels inviting. Helpful and attentive bartender. Charcuterie board of assorted cheese served with fresh baked bread pair well the extensive wine options. Bar upstairs servers cocktails. *Arrived two hours after opening and the temperature seemed uncomfortably cold. Not a lot of customers on a Wednesday evening.

Jazzy J.

Cozy spot. Very tiny. Not deaf friendly at all as the lighting in the space is very dark with a few lit candles. Wine selection is decent. This is a good first date spot. Get you a glass or three and a cheese board and make a date of it. Haven't been upstairs yet but will do that one day and update this review.

Erin W.

I love this little bar! With craft cocktails and a speakeasy type vibe, you can't go wrong for meeting up with a friend or for date night. Chesire resides above Solera (also a nice wine bar). It is cozy and intimate which is nice but at times it can get a tad crowded. The bartenders are knowledgeable (I hear they spend close to $1,000 training each one) and they've clearly spent a lot of time refining the menu. Cocktails average around $10 or so. I've never had a bad experience here and will continue to return.

Karen S.

This is one of the coolest bars in the ROC! It is located above Solera Wine Bar. You enter Solera and go to the back of the bar where you will find a staircase that takes you up to Cheshire. It's all so secretive like a real speak-easy! That's the idea for this place. It looks very much like the 1920's in there and the bartenders dress the part too. You will see octagon tile floors and gum wood galore. The drinks are the best part though! They have a very cool drink menu complete with creations using different kinds of liquor. You'll definitely find the right drink for you. My favorite is the "Stormy Morning". Yes, their drinks are on the steep side (around $10), but they're sipping drinks! After 1 you're feeling very good, by 2 you may be dancing in the bar alone while everyone watches you!!!!

Allegra Whiting

Beautiful atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious and affordable drinks/food! Couldn’t have been a better experience :)

Roger Levy

Quiet mostly. Maturepeople. Wine featured is always great.

Michael T.

Great concept and fun cocktails. This place reminded me of Violet Hour in Chicago. The bartenders outfits seemed like they could have been more authentic for the vibe they were going for, maybe get them an upgrade. You had to walk through the wine bar on the first floor and both bars seemed to have the same decor but we're going for different themes.

Amber A.

Chesire had cool "speakeasy" vibes, you had to cut through another bar to go upstairs to get to it (so not very handicapped friendly) which added to the experience - the bar tenders were well dressed and I felt very "bougie" being here - I LOVED that they had non alcoholic drink options, and I got the raw egg lemonade, which was AMAZING - and didn't taste gross/weird at all, and I'm still alive to write this review so clearly it's fine ;) Good spot to have cozy, intimate conversation or to "escape"

Jerry Murphy

Had the greatest experience with friends. Julius and the owners where so gracious and accommodating. FYI, Julius makes killer cocktails. It’s worth it to make this a destination.

Branden G.

This place is pretty swanky. So dress appropriately. Cool drinks. Cool vibes. Good music. Friendly staff. Will come again. Definitely recommend.

Jennifer D.

Cheshire is a great hidden speakeasy and bar in Rochester. I had 3 drinks which tasted great! They were strong but you couldn't taste the alcohol. I had the blackberry punch, stormy morning and the ninotchka. The first two were my favorite. The ninotchka wasn't much to my liking, but that's just because I'm not a vodka drinker. My boyfriend liked it.

Gideon G.

Went here for my 21st birthday started out with a drink recommend by the bartender and it was great! Bartenders were super nice and understanding that it was my first time drinking cocktails. At the end of the night they gave me a key used for any drink next time I visit. Good place to drink an celebrate your 21st birthday!

Michael E.

My wife and my favorite cocktail lounge. Creative drinks perfectly crafted and served. Our top first stop on date nights.

Joe D.

Great little cocktail lounge. High-end spirits, but not egregiously priced. Cozy, loft feel above the street. No giant TV screens barking sports stats at you. The bartender while I was there was friendly and quite knowledgeable about the various liquors offered. The chandeliers offered warm, intimate lighting. Highly recommended.

Richard K.

If you are out and about in the South Avenue area, this is a delightful spot to stop in and have a cocktail. Yes, a cocktail!! A spot not so much for drinking, but for experiencing the elegance of another time, through the medium of liquor. Definitely has the speakeasy vibe going on. The cocktails are imaginative, and expertly prepared, by bartenders in period costumes, evoking dreams of the roaring twenties and of the speakeasy. Fun in a glass. Bottoms up.

Sandra D.

Interesting little speak easy joint. Wonderful craft cocktails. Definitely will be back and would recommend to anyone who enjoys a twist on cocktails.

Rene V.

The setup Is quite unique here. You have to walk through a wine bar (Solera) to go to the cocktail bar, Cheshire. It has the speakeasy, hideaway vibe like you only know of the place because someone told you about it. There isn't a sign outside to say this is the place. Gives it that exclusive vibe as well. Exposed brick and bartenders in vests and tie make you feel like you're in another time. The drinks and atmosphere is not boring. I enjoyed the Stormy Morning which is an elderflower liqueur, crème de violette, cava, and lime juice. Not overly flowery but complex in flavor. Definitely a drink you sip and savor. The staff was friendly and very informative on what drinks they have to offer.

Jamie D.

The atmosphere is great - beautiful bar, excellent wines and knowledgeable staff, with a smoky ambiance, you can get very comfortable here, unless it's packed. Then, it can get a little cramped, but the location is perfect in the south wedge. Parking, however, is a challenge.

Joe M.

Excellent wine bar and speakeasy here. Downstairs you enjoy a quaint but well versed wine bar and upstairs you can transport yourself to the pre prohibition era and enjoy a truly excellent cocktail. The space both up and downstairs is very enjoyable but I prefer the cocktails upstairs. There old fashions are some of the best in the city, possibly I have ever had. The gin fizz are a beautiful work of art, but anything on the menu is crafted artistically to perfection. They really take care of you here and a must go for anyone who enjoys a great cocktail.

Jamie D.

This is the cocktail revival! The bartenders take care to make amazing ANYTHING.

Alec S.

After other glowing reviews this jumped out to me during my Rochester trip. I am happy I did as the atmosphere was great with this being tucked away over a wine bar. The bartender Julian was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He introduced me to a few cocktails and spirits I had not tried before and will make sure this is a visit on all future trips!

Jason D.

This is one of the best bars in Rochester. I can't speak to the weekend scene yet, but on weeknights it makes a for great chill, upscale cocktail bar. They have a unique liquor selection, super friendly bartenders, and generous pours. You won't be disappointed!

Malvin Berberena

I love this place and the employees who work here. The Wine bartender Jes was truly helpful selecting a wine for the evening. The owner was super friendly and catered to our needs. If you want to go with a partner or even with your friends and want to be in a relaxed setting this is definitely the place to be at.Thank you so much Solera for the hospitality.

Tony Martinez

My absolutely to go place for drinks !!

Aaron Donnelly

If it’s where Tara Wiseman took me, then I really enjoyed this place! The service is top notch, the owners a sweetheart and it old school beauty is what my eyes love to soak in

Rachel G.

Love this place for high end cocktails. Cozy feel and atmosphere. Bartenders very knowledgeable about their craft. Definitely worth a visit to the south wedge

Alex H.

Love this place for a casual glass of wine or some quick cool bites!!! So casual and cozy and the list is extensive! Service is ALWAYS outstanding and we come as often as we can!

Dan Dub Yuh

Visiting the area from Long Island with a friend. We stopped in and had an incredible bottle of wine followed by a Moscow Mule for myself and my friend had "the best" old fashioned he's ever had.

Linda L.

My favorite place in Rochester to get a drink. Their cocktails are consistently good -- I don't think that I've ever had a bad drink here. Their bartenders really know what they are doing. It can get crowded as there is somewhat limited seating, but if you go at the right time, it can be a great spot for quiet conversation. It never gets as loud as places like the Daily Refresher on popular nights. To get to Cheshire, walk into the wine bar, and head upstairs.

Corey A.

Cheshire is one of the coolest little spots in Rochester. A hidden gem, reminiscent of how bars used to be without all of the technology that has inundated the scene. The cocktails are completely unique and signature, something that bars normally don't seem to see the benefit it. The bartenders are real bartenders, those that add flair and excitement into every drink they make. They use fresh, high quality ingredients for every drink, and they use actually real glassware, which was a great touch. We stopped in on a Saturday night for a friends birthday, and it was perfect. Normally, bars are inundated with heavy drinkers on Saturday nights, but Cheshire was very relaxed and spacious. We did not have to jostle for space at the bar, we found seats for everyone, and had a super relaxing experience. The decor and lighting is dim, but it adds to the feel up the upstairs location. Again, the staff is fantastic. We ordered 2 of the blackberry punch (which is amazing, by the way) and the bartender had a slight uneven pour. I really mean slight, maybe an half an ounce, and we didn't even really notice. She immediately took it upon herself to pour us a few shots of Whiskey to make up the discrepancy, which she absolutely did not need to do. The drinks can be a bit pricey, but in my opinion, well worth the experience. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a unique, speakeasy experience.