1394 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester
(585) 271-7330

Recent Reviews

Kaila Knight

Love Starbucks I get my favorite drink every weekend

Joshua Snow

Very pleasant staff and quick food.

Nkenge Lewis

I Go Afterwork around 8am a very nice young lady with colorful hair greets me with a smile at the window. With my Large Delisiousssss lol Berry Tea...I appreciate her kindness,her smile every morning especially getting off work.... ?????

Sarah Burr

Drive-thru employee didn’t have his mask over his nose.

cKBz585 B

Great staff. Very friendly.

Judith Mackowiak

Mt Hope Starbucks was very unorganized waited 25 minutes for my coffee and they said “sorry it was sitting on the drive-thru side”

Maria Chanez

Because they take the safety of their customers and employees seriously, they deserve five stars. Service is 0.000000001% slower for extra precaution and drinks still come out fast. Great job!

David Hoppough

Crackin up reading these comments, y'all so pressed

Daria Markham

Busy location. I think if you pre-order it's 5 stars. Customers are walking in grabbing their orders 30 seconds their out. At least 5 employees working. If you walk in to order (I was one of two customers) the wait is at least 10 min. I had to ask for my small coffee. No one bothered to ask if I wanted cream. Then the barista is almost annoyed that I ask for cream because I touched my cup. My egg wrap, there just seemed so much confusion where my sandwich is. I generally enjoy Starbucks and use it as a treat for myself.

Lisa noe

This was my first time going to the mt hope location and the experience was horrible so ended up leaving and going to Tim Hortons. You guys don't have an entrance sign so it was confusing as to how to get to the drive thru and The drive thru is set up to where people that have already been served can't get out because the people waiting in line that haven't been served yet block them in so I was being beeped at because of how it's set up So I had to end up parking and going inside and the line was wrapped around to the door not to mention the drive thru was extremely long so clearly you guys need some more help at that location and the drive thru needs re done because it's a huge inconvenience .

Britney Loveland

Employees are rude. I order the same drink at other Starbucks I go to all the time. At this store, my drink was made wrong (missing sweet cream which is only behind the counter) so I asked the employee if they could just add some cream into the drink and immediately got attitude. I didn’t ask for a new drink, I wasn’t rude, I just told them it’s supposed to have cream. I’m glad I don’t have to come back to this Starbucks location.

Mark Alan

Must wear mask at dr-thru... A little excessive

David Clamp

Everything was fine, eventually. I was the only person in the store and there were four visible employees, but it still took a couple minutes before anyone waited on me. After that point, I got my order in good time and it was fine.

Jeshu & Kurtis Perry

Fast service, following all protocols. It's the best.

William Thomson

Starbucks is the only coffee place to consistently get my order correct. Never had a bad experience here.

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