2110 Chili Ave, Rochester
(585) 426-2290

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Christine Zarcone Shaw

As Always what ever Starbucks I go to I get the 5 star treatment and of everything is delicious!! When I hear people say that they don't like Starbucks because of their coffee I wonder what planet they are from but if it's because of the costs for everything I understand!!

stefanie davis

Staff was rude and snotty. One of the drinks was made wrong that I ordered online and when I said something about it not being correct the Staff member was very rude about remaking it. Ps she also remade it wrong. Won’t go here again.

Kim King

I’ve tried this Starbucks location several time and every time something is wrong with the order . The last straw was buying two Soy Carmel ribbons crunch. My daughter drink taste like ice and Carmel . My drink tasted like old ice coffee . I have Starbucks at least once a week and will go out my way to never go back here again. Also not to mention the crazy wait time once you get to the window..


The service here is unacceptable. Customer service and order accuracy are irrelevant aspects of the experience being provided. I used to use this location daily. In the recent weeks/months the quality has disappeared. I spoke with the manager Amy this morning after another unacceptable experience. She was polite and cheerful but unwilling to acknowledge the level of irritation created by this store’s performance. I received an apology and the opportunity to return and wait in a long drive thru line for restitutions. I will not be back to spend any additional time or money with this location. Please star bucks. Please do better.~ a once loyal customer

Charlie M

This used to be my go to coffee spot. Recently they have failed to complete any order mistake free. Drink orders wrong. Forgotten food. Incorrect charges. Save your money and more importantly time and skip this location entirely. Very disappointing.

Morris Yuson

Enjoyed it excellent food break coffee

Jaysn D.

Terrible customer service! I will never buy here again. They cannot make coffee beverages correctly.

Erica Dildine

my coffee was perfect thank you

Cydney Ben-Dov

They always are polite and do their best to make the drink i order which is a secret recipe item! Also they are dealing with intense lines and still pushing people out of the drive through line quick.

yamaric echevarria

Staff very polite and my cookie crumble frappuccino amazing. Yumm. Love it!!!

Joseph Charles

Regular customer almost daily for ten years. Till today! Will not be going back!

Diane Eggert Hayes

Attention! Starbucks Westgate Plaza has not updated their website to relay they are closed. -All the other Starbucks in the area are listed as closed, but the Westgate Plaza was still listed as being open. I usually don't go to this location unless I am in that vicinity, but I drove there today April 18th, 2020, in the afternoon for a cup of dark roast coffee. There were no line of cars so I was suspicious. When I drove up to order, no one answered. Then when I came upon the service window, there was a sign posted stating "Temporarily Closed" like the other locations.-When I have gone there, the staff was pleasant and the service along with their fare, was good.

Michael Holthausen

Always happy and nice with great drinks and food.

Isaiah Parker

Tim's is honestly better ?? and the drive through lady was rude

Taylor H.

This spot is absolutely law enforcement friendly and I love it. Last time I was in here there were two police officers and two probation officers. People may think differently but that makes me feel comforted. The staff inside are so friendly and are great at giving recommendations when you are having trouble deciding. I really appreciated that this location was collecting items for Verona Street Animal Shelter for their homeless dogs and cats that reside there during the holiday season. This cafe is always clean as well!

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