Szechuan Opera

630 Park Ave, Rochester
(585) 340-6133

Recent Reviews

Frugel F.

I ordered from here often and I'm in love with the food. Fresh herbs, great spicing and all of the protein that I've gotten has always been consistently well prepared and fresh tasting. I think the Dry Pot with chicken or beef is absolutely fantastic. High-quality and authentic.

Jean R.

The only restaurant I have ordered from with a restaurant delivery service that did not disappoint. The food was delivered hot, fresh and delicious. I will be ordering regularly from here, probably the Dan Dan noodles every time till I get tired of them. So good.

Shanna C.

Best Chinese food in Rochester. I am not originally from Rochester, so I have to admit that I am VERY picky when it comes to any type of asian food. I have been disappointed with most of the asian food in Rochester, but not with Szechuan Opera! The quality of the ingredients and flavors are excellent. I would recommend the Dry Pot or Diced Chicken. I have dined in before and it was a pleasant experience. Very clean and the decor is fun. But I am really writing this review on the take-out I have ordered during the shelter-in-place. The food was great! Big portions and super fresh. I would highly recommend to any craving spicy, savory, yummy comfort food!

Cori Kovacs

OK. BEST Chinese food I've had yet. Ever. Szechuan Opera, thanks for the cute gift along with the no contact pick up ✌?

Ryan Nelson

What an amazing surprise! I expected your average takeout but instead I was greeted professionally and invited into a beautifully decorated dining hall, the food was the best I have eaten outside of Chinatown. I wish they had a place like this in Syracuse!

Chamodhi Ravihansi

Had takeout for the first time. Really good Chinese food. Hot and sour soup tasted better than most other Chinese food places.

Meghann C.

Szechuan Opera was We started with the wontons in a spicy chili sauce. The sauce had so many different flavors going on and was delicious! We also shared the beef dry pot(more than enough for two people). This was definitely SPICY. It was the make-your-nose-run-but-you-can't-stop-eating-it-because-it's-so-good kind of spicy! For dessert we shared what I like to call "bubble tea soup." It was a warm, semi sweet wine soup with small, chewy rice balls and other things(not sure what else was in there ‍). It was not what I expected, but it was actually quite delightful! It is a HUGE serving and more than enough for two. They also give you a little fruity yogurt like drink with your bill that was quite tasty! I'm assuming it's to help settle all of the spices in your belly I seriously cannot wait to come back here and try some other menu items and I highly recommend it! The interior is incredibly and I really appreciated all of the little touches they put into making your dinner more of an experience. Instagram: @foodiewithasideofadventure

Annie H.

It is a very beautiful place. I was excited to see all this raving reviews about this place so, husband and I decided to give it a try. We ordered the special dry dish, eggplant garlic sauce, and beef tendon chili's sauce. The amount of peppercorn on this dishes is too much. It tasted okay but the more we ate into the beef tendon and the dry special dish, the more numbing aftertaste we felt. We had to stop in the middle of eating since we did not like how it made our mouth feel. I initially asked the waitress what's so special about this dry dish from the other dishes and all she could say is that it's different flavors. Okay? tell me what the different flavors are. If I knew there was peppercorns I wouldn't have wasted my money. Will not likely return.

Abhishek Singh

I have not posted the photos but the restaurant is very beautifully decorated. We had vegetarian Chinese food. We had spring rolls, scallion pancakes, General TSO tofu, and garlic style tofu. The food is very tasty. The place is is very well decorated. Please do visit it if you are in Rochester.


Food- excellent. First time visiting. If you're craving Szechuan food-this is probably one of the best options in Rochester. Everything we ate was delicious.

Andrew Fusco

Always a delightful experience. Beautiful ambiance, delicious and unique food, kind staff. One of the more unique venues in Rochester. Give it a try, it’s worth it.

Brenda K.

I'm sorry my pictures didn't turn out better from our recent dinner here. This place is GREAT! Ample parking in their adjacent lot, which is always a boon for Park Avenue! Beautiful, well-appointed interior. Seriously - they have spent a lot of time really curating a fantastic ambience. Lots of special touches and very enjoyable to experience. And the food! The FOOD! So, so, so yummy! And flavorful!!! We got a Beef Dry Pot (pictured) and an order of vegetable dumplings, and shared everything. With one additional order of rice to accompany the rice that came with the Dry Pot, this was plenty of food for 2 people. Our server was very friendly and helpful. All in all, a great meal in a great environment -- we'll be back!


Really nice settings and food offerings. We wouldn't normally come to an ordinary Chinese restaurant in this area as you know that they are just so so and Americanized so that you have no appetite.

O Bi

I’m writing this review more so for the owners - We usually eat there 2-4 times a month, the food is usually consistently excellent (with the exception of a few off nights).


Got take out for lunch, had heard many good things about their food. I was disappointed. I ordered shrimp with broccoli which had no flavor and the shrimp they used were small and tasteless.

Mohammad Y.

This is the best restaurant in Rochester. Having had amazing traditional Szechuan food in NYC (Han Dynasty), this place is even better Han! Traditional and authentic. Only con is that coming in feels weird because the surrounding stores aren't that nice.ALSO BE AWARE OF THE SPICE LEVEL!

Henry S.

Hands-down the best Chinese restaurant I have been to in Rochester in 23 years. I will be recommending Szechuan Opera to friends. We got the eggplant and green beans in the garlic sauce style, as well as two tofu dishes (one of which was from their dry pot section and was much spicier than the other dishes). All four dishes were excellent, and the flavors were diverse and complementary. I can also recommend their won ton soup, which was full of flavor without being too heavy. We found our server to be very friendly and generous with her time when we had questions.

Min C.

Love this place for good Szechuan food and quick service. There is parking, but the lot is usually full during peak hours. I have tried multiple items on the menu, but some of the following stood out which i would highly recommend! the beef tendon appetizer is a cold dish with thinly sliced beef tendon in a spicy chili sauce, topped with cilantro and green onion. of the items i always get is the fish dry pot, which isn't too spicy despite the peppers. cumin beef is delicious if you love the fragrance/taste of cumin. Something I ordered for the first time is the chendu shrimp. I loved the flavors, but my husband didn't care for the fact the shrimps had shells on. Something I've been meaning to check out is the spicy soup beef! It's a must try in any Szechuan place, so I'll be back soon :) At the end of your meal, the wait staff will deliver a sugary asian yogurt drink along with the check. A yummy asian treat to end a savory meal.

Ricky Z.

Located in a small plaza off Park Ave, I met a friend at this newish Szechuan spot for lunch to take advantage of their well priced lunch specials. They did a great job with the decor, which helped set a nice ambiance to the room. They have huge booths for big parties, which I thought to myself would be fun at a future trip. We were a little disappointed in the options on the lunch menu though, as there were few Szechuan dishes available. They have a huge menu of regular priced items that sounded amazing, but the lunch menu was your regular chinese takeout type items. I did choose one of the few Szechuan options though, the mapo tofu. Pretty good, though I think I make a better version at home. My friend got the shredded pork and bamboo, which was not very good IMO. I want to give this place a second chance in the future because I think we didnt order the right stuff. I will skip lunch and come again for dinner to try their more traditional Szechuan dishes.

Rob Hoffman

Came here on Christmas Day for an early dinner. Decided to try out the closest Szechuan Chinese place and this restaurant did not disappoint at all. I think the shrimp dish my friend ordered was the sweet and sour shrimp, and we all enjoyed it very much. It was a tad on the sweet side, but that is just my personal taste. I ordered the Fish dry pot, and it ticked all the boxes. It had the very familiar taste that you get when you get a dry pot at other Szechuan Chinese restaurants. The portions were very well sized and after everyone eating till their bellies were full, there was still plenty left over. They give a orange cream beverage as a free desert and it was also great. The inside decoration is very nice and gives the place an atmosphere you wouldn't expect for its location. Will come again for sure.

Matt Dakin

This was my first time here and my experience was great! Dan Dan noodle appetizer had great flavor and just enough "kick" to it. The soupy chicken dish was great as well, great flavor & large portion. Thanks!

David Lee Howard

Been here 3 times. Each time excellent food and service

Amrita Diol

Authentic flavors. Mapo tofu is a family favorite! Try the sizzling dishes if you need to temper some of the spicy offerings. Love the decor and the location. Service is professional and good. All fresh!

Ted Smith

Excellent food, wonderful atmosphere. One of the best and authentic feeling restaurants I've been in. Food choices are plentiful and delicious.

Nathan Henderson

Cumin lamb and mapo tofu are delicious (and spicy!)

Seans Ace of Trades

Food is great, never had a bad meal! Guy who always cashes you out wearing the suit is not very personable and doesn't know ingredients very well... But every other server is friendly and knowledgeable. Big menu, so a lot more dishes to try! Restaurant has ample seating, is clean, and a good atmosphere. Nice decor

BG Burnzey

The decor was nice, and the service was good too. The food is definitely authentic Chinese and it was ok. I guess after coming here I prefer more Ameicanized Chinese food.

Brian B.

The decor was nice, and the service was good too. The food is definitely authentic Chinese and it was ok. I guess after coming here I prefer more Ameicanized Chinese food.

Jen R.

This place as others have said is absolutely stunning it really is... staff is efficient and very matter a fact. Not dismissive but not really friendly either? We ordered a few things to share: Wontons in Chili Oil.. just YAS. ORDER THIS! Fried Dumplings no they were a meh Smoky Pork w/ Mushrooms I should have asked it was basically bacon my bad but it was tasty but not my jam. Diced Chicken with Peppers & Dried Chili's in Chongqing Sauce. This was very tasty & hot! Dried Sautéed String Beans these were tasty as well. Well cooked with garlic and etc With our meals we also got white rice. The food is tasty just an FYI Szechuan is HOT but they also have on the menu regular or Traditional Chinese Dishes. What was cool is the diversity of the clientele so.. than you end the meal with the bill you get these small little drink bottles of almost like a orange dreamcycle. It was good. All in all the food was good, would I come back yes.. ask questions. 3.5 for service 4 for food 4 for decor They are in a shared parking lot on Park Ave. I'll be back

Katie N.

The service was good and the fooood!! I can't wait to go back!! The drypot had the perfect amount of spice. The atmosphere/ architectural elements are so beautiful. It's like stepping into an authentic restaurant in Sichuan, China.

Ceanna Anselm

The decor is amazing, it's beautiful inside. The food was very good. There were options for the more adventures eaters and classic American Chinese food for those with a more picky pallet.

Alook C.

Had mapo tofu. Best mapo I have ever had. The sauce was the perfect level of spice. The chef even came out to see if I enjoyed it. The portion was at least enough to feed 2! I wish this place was near my home. I was in Portland in a conference for work. I will be returning my next trip to Portland.

Brian Witt

Yes yes yes! Fantastic food. Great ambiance. Don't judge it by the plaza it's in. Great service and great prices. Can't wait to try everything on the menu.

Reece Lamb

Great ambiance and a unique and fun environment, staff was very attentive and friendly, and the service was fast. 4 stars because prices are creeping towards unnecessarily expensive but the quality was definitely there.

Arvid Y.

Szechuan Opera is a great addition to the Chinese dining scene in Rochester. It is tucked away in the corner of a small strip mall on Park Ave, so it's easy to miss. However, once you walk into the restaurant, it will be hard to forget. It's a (dare I say) beautiful space. The owners have really put some thought and money into the interior design of the restaurant. Numerous Chinese Opera masks adorn the restaurant walls and Chinese characters emboss the table tops. Even the chopsticks are top quality. All these decorative details make Szechuan Opera the most upscale and aesthetically appealing Chinese restaurant in Rochester. As far as the food goes, Szechuan Opera is no slouch. The restaurant is easy on the eye, but also delicious to the stomach. The dishes I've liked include: Crispy Cucumber with Garlic appetizer, the Beef Dry Pot and the Eggplant with Garlic sauce. The Beef Dry Pot was the standout dish for me. The hot and sour soup was just okay (a little too sweet and not spicy enough). Service is okay. Not the friendliest, but prompt. The pricing is fair and the portions are pretty generous. Overall, one of the better Chinese restaurants in Rochester.

Veronika S.

YUMMM in the mood for Chinese food in the cutest decor around ? This is the place for you ! Food came out fast and fresh with different spice levels if you want.

Yen P.

If you're a fan of spicy food then this place is for you! The restaurant is very unassuming since it's in a plaza but when you enter the restaurant is very well decorated. As other reviewers have mentioned it really is detailed to the max and transports you to a place that is not park ave. The service was friendly. It's always very awkward for me to go to a Chinese restaurant and they'll greet and ask me questions in Chinese and I have to say sorry I don't understand anything. There was what I am assuming was the manager in a full on suit and wandered around with a displeased face. Weird....but anyways... We started off with the scallion pancake and the wonton in chili sauce. The scallion pancake is not a good value for your money. The pancake is thin and very greasy. There was little flavor. The wonton in chili sauce however was delightful! The chili sauce is VERY oily, but I just loved the sweet and spicy flavors I didn't really care. Make sure you really smother the wontons into the sauce. The wontons themselves were soft and the filling was nicely cooked. For entrees I had special dry pot. The presentation is impressive. It comes on this huge pot with four legs and under the whole thing was a portable burner to keep everything sizzling! There is a LOT of food. I loved all the variety of veggies, especially the mushrooms. I usually don't like peppercorn but in this dish I didn't mind it. It didn't numb my tongue too much. The fish are tender, the spam I could pass on since it is just spam, the beef and shrimp were also cooked so well. This is also so spicy, like a lingering spicy! It really satisfied my need for spice that night. I forgot what my boyfriend had so won't comment on that. But overall, I will definitely be returning if I'm craving spicy!!

Samantha O.

Everything we ordered was a amazing! What a little gem hidint out in a strip mall. This is what I would expect in that building on the corner of Andrews and State St. Loved the beef and tripe in chili sauce appetizer.

Kelsey H.

One of the best restaurants in town. Location isn't the best as it makes it seem like it won't be good, but don't judge by the location this place is delicious! Menu is great lots of options to choose from and the food is amazing. It's also nice to park in the parking lot instead of trying to find street parking on Park Ave that's a major bonus. Friendly staff, clean place. This will become a regular spot for us.

Tahsin L.

The location is convenient. The environment and decor were very pleasant. I went at about 8-9 pm on a weekday and it was quiet. The flatware and plates were all cute too. I got the mapo tofu and it was decent, but definitely not the heat mapo tofu I've had around Rochester. There wasn't much heat to it and the chili oil/sauce's flavor didn't add much for me. My husband got a vegetable noodle dish (the mixed vegetables meifun) and it was extremely bland. There was no added sauce to it. The vegetables were extremely lacking. Definitely would not order that again. I would give it another chance and order different dishes. The vegetable dishes didn't sound very appetizing so I don't have my hopes up about it.