Tai Chi Bubble Tea - College Town

1367 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester
(585) 448-0220

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Sayem Hossain

I had a delicious cup of bubble tea from this wonderful spot. Highly recommended for quick bites! The ambiance is perfect for studying.

Abigail Peña

Definitely worth it, but take note! I have allergies and I mentioned them when I ordered online for delivery, but it was NOT taken into consideration. I'm allergic to eggs and I ordered their spicy miso ramen with shrimp and I put in capital letters that I'm allergic to eggs, but I still found half a boiled egg in my ramen. If I eat over two full eggs I begin to vomit aggressively, but I pulled the egg out and decided to keep eating, so far I'm okay, but for people with more severe allergies please CALL THE PLACE FOR YOUR SAFETY! Otherwise the miso soup was perfectly spicy, not as much flavor as I wanted sadly, but my kumquat tea was very delicious and the tapioca pearls were perfect today.

Joseph Lapiana

Fantastic place. Great atmosphere. Clean, menu was great,with veg and non veg options. Food itself was good; Tofu was bland, not seasoned; I know y'all got soy sauce or aminos back there! ?. But, I still ate it all ! ? I'll def be back.

Aubree M.

I got the tonkatsu ramen and my friend got a spicy salmon sushi burrito. The ramen broth was excellent, as were the other ingredients. My only complaint: there were a lot of noodles and they were a bit too hard. I poured the broth over them and let it sit for several minutes and the noodles still remained in their rounded clumped form. I assume if the broth was hotter, it would cook them a little more and separate them a bit, but that's the challenge with take out. My friend was disappointed with the burrito; there was barely any salmon. I ended up going in person because the online ordering system didn't have every dish available; it only had the tonkatsu ramen with shrimp. The line was very long when I went and it was about a 10 minute wait in line and then probably another 10-15 minutes for the food. It was cute inside with their standard decor, and then they had added decor for Halloween.

Mohri Hime

Nobody was cleaning the table. The noodle soup was not hot, which was a total bummer. The rice bowl was tasty, but only 1 scoop of rice. The kitchen people looked very new, and slow - reading manual as they go slow. They definately should offer chopsticks. The ambiance of the place is good - plenty of space away from each other. Pittsford location is more organized.


my bf came here to get me boba for my bday and it was sosososo good!! boba is great i wanna come here to try their ramen or poke bowls :)


We tried two different types of milk tea. Our fav was Thai milk tea. They are understaffed and the wait was longer than expected


We tried two different types of milk tea. Our fav was Thai milk tea. They are understaffed and the wait was longer than expected

Christina P.

Was very busy (always a good sign)! But worth the wait. My son and I got milk tea and ramen. Flavors were very good. Food was fresh. Looking forward to going back!

Credible Critic

Get some ramen and rice bowl for lunch. The ramen noodles were good, firm but chewy. The meats were well prepared, the miso broth was spot on. The smoked eel rice bowl was decent with the sweet black sauce.Over all, the quality of the ramen bowls would be improved if it was being served promptly. The wait was ridiculously long. When we got our ramen with the broth in a separate container pouring the lukewarm broth over the noodles did not make a good ramen bowl. I would accept this if it was a take out, but eating in the ramen bowl should be steaming hot. Lukewarm ramen bowl is a no-no.We like the food, the bubble tea. But the service must improve to bring out the hot ramen bowl.

Karen Santiago

It was my first time here and I loved it!!! Definitely will be back! Everything about this place is super cute!

Elizabeth Nguyen

The wait was long, standing in line for food. The price is high. Both me and my husband ended up with stomach trouble possibly from the food here. He had a bathroom crisis an hour later, and for me the next morning. I wondered if it was the bean sprouts. The meat seemed fresh though. My son loved his smoked eel.

Natalie Fabretti

Curbside service was quick. Thai iced tea was very tasty, just a little too sweet for me

Jithin George

Medium sized, refreshing rice bowl with a mango smoothie. It was very fresh, aesthetically organized, and really tasty! I'd recommend coming here if you're willing to spend $10-20 on a meal! Nice, professional ambiance as well!

Richard L.

This place is spacious and very nice compared to the one we have in Buffalo. My friend really likes this location. It gets very busy. The drinks and ramen we ordered were good too. Good place to hang out, socialize and study.

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Tai Chi Bubble Tea - College Town

1367 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 448-0220