Tai Chi Bubble Tea - College Town

1367 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester
(585) 448-0220

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David Tollerton

Ordered "Beef and Rice Box" but got "Beef Fat and Gristle Rice Box". Not going back. Pic shows the lid full of fat and gristle after I did 15 min of "surgery". Yuck.Food: 1/5

Joe Taylor

I was recently on a work trip in Rochester and was out for a walk and noticed this bubble tea place. At first I thought it was just bubble tea, but after walking in I saw that it was a full restaurant. I did not order food. I only ordered the tea with popping bubbles. The service was a little slow, but the drink itself was pleasant.Food: 3/5


4-6 years ago when they just opened, they were great. Good and clean environment and nice food. But now, they are bad. The ingredients are simply Not fresh enough, and the dine-in environment is dirty. For the Tai-Chi rice bowl, they give you options to select all, but when you do that, the guy making your bowl complaint. Man, just limit the number of options I can select, or just make the bowl.

Kelin reyes

Clean and friendly service plus yummy foodThe beef bowl and iced thai tea was good???Thanks!Food: 5/5


Love the sushi burritos. Their tofu is not seasoned at all but you can add all sorts of other stuff it doesn't really matter in the end. Mango, ginger, seaweed salad, avocado, pickled red pepper... A pretty decent serving size for the price as well

Jonathan N

Great food as always. We always get the bowl so that we can customize the amount of meat and vegetables. Fully loaded and it can last for two meals! Watch out for the Wasabi though, they just stick the chunck in the middle and you might get the whole thing in one bite.Parking: Parking in the back

Alex M.

It just want that good. I noticed that in our group of 6 , all 6 had a bunch of food left over despite the portions being pretty small.

Bryan Little

We were treated so well at this new restaurant that we were treated to and the rice bowls were amaaaaaaaazing! I had Coconut Milk Bubble Tea which was very dreamy. The staff were courteous and knew what to serve first timers!

Caitie B.

I work right next door to the college town location. I love coming here on my break. I usually get the spicy miso vegetable ramen. I really enjoy their broth and the egg that's served with it. I have compared it to other places near by and I enjoy this ramen the best. After looking at other reviews, I see I need to try their sushi burrito! I find myself waiting longer than I'd like when I order in person and they don't take orders over the phone. I'll have to try online ordering! The layout of the inside is very nice and welcoming. Sometimes I'll stay and eat there, other times I'll take it to go. They have nice to go containers and I haven't had any spills or leaks with them, which is a bonus!

Sam G.

Never disappointed at my poke bowls, sushi burritos and ramen bowls! They're so delicious and of course boba is always on point! What else is there to say! Come for lunch and enjoy !

Elizabeth Ann Engler

Worst ramen I've ever had. I love ramen, I go to many places, and I've found a couple good places in downtown Rochester, but this place was not edible for me. The broth was like salted water with very little flavor. It had a stale aftertaste, like when you eat a stale cracker. I could not finish it.I tried this place a second time because I wondered if last time I just got a bad bowl, but it was exactly the same the second time. Same lack of flavor and stale taste. Couldn't finish it and had to throw out the bowl (and I hate wasting food - if I could I would have finished it anyway, but it was gross). Wouldn't go here again. Wish a better restaurant would take over this spot.

Savannah D.

It was time visiting the location. The cashier helped me during my order and was very patience and kind. The food was great! The atmosphere was inviting and I was able to work and eat the same time. I ordered Ramen Noodle with extra shrimp. Was really good. Will visit again.


Very nice decor, modern and nice. The spicy miso ramen and the sushi burritos are amazing. Our regular visits to this place, either dine in or take out. The take out is very convenient and fast.

Kiara K

I ordered off Uber eats and noticed there was a buy one get one free! I’m so glad I did it! I tried the Taro Zang Zang and it was so good!


Ramen was decent, but not the greatest. Sushi burrito is about what you would expect anywhere else, so not good or bad. The milk tea was the biggest issue. The jasmine milk tea was green and didn’t taste anything like how it should. Overall, I enjoyed everything across the street a lot more. This place, however, does have the better atmosphere.

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Tai Chi Bubble Tea - College Town

1367 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 448-0220