Applebee's Grill + Bar

253-01 Rockaway Blvd, Rosedale
(516) 792-0100

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Crystal Mohan

Ebony is amazing she deserves a raised! She really build a great relationship with us and she had a lot of patience. Please have more workers like her . I went here so many times but I meant ebony and she was so different! You need more employees like ebony

Mónica Félix

Tragically understaffed. Long waits for ordering or anything in between. Waiters were nice but very forgetful, we never even got water which is something so basic at any fold table. Food was underwhelming. Ribs burnt, a full salad that was more like a sad side salad and a tiny burger. Waitress was nice, but again nowhere to be found. I had to get up to find to order and pay for food. Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend this place.

Joi Bell

It's a neighbor place. We go for the drinks n TV socializing. The place could stand a deep clean tho. Sometimes it smells like a old bar. But welcoming!Parking: Plentiful. Which is a plus ➕️Wheelchair accessibility: Yes.

Teach Youngblood

Today at 2pm I drove up to get my to go order.. which they did not bring to my car ...while waiting I read this the photo attached. eventually I went inside and got my food. I decided to order one of the $5 MUCHO Drinks...without alcohol bc I don't drink. The manager said the sign is OLD that promo no longer exist. I was perplexed bc it seemed pretty new to me. Eventually he suggested I purchase a Halloween drink they were promoting now which I had no interest in. I suggested they remove the sign bc it was false advertising. They are usually pretty cool at this location and I'm sure he is New but not honoring your Ad is not ok.

Sooknarine Jagbandhan

good food and nice place to hang out .football season.

albert reversion

I believe this location discriminated against me. First they let people that got there after me cut ahead (same party size). Second they failed to mention the drink special which sign says you get free appetizer, didn’t want to be a jerk or compromise my food so I didn’t mention it. Next they messed up the order. This meal took 2.5 hours and they brought 2 drinks in that time; because they completely ignored our table and did about 20 other things before grabbing the drink that’s been sitting at the bar. Several times I directly asked where’s the drink and they didn’t even acknowledge me. To top it off they charged extra for an additional item at the end that I didn’t order or receive.

Emile Gittens

Hi all.... those who Check my reviews out and follow me know I give a fair review, lowest I ever gave an establishment was 3 ⭐️But today.......boy was I disappointed.I've eaten food in Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, St Vincent, Tobago, here in the US I've gone to 3 states and had various meals, I've even had Applebee's in Green Acres Mall if I'm not mistaken about 2 months into my stay here.Yesterday was my 1yr Anniversary of moving to the US to live and my wife asked me "where do u want to go" I Liked Applebee's so I said let's go there.... she said there one in 5 Towns.Not much ppl when we got there so our drinks came quickly and the entrée as well, BBQ boneless wings, wasn't bad .... my wife's Fruitpunch tho was TASTELESS, A bad version of Kool-aid without a drop of sugar, but then came the half rack rib and fries! OMG ? ? THE FRIES WERE HARD AND COLD IN A SECOND, THE RIBS TASTED LIKE THEY JUST OPENED A BBQ SAUCE AND ADDED A POUND OF SALT (my lips broke up ?) the worst!!!! I had a Guinness with my meal which I thanks GOD for, I wiped the sauce off the ribs and had to take a sip every time to have the bitterness combat the salt (didn't help my lips tho ?‍?)It was the fastest we payed and left, it literally spoiled the celebration and evening, my wife kept apologizing to me and I had to tell her "you didn't cook the food" [email protected]'s 5 Towns you need to do better.#disapponted #otherbranchwasbetter #spoiledmyanniversary #imafoodie #reviews #honestopinionParking: Ample Parking in carpark


The food was okay and drinks were okay I ordered one of there new strawberry smoothies it tasted so good but the cup was full of ice it wasn’t even crushed well I’ll say 3/4 of the cup was the drink the rest was ice besides that service was not the best it wasn’t really busy in there and we still didn’t get service in there they missed forks are bill wasn’t given to us would I come here again most likely not

Milagros R.

Apple Bees has been a great experience for the past few months and it is very important to me. That. People love toeatoutArchived - Spinach and Artichoke Chicken CavatappiArchived - Sriracha ShrimpRibsArchived - Spinach and Artichoke Chicken Cavatappi. Hamburger. Cheese burgers. And. 4. Guys. They. Have a sport bar. Just go out and have fun with your family and friends. Talk about what you want to do. They. Sing. Happy birthday toyou. Onyour. Birthday Grilled ChickenChicken Penne Pasta. They. Have chocolate pudding in cup s

Marie Thompson

We just visited this location. The male host, greeted us and walked us to a table. We sat for 10 minutes and no server came to our table to ask if we wanted water or if we were ready to order. The restaurant did not have many people inside.

Lauren Reo

Service wasn't so great. Meals were messed up . Looks like they were short staffed which isn't their fault. The curbside orders were quick tho

Paula Quarles

Food is waaaaay different from years ago.. riblets sauce was almost black! The artichoke dip was dry with pieces of stem in it . Maybe next time if my Mom wants to go again -_-

Renice Gaynor

I placed an online order, and came in to pick it up, I waited for over 15 minutes and this lady came and gave me a bag with food under my name. When I got home I realized it was the wrong order.. went to bring it back and this guy was being so RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL!! Talking about I only got the wrong because I just took up a random bag from the table!! When I didnt, he then ignored me trying to talk to him!! DISRESPECTFUL!!! No apologies for the inconvenience nor anything, just had an attitude.. Rude and distasteful!! I wouldn’t recommend

Popin Tees

Umm where to begin .... we waited 10 mins to sit with the place being empty . We sat for 20 mins before someone came to see us . Very hood spot without any professional experience . Food was VERY Salty made my blood pressure go sky high , caught a nasty headache . Best thing about this spot was the Raspberry Tea by pepsi lol , gotta love that tea . Yea next time I'll wait till I get home to eat .

Raymery M.

Horrible customer service. The staff is ride and unprofessional. The need better management. NEVER COMING BACK HER !

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