Sunshine Deli & Grocery

135-28 Rockaway Blvd, Queens
(718) 848-7010

Recent Reviews

Tiana MariaRo

Went to purchase two hero sandwiches and a popsicle. $17. Tried to pay with my snap card, they didn’t allow me to pay with my benefits card, yet they have it plastered all over the windows that they do. Horrible horrible horrible. Checked the snap locator and this store is listed as a snap retailer. How do you conduct business lying like that?!

Ali Almamun

They make the best sandwiches and employees are the best.

M Ramirez

Good food great staff friendly. Breakfast is slamming... Turkey bacon egg and cheese ...

Sadam Ammsri

They make a good sandwich and a nice people

Aseel Ali

The guy in the night shift make the best sandwiches

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