D’ Savannah Roti Shop

119-15 Liberty Ave, South Richmond Hill
(347) 494-4971

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Dee Ramphal

Best roti shop on lib

Carlene J.

I've been going to this place for 15+ years and they truly let me down. Yesterday I bought over 400+ dollars in food for an event this morning. I order Chinese chicken and before leaving I questioned why the food wasn't hot, the girl said it's not a problem just add it to the fridge when you get home. Just like she said we added to the fridge. We got up the next day and placed the pans in the oven. Let me say when we opened the Chinese chicken the stench of the chicken burned your hair in your nose, I thought it was me. My mom picked up the chicken and the thick slime covering the chicken was disgusting. We decided to go to call singh's and let me tell you the level of professionalism with their assistant manger and manager was disgusting. They basically told us that when the food leaves out there door bad, that's not their problem. So we have a pan of chicken that cost $125 that went bad in the fridge in 12 hours.

A San

Delicious Food. Love their doubles. And different types of curries bad rice lunches.

vlad konyshev

Just amazing. Everytime, everything is so fresh and delicious! Super friendly stuff. Thank You guys. I will see ya soon??❤

Akeem J.

Very authentic Trinidadian cuisine. Servers behind the counter are very courteous as well. Goat roti needs more goat though. :)

Elizabeth K.

If you can't handle even a hint of spice, this place is not for you. But if you can, this place is delicious! The staff was super friendly and patience while me and my husband went back and forth on what to pick. It was not easy, so many yummy choices., I am definitely going back and try each item. The containers are small but they p.a.c.k it, portions are generous. My husband got rice, curry shrimp and curry goat. I got chicken pilau, curry shrimp, small side of collard greens and salt fish. My only complaint about the pilau is the amount of smaller broken bones I had to fish out or bite on while chewing. One tiny piece did hurt my tooth, but it's not a huge deal, just be very careful. Parking is not easy on these streets, lots of double parking so beware being stuck actually parked and someone double parked next to you with no where to be found. Try the inner streets, it's worth the bit of a walk. The restaurant itself is a bit loud because it has a cute small bar on the side so I wouldn't sit there with younger children, but it's also spacious with ample seating if it's not busy. Enjoy!

Nesha Mohammed

Tried their doubles for the first time, I must say it was very delicious and they have the best customer service, would definitely be visiting them again!!

Chopsticks C.

Singhs is the last place I coming to. Back in d days it was a 5 star and now it's a 2 but I feel bad so I give it a 3. The doubles gone through. They jus reheat the Chana from the day before and the bara not hitting d same. Like they hire a bunch of Guyanese to good d food or what. 5 years ago this was the spot now this is the last option. Sad to say.

Jyrus M.

Looking for some roti skin so I order .so I order 10 an 10 . These skin was Heavy like BAKE ..DONT GET ROTI FROM HERE . How they in Business for 33 years . Don't Rep The Culture at all .Such a wasted

Emily M.

Just ordered from here for the first time and the food was amazing! Curry chicken with rice, stew chicken with rice, and fried rice/lo mein combo with BBQ chicken. It was all so flavorful and delicious!

Chicago L.

Excellent doubles. I had a short trip to NYC two weeks and I love Trini food. Since my flight arrived late, I purchased some doubles at this restaurant near JFK. The $2 doubles were on point. I did take some back to Chicago.

Kim Ram

Great food all the time and always clean

Suraj Singh

Excellent food, Excellent customer service by Nelly....thanks

Betty S.

Long line but we'll worth it, so good can't wait to go back and try more ! Accepts card

Kimiko L.

Reminds me of Trinidad and all the weight gained eating too many doubles! It's my go to spot when landing at JFK! My adventure into the City starts with a pick up here! Be aware, their spicy is LEGIT...sooo ask them to go light on the spicy if you typically are into a kick, just not a drop kick!

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