Maxine On the Boulevard

11333 Farmers Blvd, St. Albans
(718) 465-9812

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Chris E.

I have tried this place a few times and today will be my last. The food is okay at best, fish batter not seasoned, mac n cheese is just okay, but the greens today are not even cleaned thoroughly. Took a fork full of greens and my teeth are grinding on sand. Not to mention the greens are tasteless. Can't support anymore.


I tried so hard not to leave them a negative feedback but I gave them the benefit of the doubt the first time and let it slide. I was a first time customer so gave them a second chance and order the same thing the following day. Chicken was still badly discolored inside and wasn't fresh once again. The exact same issue I had previously. The chicken was extremely brown inside, and smelled very raw which is an indication that the meat is rottening. How did this restaurant not notice how spoiled this meat was before frying it and serving it. This can make people extremely sick. The bone was dark as well. Not even Popeyes chicken or these little corner chicken spots serve anything like this. I made sure to put them on notice before ordering the 2nd time and they still send it to me in the same condition

Ashley R.

One of my favorite little places when you are craving some good whitening fish, you must stop here!! The Blvd. always puts there foot in there cooking!! I love the fact that when you order the fish it's made to order so it's never just sitting there, it's always crispy and fresh!! The flavors of the fish is simply juicy and flavored to perfection!! My favorite side I typically get is the collard greens!! Which just by itself you can get full off of!! The macaroni and cheese is good as well.. If your craving some soul food/ comfort food this is a must try spot!!

Samantha G.

I order several orders of fish and chip and wings. My 77 old mother was rushed to ER because it looks like the food was cross contamination and she is allergic to shellfish. That's food preparation 101 that you don't mix shellfish with the other food.


When I last visited there it was clean and covid protocol were good. The food, especially the fish, was incredible. And their price weren't bad.

Z S.

Where it is and Brutus interaction I've ever had. OK so this place is not too far from my house and I've only been here about once. Wasn't a huge fan of the food but decided to give it another try since it's been a few years. I'll call and the person on the phone is very dry and sounds like she hates her job. But no biggie, I don't know what's going on in the store. I go inside absolutely no welcome at all. No hello no how are you know what can I get for you. So I told her I'm here to pick up an order and the whole transaction was literally silent. She just stood there with her hand out for my card, never said thank you, enjoy goodbye nothing! Worst customer service I've ever received and the customer service alone will solidify that I never return to this place

Tyquana Henderson

The sides were good. I order fried flounder and silly me thought i would get fresh fried fish. I think these were Gordon's fish fillets... never , ever in my life have I seen this happen..

Carrol Mondesir

Last Sunday, prior to the 4th of July, I bought (4) large containers of potato salad. All (4) were SPOILED! I’ve eaten this potato salad for over a year, without a problem. Not sure what happened, & no longer interested.

Kelsey Brow

The food is really, really salty!! I couldn’t eat more than a few bites of anything (except the potato salad, which was nice), but I don’t want to waste food so I’ll be using the greenbeans and collard greens to make a soup…hopefully that will thin out the salt to an appropriate level. If you’re the type of person who puts salt on everything you will love this place. The food was well prepared (fried chicken was crispy even after delivery on a rainy day!) and well packaged. The amount of food for the price is really solid too.

Perrier R.

Food is BOMB. Ordered on UE on a whim bc i wanted fried shrimp. Got the meal, 13 shrimp with mac and yams. Everything is good and I'm very picky. Not many places compare to Harlem and this may be as good as Manna's. The size of the meal is great. It is a little salty so that's why i took a star

Ms. Dee

The food and the staff's personality has improved. I've always loved their potato salad.

Shawnie J.

So last night I made an order through door dash and this was a hidden gem the chicken was crispy on the outside juicy in the middle and the fried whiting was seasoned well and fried to perfection I was so hungry I forgot to take a pic lol

Shayna-Renee Wheatley

I see a lot of people getting food from there so I figured it’s good. I person think the food is just okay. I’ve tried it 3xs and I wasn’t happy! The last time I thought I was ordering a full meal for over $10 and by time I got home it was just chicken. I was upset and the price for just chicken wasn’t worth it if that’s the case! People still eat from there so it could be me. It’s worth a try just not anymore for me

Danielle Alleyne

This food is just as good as my own home cooking!! Finally a restaurant that ?? has gotten it right!! ???

Deborah R.

This used to be top 4 fish markets in this more i tried placing orders different times just in case different cooks.hmm. last night it was it for me.let start with 2 litter soda that comes with family hot soda. Next who put diced carrots in coleslaw and onions. Ok fish if its bought thin don't fry hard like potatoe chips last a soul food restaurant that puts no seasoning in greens.none right from can to pot. No neck turkey necks nothing. It used to be lady that was there that had reddish-brown hair.the food then was excellent. I used to call cab to pick up order. No more. Food is awful .

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